Friday, 12 December 2014

Casual Comfies..

Starting back in River Island is great- it means I get to see all the newest products  first thing when they land into the store! This scarf is selling out everytime it comes back in, it's so popular. But any wonder, it's the top colour of the season and it's tartan, what could be a better combination?! It's the softest material as well, so it's extremely comfortable when you put it on. 
I would usually just go for plain leggings from River Island, but seeing as it's freezing outside, I thought I would try these thicker ones and they are fantastic, they are super tight when you first put them on, but have Elasticated sides so are roomy when you eventually get them on- also a lot warmer than normal leggings! 
I know I say this about a lot of footwear I own, but these are honestly the comfiest pair of boots I own, they are lined with a fleece material and the chunky heel make them so easy to walk in- especially if I'm in them all day. 
This jumper is just an over sized thick piece of knitwear that's great for wearing in this weather, and it's perfect with my new leggings as it's long enough to cover my bum! I had to get a size smaller in this as it is so over sized I thought it looked better that bit smaller- I also love the gold zips down the side. And of course I had to put my hat with it, I think it gives it a more casual look and makes it more 'me'   Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Scarf- River Island 
Jumper- River Island 
Leggings- River Island 
Boots- River Island 
Hat- Boohoo 

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas jumpers..

This past while I haven't blogged anything, I've been so busy with trying to close and organise the shop, and then get started into another job straight away - and with the weather being so horrible, I haven't had a chance to blog. Today was my day off and I tried to get out to get a few pics taken, but the weather chose otherwise today! So I thought I'd do a post about none other than Christmas jumpers! Everyone eventually gives in and gets one for the festive time, most of them used to be silly, but nowadays the majority of them are actually quite pretty. I own three jumpers, which I got last year, but we are going to the Christmas market this weekend and we all pull out the famous Xmas jumpers- so here's a few of my fav picks that'll I'll be picking through to purchase! Hopefully the weather picks up and it won't be as long until my next post! Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

River Island-£30. This is very fitted when on and almost like a cropped jumper, the material is very soft but very thin. This one is for someone who wants to cause abit of a stir by 'not' wearing a Christmas jumper!

River Island-£35. This is my fav out of the river island ones, the fit is what you expect from a Christmas jumper, it's cosy, not itchy, not to in your face and i love the colour! 

River Island-£35. This is very over sized, shorter at the front and longer at the back- keep everyone guessing if you've been naughty or nice with this cute slogan- this one is perfect for a very girly girl I think. 

New Look-£19.99. Who doesn't love penguins? This is a very low key Christmas jumper, very cute i think tho and could wear it all year round aswell. 

New Look-£17.(sale). This one is adorable, first word that popped into my head when I seen it. I love the colour and the fit of it. Very flattering when on if your not the type to be wearing a big baggy jumper 

New look-£25. This is your typical stand out look at me I'm wear it my Christmas jumper- I love these kind of ones! The sillier the better I reckon, especially if your with a load of people having a work day out or just a fun day out. This comes in a few different colours aswell.

Inthestyle- £15.99. Anyone who loves frozen knows this line is everywhere this Christmas, with frozen items flying off the shelves quicker than they are put out this ones going to be no different- frozen fans act quick! 

Boohoo-£15. Who doesn't love a selfie? Or an elfie? This funny jumper is perfect for those who just love to take some selfies! It comes in a couple of different colours aswell. 

Topshop-£32. I love a jumper that has a good saying on it, short and sweet tho-and this one has nailed it and it's in my perfect colour too. I saved the best to last, think this is the one?! 

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Time for tartan..

I bought this blazer cape almost a month ago, and I was (not so) patiently waiting for it to arrive in time for me to be able to bring it to Cambridge with me. It did arrive in time, but after all the drama I made, I ended up not bringing it -typical me haha!
I saw this on This Morning and I instantly went online to buy it; I had seen these capes about, but I didn't really like the plain colours that much, or felt that they suited me, so when I seen one of them in this print, I fell in love.
There is nothing else more perfect, in my eyes, to have in your wardrobe than a white shirt - it is something so classic that will never go out of fashion and can always be dressed up or dressed down. This look for me is in between casual and dressy, I wouldn't wear it down the town for coffee, but I wouldn't wear it on a night out either- perfect for a dinner date, I think. 
When I spotted this necklace, I knew I had to have it - it's so bling and over the top- everything I love in a statement necklace! I'm glad I didn't wear this before I got the necklace, because to me it doesn't look the same without it.
I am obsessed with wearing my hair in a bun these days- so simple and quick to do, but looks classy and effortless at the same time. I think when you have detail around your collarbone area, it's nice to show it off- and one way of doing so is by pinning your hair back to see it properly, so it doesn't take away from it. 
My shoes and jeans are my favourites, of course, but there is a beautiful pair of red pointy toe heels in River Island calling my name that would go perfectly with this look, so if I get them I might just need to convince him into that dinner date and I can wear it again! Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Blazer Cape- Boohoo
Shirt- New Look
Necklace- Lucy's Boutique
Jeans- Vera Moda
Shoes- Primark


Friday, 21 November 2014

Winter warmers..

I only just managed to capture this look before the heavens opened and I had to race to the car, hence the lack of photos. And yes- I am still obsessing over these boots! 
On the day I took these photos, or lack of photos, it was absolutely freezing outside, but this was the perfect excuse to wear this beautiful outfit to keep me warm- I was so snug! I love being warm when out and about in the winter, who doesn't? but there's nothing as annoying as being wrapped up in a huge, stuffy coat where you can hardly move or breathe. With this outfit, I can move around as much as I want, but still manage to be super comfortable and warm. 
This knitted dress is exactly what I was looking for; I am loving cowl neck knitwear at the moment, and the fact that this is long enough to wear as a dress is a bonus- it really does keep you as warm as it looks, without having to add numerous layers which leave you wrapped up and unable move! I can't wait to wear this about the house around Christmas time and when I find time to go shopping and visiting. It comes in a various range of different colours, but I thought this was the one which suited me best. The best part of this gorgeous dress is the unbelievable price tag that comes with it - only £14.99? A-maz-inggg! Give me all the colours! 
Capes are also a massive trend this winter, especially with the likes of Cara and Kate wearing them at London Fashion Week - they have really took off. (This one is from New Look not Burberry!!- Sob) You can find nearly any colour or print imaginable in these, but I knew the moment I spotted this one it would go perfect with my dress. I love the tassels at the ends, I feel they add a more wintery vibe to it, and that there are a lot of my favourite colours within it, burgundy especially- as well as the black, so I could tie it altogether with my boots! :) 
I am going to the Christmas Market in Belfast soon, and this is what I'll be wearing. It is so perfect to keep warm, keep comfortable but not look like an Eskimo at the same time! 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Knitted dress- H&M
Cape- New Look
Boots- New Look

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Check mate..

These boots were made for walking! Aghh I'm so excited to FINALLY get my hands on such a perfect pair of knee high boots! Being very tall and having skinny legs is usually a plus right? but not when you're looking for boots like these; they usually don't cover my knees at all, or make my legs look like twigs in them, but these fit perfectly- over the knee and fit around my legs! Super duper happy that I found these, New Look have such a great selection of boots this year and the best part is they won't cost you a bomb either - these ones where just £44.99.
This shirt dress is fab, the greens and blues work so well together to create the perfect print - for me, I think this goes hand in hand with the boots. The dipped hem at the back gives you a little bit more coverage around your bum, so that you can wear it like I have without the tights. The belt around the waist is what finishes it off for me, it gives your body shape rather than it just hanging on you.
I added the fur collar just to add something different. In my opinion I think its a little bit more warmer looking, throw on a leather jacket and you've got the perfect Christmas shopping outfit :) 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Shirt dress- River Island 
Boots- New Look 
Fur Collar- New Look


Saturday, 15 November 2014

Pastel Pink..

Cowl neck knitwear seems to be in every shop I step into, or on every Instagram post I see lately! But is it any wonder? They are so fab! Perfect for this time of year, especially this piece I think, comfortable, cosy, but not too heavy and such a great colour! It's so light to wear, so it doesn't weigh you down, but still keeps you warm, and the best part is it doesn't itch! Nothing is worse than a piece of clothing that you love- but once you put it on you have to take it off again straight away! It is quite sheer, so I put a little white vest underneath it :) 
I have seen these clutch bags about for a while now, but I hadn't seen one that I truly loved, that I could get my hands on, so when I spied this beauty I simply couldn't go past it- I knew it would work perfectly with this outfit! 
The trousers are also super comfortable, surprisingly, as any other similar pair I've tried on has always felt restricting in one way or another, especially at the ankles. I think the little cut out at the ankle helps prevent this. The pattern is what I first noticed, pastel colours are my favourite, as you know, and blue is one of the most popular colours this season- the pinks and nudes within the trousers mean they will carry into spring, which is even better so I can wear them with a cami when it gets slightly warmer! 
Instead of teaming this up with a smart shirt or the usual cami and blazer, I thought this jumper went so well with it- something different which suits this time of year. The shoes don't need a reason to come out, they are amazing on their own, but with this outfit I thought they were fab. To add the full stop to the end of this outfit, my nails complemented it perfectly, I cannot wait to head out for dinner wearing this! 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Jumper- River Island 
White vest- River Island 
Trousers- River island 
Shoes- Next 
Bag- Miss Selfridge
Nails - The Beauty Room Ballycastle 

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