Okay so this should be the easy part right? I am pretty sure my friends and family would tell you that I never give over about myself, but when you're trying to write it down to explain to everyone its pretty damn hard I must say, even for me who can blabber on the best!

I'll start with the basics incase you are new here..
Emma Jane Mooney
25 creeping to 26 very frigging fast!
Fashion, Beauty and some Travel thrown in too! 

That is basically me summed up right about there haha.
Emma Jane was started around 3 years ago, I had always wanted to do it for so long and then I finally plucked the courage and done it and still to this day, I don't do it for anyone else except myself. Some people like to write every day and good on them for doing so, but just write when I feel I need/want to. I think my content is a lot better when I do it that way rather than it being forced by posting every three days or whatever. 

I think everyone does have their own unique style and I would say mines does changes a lot, but I would always stay true to who I am as well. I wouldn't wear something just because 'it's in fashion'. But if its pink, black or white, then there is a 90% more chance of me wearing it- as that is all you'll find me in at the moment! 

All my social channels are linked on my home page (except snapchat- emmajanemooney) so if you wanna come follow me on all them just hit the little button and come say hi! 
Snapchat is where I do most of my talking, I find it easier to talk to you lot on it rather than my Insta stories so if you wanna hear this Ballycastle accent some more, then add away! 

Speak soon
love, Emma Jane x


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