Monday, 6 November 2017


Afternoon ladies! How is it Monday already never mind how the hell is it November already?! Christmas countdown is officially on! YAY!! The past few weeks have been crazy busy which I love! Between work, events and fashion week last week its been mad. Finishing it all off this week with a few more events then it is officially my 'summer holidays' and I am finished work until February, every year when I say this I still pinch myself- I am SO lucky to be able to have these couple of months off and what better time of the year!! Tonight I am attending the Ladyboys of Bangkok in Custom House Square, Belfast with some of my blogging girls and I am SO excited I have always wanted to see this show! Follow me on snapchat to see what its like! emmajanemooney

Anywayyy at the start of the year, I done a little review on some Gosh products I was kindly sent and I blogged about all my favourite items here.
I cannot live without primer, just cannot do it- I tried and failed. Some people don't like using them and that is totally a personal preference but it always makes mines and all of my clients makeup last longer and go on so much more smoother. I ranted and raved about their Velvet touch primer and still to this day I find myself buying it when I call into McMullans Chemist, it is honestly one of my favourite ever primers. Then a couple of weeks ago I was so kindly sent another package from Gosh cosmetics to try out a few of their newest products.
As you lot know I am always 100% truthful when it comes to my reviews and I would never ever post something or recommend something for you lot that I honestly did not feel was a) worth the money or b) a good product full stop. 
OK, so now all the blabbering is out of me I will get down to the actual review, I am just going to mention my favourites of the lot. Gosh I really can talk can't I? haha 

First up is their new Plus Skin Adapting Primer- this has a lot to live up to with me. I didn't know what kind of primer to expect but I wasn't really expecting this. To me a primer is that velvet feel product that smooths over all your wrinkles and lines etc rather than just a 'face cream' like product. Basically this is a multi functional colour releasing cream that enhances any skin type to leave it with a healthy even glow all over. It can be used as both a primer for under your foundation or just on its own if you want something light and moisturising. I personally still prefer the velvet touch primer as I feel it does glide on smoother but I know my mum loves this on its own for something light during the day as it adapts to her skin. 

Liquid lipsticks are becoming more and more popular, especially matte effect ones. I was sent three stunning colours and I think I would have choose these three anyway, you know me and my nude/pink shades- obsessed!


The applicator on these are what impressed me the most- they are the perfect size for your lips. Now obvousily before everyone shouts, I KNOW we all have different size lips but you know what I mean. It is long enough that you can cover the whole lip in one swipe, but not too big that you have to get a funny angle to get it all covered, make sense?!

They aren't too sticky either, matte is VERY hard to wear and to try and pull off a good formula and I THINK they have it nailed. That sticky dry feeling is the worst, your lips hate it and you hate it too. These glide on effortlessly with a nice soft feel and then dry to a matte texture and DO NOT BUDGE. Literally do not budge, now everyone knows how much I love food and how I am always eating something during the day and these did not move, I mean better than Kylie did not move! I could not get over it I really wasn't expecting it to be so so good.  There are 8 different shades to choose between so you will deffo find something you like in them!
Price point wise are they worth it? YES! They are usually £11 but are now on offer for £8. When you put them against the likes of MAC and Kylie I feel the quality is JUST as good, so why pay more?

Lastly Contour and Concealer, now these pair I was really looking for testing out as I am so so fussy when it comes to concealer and only trust two types, one for my brows and one for under my bagssss!
I tried the concealer both ways and found myself going back to using it more on carving out my brows than I would under my eyes. Great for everyday use for something quick and easy to get the job done.
I like FULL coverage for under my eyes without being too heavy and for me this didn't have the coverage in it for that particular job. It was so smooth and light to put on and blended really really easily, but it just isn't full coverage enough for me but for someone who doesn't want as much coverage as myself then it would be perfect for you.

Contour, now this was different- out of the two sticks I love this one so much more. Just like the concealer it goes on so smooth and is SO easy to blend out. The shape of the stick is great because it is nice and thin, it can go down my nose and cheekbones for a nice light contour but if I wanted it more heavy for heading out I just double up on the strokes, and there is a couple of different shades to choose between depending on how dramatic you want it! I have the Medium and it is perfect for my normal day to day make up shade. Sometimes when you blend out a contour stick or cream products they take your foundation off underneath or else they don't last at all- this one did the opposite! DID NOT budge any of my make up underneath and blended out so well. This one gets a thumbs up from me for sure! 

PS- In the next month or so at selected dates I will be McMullans chemist Ballycastle and Simpons chemist Portrush, showing you all the new Gosh products and all my favourite products too- and even doing little make overs on you guys! I'll keep you posted as to when they will be!
You can shop all the products on the GOSH website as I have linked them for you guys, but if you want to pop in and see them in person for yourself (wayyyy better) then McMullans Ballycastle and Portrush have a full stock list!

If you do get some, let me know how you get on with them! Happy Shopping lovelies and have a FAB week!

Thanks for reading as always
Emma Jane x


Wednesday, 11 October 2017


Happy hump day my dears!
With all the amazing fashion events on at the moment, it's hard not to get caught up in it all. This afternoon sees one of my besties and style guru Melissa Riddell present a style workshop at ABC style week in Banbridge town hall. I however, have a bridesmaid fitting so cannot go cheer her along but, I know the event and Melissa will be fab, so if you can make it get your tickets for later on today and the rest of the week here it's not too late!

There are so many trends this season and most of them we saw at the West Coast Cooler Fashion week launch back in August at the amazing Bullit Hotel Belfast, which was presented by none other than boss lady herself- Cathy Martin. 
Cathy showed us loads of key trends that we would be seeing this A/W in our stores and she certainly wasn't wrong, I have seen nothing but what we saw that day and I am still obsessing over them all.
Red, Metallics, Velvet and the Prince of Wales check to name just a few, here is some of the selection showcased on the day. 

All amazing right? If only I looked as hot in them as the models do!

Here are some links to some pieces I loved that you can grab, and get yourself a fashion piece for the season ahead if you haven't already- just click on what you like to direct you to the web-page.



Remember to grab your tickets for the West Coast Cooler Fashion Week here. It runs from the 26h-29th October so you have loads of opportunities to attend them! Every year the event gets better and bigger and with a classy new venue this year its set to be the best yet, hope to see you there! 

Happy Humpday lovelies 
Emma Jane xx

Fashion launch photos by the amazing Brendan Gallagher

Friday, 15 September 2017


Hey you lovely lot, hope you are all having a better day than me!

As I type this up I am currently looking out at the pouring rain and the realisation has sunk in that yes, I am in fact home and nope, I am no longer sitting by the marina with a glass of rosè in hand with the blazing sun hitting down on me! The holiday blues have well and truly hit this one.. I NEED to get another little adventure booked or I am going to go crazy (well crazier!). Once I get on a plane and get that bug in me again, I am obsessed and need to continue to book places to go and this time, for once, I want heat and relaxation and not the busy streets of London Town! 

Last weekend Ryan and myself headed off for a last minute, well deserved long weekend to Spain, just incase you happened to you know, miss the thousand of snapchats I happened to post while I was away! The heat and the relaxing weekend was exactly what I needed, it couldn't have been better timed in my eyes! 
The only thing I thought I would 'dislike' about the trip is the lenght of time it takes on a plane, I adore getting on a plane, the whole build up, the airport and actualy travelling itself I do love, but I was worried about it being that 'in between time'. One hour or ten hours I don't mind at all, but that three and a half hours I felt would drag in! After we got a drink (and some pringles of course) we stuck a movie on and boom, before we knew it we had landed to the 33 degree heat! 

As most of you would have seen what we got up to on holidays on my snapchat anyway there is no point in me blubbering on in detail about what we done day in day out, this little post is just for me to tag my outfits as so many of you girlies have been messaging me about what I wore when I was away! 

I LOVE this dress, I love anything with a plunge basically! Because I have small chest I feel I can get away with it as such, one time I am actually greatful for not having more than a handful haha!! 
I did however get the totally wrong size and needed to roll the sleeves up and tape it to keep it from gaping, I am usually a 10 on Missguided and sometimes a 12 depending on the type of clothing so hence why I went for a 12 in this, thinking it would be small fitting but nope- I should have got the 8!
Click on the picture to shop the look! (My heels are Primark)

We spent the day at a beach club on our second day, eating, drinking and chilling out beside the beach being waited on all day- it was perfect! 
So many girls messaged me about this swimsuit, it really is so flattering and so so comfortable to wear, although I had to go up two sizes in this, maybe why it was so comfortable! I have attached a swimsuit that is as close as I can get you girls, as the other one is sold out! BUT this one is on sale- so it is a win win really!!

I have had this top for about a month now but never got the chance to wear it so thought I would leave it for going away and it is honestly so comfy and in my eyes perfect for night time on holidays, it didnt 'hurt' my sunburn or anthing like that! 
I teamed it with a black highwaisted ripped denim skirt from Missy Empire about 5 months ago, that again I never got the chance to wear it! 
Obvouisly my belt had to make an appearance right? Who was I kidding, I wasn't leaving it at home!
Click the image to shop the top, but click here for a similar skirt.

Later on in the evening we met up with my friend Katie from Katie Andrew the blog and her boyfriend for a few drinks, it is so strange seeing someone from home on holidays but it was so good to bump into them two aswell! 

We spent the day at the beach and a water assult course on our third day and it was honestly one of the funniest and funnest things I have ever done on holidays!
 I just wore a bikini all day until we headed into the shops, and for me to get a blow dry, clearly?! Heaven forbid I would have to do my own hair once in a while haha! 
This little top is so bright, so perfect for holidays! agh these photos are seriously making my blues even worse- one tab is open on sky scanner here as I type! 
Top- Click the image
Skirt- shop here
Shoes- River Island last year
Bralet- Primark
Belt- Primark 

This was my favourite look of the whole holiday, and aparently all you lot too! I love love love this dress! Even better still, it is in saleeee!!
I felt so comfortable in this even when eating. And I think this will be so nice paired with a leather jacket and a pair of black sock boots coming into the winter instead of just getting one use out of it! 

Of course our last day had to be the warmest, teasing us to stay on- Oh how I wish!!
This was another chilled day, having a lazy morning, lazing about by the apartment pool, then having a stroll into the marina for lunch before we headed to the airport for our evening flight. 

This bikini is PERFECT for photos, not so perfect for being in a pool if you get my drift! But luckily there wasn't anyone else around when we were in the pool so nobody got to see too much- just Ryan who was forced into being my photographer haha but he did so well bless him for putting up with me!


This little dress was again perfect for the weather on Tuesday, it was 34 degrees this day. So something loose fitting and light was 100% needed for a scroll around.
I must be all about the bargains recently cause this was a complete steal, shop it below!

Not bad for fitting ALL this plus my make up into hand luggage ehh?
For the way home I popped into Stradavarious and got a cute striped tee and a pair of ripped jeans, becasue clearly the rain was awaiting us in Belfast and the floaty dress just wouldn't have been ideal haha so guys, where to next? Get picking Ryan!! 

Thanks for reading as always
Emma Jane x

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