Ok, this feels a bit strange introducing myself to everyone, but I'll start with the basics - My name is Emma Mooney and I am the grand old age of 24- that number keeps going up and it's scaring the hell out of me, I was 19 like five minutes ago! 
I am from and live in a little town right at the very tip of Northern Ireland called, Ballycastle. 

 So, basically, I started my blog because I'm so in love with everything to do with fashion, beauty and pulling outfits together from nothing so, I wanted a platform to showcase my love for it to others ..(and the ridiculous amount of clothes in my wardrobe that never get to see the light of day!) so I decided to have a corner of the internet where I could pop everything I created up or just generally seen online up for everyone to see or read.

When I was thinking of a name for my Blog I really didn't know what to go with, I had thought about it for ages, all different types of clothing, shoes, handbags, even drinks! I wanted it to be something personal to me not just something random. All my favourite bloggers have names for their blogs  that are something related to them in a really personal way- well, I couldn't have got any more personal than my actual name could I?! My close family and friends call me Emma-Jane all the time, and I actually rarely get just Emma now, it started as a joke with my sister calling me it when she was shouting at me-typical Ciara, but hey, it stuck so I just went with that and I think it really suits it!

 I hope everyone who reads my blogs enjoys reading them as much as I love creating them, and gets a little bit of inspiration from each one, no matter what it may be, everyone has a different style after all!

 Love, Emma Jane xx

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