Friday, 15 September 2017


Hey you lovely lot, hope you are all having a better day than me!

As I type this up I am currently looking out at the pouring rain and the realisation has sunk in that yes, I am in fact home and nope, I am no longer sitting by the marina with a glass of rosè in hand with the blazing sun hitting down on me! The holiday blues have well and truly hit this one.. I NEED to get another little adventure booked or I am going to go crazy (well crazier!). Once I get on a plane and get that bug in me again, I am obsessed and need to continue to book places to go and this time, for once, I want heat and relaxation and not the busy streets of London Town! 

Last weekend Ryan and myself headed off for a last minute, well deserved long weekend to Spain, just incase you happened to you know, miss the thousand of snapchats I happened to post while I was away! The heat and the relaxing weekend was exactly what I needed, it couldn't have been better timed in my eyes! 
The only thing I thought I would 'dislike' about the trip is the lenght of time it takes on a plane, I adore getting on a plane, the whole build up, the airport and actualy travelling itself I do love, but I was worried about it being that 'in between time'. One hour or ten hours I don't mind at all, but that three and a half hours I felt would drag in! After we got a drink (and some pringles of course) we stuck a movie on and boom, before we knew it we had landed to the 33 degree heat! 

As most of you would have seen what we got up to on holidays on my snapchat anyway there is no point in me blubbering on in detail about what we done day in day out, this little post is just for me to tag my outfits as so many of you girlies have been messaging me about what I wore when I was away! 

I LOVE this dress, I love anything with a plunge basically! Because I have small chest I feel I can get away with it as such, one time I am actually greatful for not having more than a handful haha!! 
I did however get the totally wrong size and needed to roll the sleeves up and tape it to keep it from gaping, I am usually a 10 on Missguided and sometimes a 12 depending on the type of clothing so hence why I went for a 12 in this, thinking it would be small fitting but nope- I should have got the 8!
Click on the picture to shop the look! (My heels are Primark)

We spent the day at a beach club on our second day, eating, drinking and chilling out beside the beach being waited on all day- it was perfect! 
So many girls messaged me about this swimsuit, it really is so flattering and so so comfortable to wear, although I had to go up two sizes in this, maybe why it was so comfortable! I have attached a swimsuit that is as close as I can get you girls, as the other one is sold out! BUT this one is on sale- so it is a win win really!!

I have had this top for about a month now but never got the chance to wear it so thought I would leave it for going away and it is honestly so comfy and in my eyes perfect for night time on holidays, it didnt 'hurt' my sunburn or anthing like that! 
I teamed it with a black highwaisted ripped denim skirt from Missy Empire about 5 months ago, that again I never got the chance to wear it! 
Obvouisly my belt had to make an appearance right? Who was I kidding, I wasn't leaving it at home!
Click the image to shop the top, but click here for a similar skirt.

Later on in the evening we met up with my friend Katie from Katie Andrew the blog and her boyfriend for a few drinks, it is so strange seeing someone from home on holidays but it was so good to bump into them two aswell! 

We spent the day at the beach and a water assult course on our third day and it was honestly one of the funniest and funnest things I have ever done on holidays!
 I just wore a bikini all day until we headed into the shops, and for me to get a blow dry, clearly?! Heaven forbid I would have to do my own hair once in a while haha! 
This little top is so bright, so perfect for holidays! agh these photos are seriously making my blues even worse- one tab is open on sky scanner here as I type! 
Top- Click the image
Skirt- shop here
Shoes- River Island last year
Bralet- Primark
Belt- Primark 

This was my favourite look of the whole holiday, and aparently all you lot too! I love love love this dress! Even better still, it is in saleeee!!
I felt so comfortable in this even when eating. And I think this will be so nice paired with a leather jacket and a pair of black sock boots coming into the winter instead of just getting one use out of it! 

Of course our last day had to be the warmest, teasing us to stay on- Oh how I wish!!
This was another chilled day, having a lazy morning, lazing about by the apartment pool, then having a stroll into the marina for lunch before we headed to the airport for our evening flight. 

This bikini is PERFECT for photos, not so perfect for being in a pool if you get my drift! But luckily there wasn't anyone else around when we were in the pool so nobody got to see too much- just Ryan who was forced into being my photographer haha but he did so well bless him for putting up with me!


This little dress was again perfect for the weather on Tuesday, it was 34 degrees this day. So something loose fitting and light was 100% needed for a scroll around.
I must be all about the bargains recently cause this was a complete steal, shop it below!

Not bad for fitting ALL this plus my make up into hand luggage ehh?
For the way home I popped into Stradavarious and got a cute striped tee and a pair of ripped jeans, becasue clearly the rain was awaiting us in Belfast and the floaty dress just wouldn't have been ideal haha so guys, where to next? Get picking Ryan!! 

Thanks for reading as always
Emma Jane x


Wednesday, 26 July 2017


Happy humpday everyone- what a miserable day it has been in Ballycastle today. But when it rains it means I get to catch up on everything I have been missing out on recently- aka doing my posts!

As probably every one of you lot have seen on my Snapchat or else some form of social media, I was in Dublin at the weekend to buy something I have wanted for what seems like a lifetime to me- My Gucci Belt.
I would say my friends and family are probably happier than me that I finally got my hands on it -because they don't have to listen to me going on and on about it every single day- no joke that was me!

A lot of people, in fact, most people, have said to me that I am 'mad' for spending that amount of money on 'just a belt' and you know what, they are probably right with everything that goes on in the world, but I work extremely hard for everything I buy, whether it is £30 or £300, and if I want to treat myself then who is anyone to judge me on that, as my mother says, "you can't take it with you, so enjoy it while you can," and she is so right!

I phoned Brown Thomas during the week to see if they had the one I wanted in stock and the lovely lady told me that they didn't have any of my size in stock - I was so devastated as I really wanted to buy it when I went down to Dublin rather than having to order it in store or else online- I had waited long enough, three more days just wouldn't cut it haha

When we headed down, of course my first stop was Brown Thomas- in case anyone else was as mad as me on a Sunday morning you know?! (which by the way I would highly recommend NOT doing that train journey with a hangover or 2 hours sleep!) When we walked into Gucci they had a few sizes left, both of which weren't mines. I asked the man did they have any sizes except the ones on display and I honestly thought he said he would look and check for me out of politeness, so I started looking at the bags and my friend Margie came behind me and told me that he had took a couple out of the drawer, inside I was doing cartwheels and jumping up and down but I tried to act like a normal person and not a complete lunatic and play it cool- yeah that lasted around two minutes until he handed me them to try on and the inner child screaming up and down was released haha!

I tried both sizes on, gucci85 and gucci90 and I felt that the 90 sat better on me, there was more room at the end of it, so if I lost or most likely gained weight there would be the leverage there for me and it wouldn't be wasted as I am not joking, I will NEVER have this off me no matter where I am going or what I am wearing!
And as quick as that- it was mine!

My parents and sisters gave me money towards it for my birthday last month and my amazing best friend Margie gave me a 100 euro gift card for Brown Thomas towards it, or whatever I wanted, but let's be honest, it was never going to be spent on anything else except the belt was it?! So it didn't actually cost me that much, still a lot of money 'for a belt' none the less, but I think it is so worth it!

We headed to a few other shops and of course, Penny's, we kept to last as we knew we would have the biggest bags from there! Dublin is such an amazing and beautiful city and the shopping is amazing-the rate for the euro just isn't the best at the moment, but a weekend with all my girls will have to be spent here for sure soon!!

Thanks for reading girls, as always,

Emma Jane x

Pink Jacket is Primark, but shop here for a dupe.
T-shirt is Levis- Shop here.
Black mesh polka dot top- H&M
Black bralet- Shop here.
Denim Jeans- Shop here.
Black Jeans- Shop here.
Belt- Shop here. 


Friday, 7 July 2017


Hello darlings!

Trust me to catch a cold/flu at the start of July, I haven't stopped sneezing this day- I am literally Sneezey from Snow White right now and nobody is giving me any sympathy, so hopefully someone does after this haha only joking I am sure I will be 100% again tomorrow, nothing a hot water bottle, an early night and a few cups of tea won't cure...right? Wronggg, I am heading to a wedding party tonight so anyone who sees's me there- avoid at all costs ok?!

So many of you gals have STILL been asking me about mine and my girls' race day outfits for Down Royal a couple of weeks ago, especially since Red Thread popped it up on her Facebook and Instagram over the past few days. I love it when you lot ask me about outfits or opinions on clothes, that is part of the reason why I started Emma Jane in the first place, because I love getting asked stuff like that. When I used to work in retail and customers used to buy the clothes in the shop because they saw it on me or another member of staff - I loved that feeling! I know- I'm weird af haha

Down Royal is one of my favourite days out and Ladies' Day happened to fall the day before my birthday this year, so it was such a brilliant excuse for a big Birthday outing and I was so thankful that everyone made the effort, even though they probably wanted to go to the races anyway- I'm saying it was all for me ok? haha
But my girls that could make it came along and we had the best day from start to finish, what's not to love about getting dolled up, drinking, eating and having the best craic with your best friends in the sunshine? Nope, nothing could beat it and I cannot wait for the November races, yes we are already planning them!

Last time I went to the races I wore a dress and I loved my outfit so much, don't get me wrong, but I just wanted something a bit different this time - I wear dresses all the time, so having something like what I wore this time around was definitely 'different' for me. So many people this year were wearing something different than the 'standard races outfit' and it was so amazing to see people in their own comfort zones wearing what they felt most comfortable in and not being afraid to either.

Although my outfit was still very much me; baby pinks, rose golds and a top made entirely of sequins? I mean if that isn't me then I don't know what is!
I feel like my outfit was definitely topped off by my amazing fascinator, it tied the whole outfit together and took it from a normal dressy outfit to a 'Race Day' outfit! I love love loved it as always. Sara is one talented little lady and I know she will go so far with this business, so many of you asked me where I got it from and, of course, it's from none other than my girl at Red Thread Bespoke Fascinators!

My messy side up do was by none other than Benny Okane at Mcgills in Ballycastle, getting up at 6.30am for me-what a star!
My bag was on sale in Monsoon at £12- bargain! 

Sinead dress was from Pretty Little Thing. It was so nice to see Sinead so dressed up, she looked a million dollars, love this look on her!

When I put a picture up of my bestie's shoes the day after the races you guys legit went crazy for them on my Snapchat, I had to put up a code for them on ASOS. But for those who didn't get it, I'll tag them below, as with everyone else if it is still available! Both of these girls looked stunning as always, trying to out do me on my birthday how dare they! Only kidding, they looked every bit the best-dressed lady- love!!

Margiie's amazing fascinator was hand made my the ladies at Prim and Penny and Ciara's was from our little sister who got hers online!

I got to spend some of the day with my blogger girls who were there too, how amazing do they look? So unique! They have links to their outfits on their social media sites linked below!

Massive thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday and those who commented on my outfit, I got absolutely spoilt rotten by my friends and family as always. Turning the dreaded 25 wasn't as bad as I thought you know!

Can anyone guess what I am FINALLY going to buy with my Birthday money? As if you lot don't know, I cannot contain my excitement to get it - I will never have it off me!

Thanks for reading as always
Emma Jane x


Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Hello my lovelies..

What a fabulous couple of days we have had weather wise, we are truly getting spoilt- IMAGINE the entire summer being this way? We wouldn't need any kind of holiday.. oh we can only wish, it will probably rain by the time I have finished this post haha

So what do we when the sun puts his hat on? Of course we get the summer dresses out, take the short shorts and crop tops out of the attic and then we go and put a layer of fake tan on, because - number one - let's face it, we are Irish and do not naturally tan one single bit and we are all in a world where if you leave the house and aren't glowing from head to toe- you are the strange one, not everyone else for being natural! I wish I could do the natural pale look, but I just can't, I am one of those who are actually obsessed with fake tan - I am never pale! It is just not for me, I love the feeling and the look of being tan all year round and for me to achieve that, I need it to come from a bottle.

But as much as I love putting on tan, every girl knows the struggle of getting it off- no matter what tan it is!
You know the scene girls- standing in the shower with a pair of exfoliating gloves scrubbing for what seems like hours (it is like being at the gym sometimes- maybe that is just my fitness level but haha). I thought I had it down to a fine art you know, I would use Lush 'Rub Rub Rub' body scrub before I got into the shower with, of course, the magic gloves, then again when I got into the shower along with a shower gel and then I would scrub until I was literally red this did work to a certain extent, I did have tan left around my elbows and knees etc and it didn't fully come off - but doing this twice a week and the tan was gone. I thought I was the smartest person alive for being able to get my tan off with what I thought was easy...UNTIL this came out!!

Now by no means am I even slightly exaggerating this, but this stuff is INSANE!! When I first laid my eyes on it, I thought I had to at least try it, even if it didn't work I had to give into the hype and actually test it out.
I managed to get my hands on the last bottle in the Boots in the Fair Hill Centre Ballymena and I was so excited to try it, but I waited a few days until I really needed to use it, as my tan was still glowing.

Basically, you put it on like a tanning moouse, only its white in colour. You rub it all over your body and wait for it to dry in, and it sort of absorbs into your skin. When you apply it, you can literally see the tan already starting to lift when you start rubbing it in, but when you let it dry it does feel weird, you know that sticky feeling like your tan isn't fully dry yet but you try to put clothes on anyway? Well that type of feeling haha
So after the mousse is dried in (I found it was best to wait until it was completely dried in, and it says on the bottle to leave it for 3-5 minutes - but whatever works for you) you jump into the shower and wash it off. I use one of the Cleansing Mitts from Primark with JUST water on it to wash away the mousse and the old tan washes away with it... it is THAT easy. Then, after I just use whatever shower gel I am using at the time, the Imperial Leather 'Sweet Treats' in Marshmallow is my fav at the min - I could eat my arm when I use it - it smells soooo good!

This is the result on my feet, now excuse the photo if anyone hates feet, but I feel this is the best place to show the results haha. Girls - you know what the tan on your feet looks like after a night of wearing heels, it just shows all the marks where the straps or sides of your shoes were the next day- awful!

Honestly, I think this is the best product I have ever used to remove fake tan and I don't think there will be anything this good or simple to use out for a long long time. So many of you have asked where to purchase it or what the actual product is like when I have raved about it on my social media, so I thought I would pop it all on here for you to see for yourselves. It is priced at £14.99 and I have just finished my first bottle and I got about five FULL body tan removals out of it. Even if I had only gotten one from it I still think I would re-purchase it, I love it so much! And the best bit.. it smells great!
Buy it online here

Let me know how you lot get on with it and if you love it as much as me!
Thanks for reading as always
Emma Jane x

This post was not sponsored.


Monday, 12 June 2017

MY DV8..

Hey girlies, back into the fashion posts-wayhayy!

This time it is a little different than usual, instead of showing you lot one look that I usually do, I will be showing you one dress but three different ways to style it. Most people like myself when they buy a dress wear it once and once only because it is so noticeable.. and I try to wear things as much as I can - we need to get the wear out of it after-all. When you wear a skirt and top you can also wear them separate afterward and loads of different ways to make it look like new, so this is what I wanted to do for this beautiful dress.

I was asked to choose a dress from DV8's new in section and it was SO hard, I had seen so many items I could imagine myself in.
But I didn't want to pick one that I could just get one use out of it like every other dress I own, so this is why I picked this beauty- I knew straight away I could wear this loads. There is so much detail on this dress, the sleeves and the lace are fab!

The first look is a 'night out' look. Stick on a pair of sassy heels, a necklace and a clutch bag.. boom you're nightclub ready with the girls!

Bag- Ted Baker
Necklace- Marmalade Ballymena 

The second look is a more dressed down look and surprisingly I LOVE IT! Everyone knows flats really aren't my thing, only if I need to wear them or I actually love them with a certain outfit will I wear them. But this preppy outfit I actually love, so perfect for a Sunday stroll (weather permitting obvs it's Northern Ireland!) or out for lunch or even a festival if you put on your face glitter to match?!

Bag- Primark
Jacket- Primark

And lastly, this look is so perfect for a summer time wedding or else the races if you are lucky enough to head to them! Add a more sophisicated pair of shoes than the night out ones, a fascinator, a nice hair do, add a bag and you're ready to go!

Bag- Tk Maxx
Earrings- Primark

So for someone who said they would NEVER wear a dress more than once, I think this one is AMAZING! DV8 have so many beautiful dresses and outfits to choose between at the minute, if only my bank balanced agreed with my head!

Thanks for reading, as always
Emma Jane x

This post was not sponsored but the items were sent to me for reviews.


Monday, 5 June 2017


Hey Girlies, the weekend is over again-sigh!

But today is the start of a new week and it is already a great Monday for me, today I start my first job since being signed to the wonderful ACA modelling agency last week. So if anyone is in Belfast today, call down to the Dior stand at House of Fraser and come say hi!

Last week I attended a master class of the new Urban Decay collection by Jean-Michel Basquiat in the Ballymena counter in Debenhams. Every time I go to these events I always learn so much more about this brand and pick up so many new tips and tricks from the artist themselves.

If you followed my snapchat (emmajanemooney) on the night you would have seen that the counter manager - Cheyenne, show cased how to use the more neutral toned palette (Gold Griot Palette) on the eyes, while assistant manager Jamie showed us all how to create a more dramatic eye using the more colourful palette (Tenant Palette), while the both of them showed everyone how versatile this collection really is by using the SAME blush palette on both looks.

Now when a palette comes out, I am usually that crazy lady waiting to get my hands on it first thing to try it out straight away. But I wont lie when this launched I really wasn't that overly 'fussed' on it. I saw the colours and thought one is too basic and the other is too mad, I wont get enough use of them to justify ANOTHER (two) palettes. Well well well, was I wrong- now it doesn't happen too often I tell you haha.

When I had a look at them up close and actually swatched them on myself, I should have known I was wrong, because when do Urban ever get it wrong when it comes to palettes? I already knew I was going to love the looks created by both Cheyenne and Jamie.

Jamie used every colour in this palette except the purple and the dark green, now if that isn't getting use out of a palette then I don't know what is! My look was PERFECT for a festival or if you are a little adventurous then just a standard Saturday night?!
For the green spotlight in my eye he also used the 24/7 glide on eye pencil in the shade Post Punk then packed on more colour from the palette to give it that 'wow' effect, and thats exactly what it done! To finish my eye look off, he popped some of what I think is my favourite ever Urban Decay product on over the spotlight, the Heavy Metal Glitter in the shade- Distortion. I always use this in my inner corner to give some sparkle, or on top of an eyeliner to change it up a bit or what Jamie done, over the top of shadow to make it completely change a look and take it from a two to a ten- honestly everyone needs this products in their life (thats if you can get your hands on it!).

Another product that I fell in love with on the night were the Lip Toppers. We used the lipstick shade Stark Naked on me and then added this on top and WOW it made it change so much, again so perfect for any festivals or concerts coming up- SO SASSY! Mermaid vibes written allllll over this one! And loads of you agreed with me as so I got so many screen shots on this one- White lie. So like everything I've mentioned, I've linked it for you guys to shops straight away- so just click on it if you want to shop it or else call into your nearest store if that is handier for you :)

I was so kindly gifted an amazing box of goodies by Cheyenne for coming down and being a model for the evening, I had such a wonderful night I should have been giving her something haha
Thank you so much, you know me too well I love it all.

For anyone wanting to call into the Ballymena counter and try out any of the products listed deffo do, both Cheyenne and Jamie are amazing at what they do and will get you sorted with what is right for you and while your there, get matched up to the AMAZING All Nighter Foundation too- cannot live without this stuff! Or the setting spray or Heavy Metal glitter liners or the lip liners.. I could go on you get the drift haha

Thanks for reading guys, my collab with DV8 is coming this week so keep an eye out for it! Enjoy your Monday everyone :)

Emma Jane x

Thursday, 18 May 2017

MISS NI 2017..

WOW! What a night and I wasn't even experiencing it like the finalists were!

So as you all know, Monday evening was the Grand Final of the Insanity Tan Miss World Northern Ireland 2017 Contest in the stunning Europa Hotel Belfast.
Firstly, massive congratulations to all of the 24 finalist for making it that far, it is such an amazing achievement on its own, you were ALL amazing and put on the best show for us, all while making it look super easy!

My little sister (all 5'11 of her!) rightfully earned her spot in the grand final as she won her heat to be crowned Miss Ballymena 2017. Fionnula was shopping in Primark one day when she was approached by the ACA model scouts and asked to take part in a heat. At first Fionnula thought they were joking and said no, then soon realised they were deadly serious! I think this just sums her up to a tee, totally oblivious to how bloody gorgeous she actually is!

They arrived at the Europa on Saturday morning for a weekend full of fun, photoshoots and rehearsals. Imagine being put up in the stunning Europa hotel for two nights and having the best fun with 23 of your new best friends? I wanna do it!

On the night itself, we had a red carpet arrival with a WKD of choice on hand from the beautiful ACA models. Before handing over our tickets and entering the grand ball room, we were all treated like celebrities, getting papped by Local Women, Ulster Tatler and all of the local paper photographers- of course we were loving it- even my Daddy who is NOT a photograph kind of man at all!

Taking our seats we were presented with a goodie bag filled with loads of treats such as a bottle of the amazing Insanity Tan, a bottle of WKD,  and a voucher for the Make-Up Pro Store in Belfast!

All 24 finalist started off with a dance on stage to get the show started and it really did just that, it was so up beat and fun to watch them all come out and strut their stuff, I know how scary that first walk out must have been- especially in them short shorts, but wow girls you nailed it!

Next up was a short description of all girls as they walked in threes down the catwalk in their BIKINI!! YES! You heard right, their bikini- I would have died off having to do that and most people would have too but they took it in their stride and absolutely rocked the show, every single one of them! Their tans were literally flawless, and I am not saying this just because Insanity Tan are a sponsor or anything, you guys know from my blog post a long time ago before Miss NI how much I love this tan and Monday night proved that, not a streak in sight on any of those girls and it is now Thursday and Fionnula is STILL glowing!
I applied my own tan using the shade Ultra Dark on Saturday afternoon and it is still holding up too, I'm so in love with this stuff!

After an amazing catwalk show showcasing all the beautiful stock from none other than Blush Boutique, we were straight onto the Evening Wear, where the girls came out in groups of 5 onto the stage and then individually walked down the catwalk, whilst Zoe Salmon read a description of their dress. Then suddenly, we were into the Top 10! It all happened so quickly, after our amazinggggg dinner it seemed to fly by. There were 9 categories to be announced and a judges choice which made up the final 9 girls, as the beautiful and talented Eden McAllister won 2 categories!

Miss Sport - Miss McAleer's/ Rachel Wallace
Beach Body - Miss Anchor/ Anna Henry
Miss Multi-Media - Miss Spice/ Eden McAllister
Best Dressed - Miss Omagh/ Jasmine O'Kane
Miss Personality - Miss Sally's/ Katharine Walker
Promotional Model - Miss Cookstown/ Sarah Cunningham
Talent - Miss Spice/ Eden McAllister
Beauty with a Purpose - Miss Horatio Todd's/ Megan Geddis
Judges' choice- Miss East Belfast/Rachel Jones
Judges' Choice - Miss Sense/Clarice Downey
Top model- Miss Ballymena/ Fionnula Mooney

Fionnula was over the moon to not only be placed in the Top 10, but to be awarded Top Model was the cherry on top, she has never done any kind modelling work at all prior to this and to be chosen for this role was amazing, after all did you see her strut her stuff in the amazing silver number from Blush? Girl slayedddd! ( this is what I'm like with my baby sister, imagine when my child wins like an egg and spoon race at school? haha)

Very quick after this, it was whittled down to the Top 5, and at this point our whole table were beside themselves, we couldn't believe that she had done this well- now we didn't doubt her for a second, but from standing in Primark to 2 months later being on stage as part of the Top 10 in the Miss Northern Ireland Final was insane!
The Top 5 were called as following:

Rachel Jones
Eden McAllister
Anna Henry
Fionnula Mooney
Rachel Wallace

Now you can imagine our table at this point, or if you watched it on snapchat you could probably hear us over everyone else!! Fionnula's face was a picture, it was the most amazing feeling for us so god only knows what she felt like, I actually think at this point my daddy was doing star jumps because of it haha

Alison Clarke, the main women - who by the way completely slays at life herself, did you see her figure in her monochrome dress?! The stunning Emma Carswell came onto the stage to crown the Top 3. The whole room was completely silent at this point, and to add some extra tension they played some dramatic music, it was class!

Fionnula was placed 2nd Runner-Up (3rd), which is an unbelievable achievement and we could not be more proud of her, she represented herself, Ballycastle and us so so well on stage and throughout this whole process. This was totally out of her comfort zone before all of this, but now it is like second nature to her, she is so amazing at it and I for one cannot wait to see where she goes from here! You know I will be your number one fan. Our family is so close at the best of times, so getting to share experience with her was amazing, you couldn't get two prouder big sisters, parents or boyfriend right now!


Another huge congratulations to this years 1st Runner-Up, Rachel Jones, an absolute doll inside and out, well deserved. And finally our winner and newly crowned Miss Northern Ireland 2017, Miss Anna Henry. I cannot wait to see you at Miss World in China representing Northern Ireland, well done!

So many of you guys asked me when I posted a picture where everyones dresses were from, so I've linked them all below! My girls are probably most deffo going to kill me for posting pictures of them on here, but everyone looked amazing so I had too - don't shout girls!!

Margiies unreal sequin floor length ballgown was from ASOS priced at £90. It suited her to an absolute tee, loved it so much and she looked a million dollars in it. Grab it here 

Sinead's green number was from her little sister and looked perfect on her, it looked like it was made for her it fitted that well, and how well does she suit this colour of green?

Nicolas slinky coral dress was from Blush Boutique and showed of her amazing figure so well, loved this colour on her with her tan and hair colour!

Ciaras cute mint green dress was by V by very, and her bag was from Ted Baker a couple of season ago, but matched so well, Ciara really suits these lighter colours, who would believe she is the oldest sister?!
Very have some amazing selections of dresses to choose between and are so well priced, Ciara's was £70. So many people don't think to shop here, This Morning always showcase clothes from here and this is how we found our love for it!

My grey number was from ASOS but by a brand called TOFS and was only £50! An absolute bargain I thought, it can be worn in so many different ways so I think this will be worn again, my bag was from TK Maxx and was only £15. Of course my tan was the Ultra Dark from Insanity, as was Nicolas and Ciara's.
The boss man himself Benny O' Kane from McGills styled both mine and Ciara's hair to perfection as always at 9am on Monday morning and they were both sitting perfect at the end of the night!

I know how much hard work, preparation and thought goes into these events and every single thing
went so perfectly throughout the night, from the moment we entered the Europa Hotel to the moment we left. So a huge thank you to everyone at ACA Models.

Another thank you to everyone who messaged me on the night on Snapchat or Facebook to congratulate Fionnula, she is so thankful that you lovely lot took the time to do so!

Thanks for reading as always, Emma Jane x

Best bunch of people to spend the night with! x

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