Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Mellow yellow..

I was told by a photographer that I needed to travel further afield than my back garden for photos so I hope these and my future ones are a lot better. I'll start with the shoes. I was going to a wedding in March and needed a pair of shoes- I searched everywhere in the shopping centre and Next was last on my list. These little bad boys were sitting, and I had to have them. Not for the wedding, just to have- you can never have too many shoes! The colour, the style, the heel, I loved everything about them. They are deffo one of my top 5 favourite shoes, but they are also the most uncomfortable ones. 
Grey is such a big colour at the moment, it adds a different kind of feel to an outfit rather than just a pair of regular denim ones, a little bit more edgy but still classy at the same time.  Of course these jeans are from Vera Moda, my absolute fav place for jeans. So so comfy, adapt to your body so they fit just right and when they are washed over and over again they still go back to their original shape.  If you're searching for jeans I would highly recommend trying Vero Moda, their online store is great at the moment! 
My cardigan is also becoming a favourite of mine, the colour is so me! I knew as soon as I seen it I would match it with my shoes, they go so perfectly together. Batwing sleeves are also making a comeback this season I think and this cardigan pulls it off so well. The longness at the back gives it that casual look but pop a pair of heels on, and of course the trusted Bayswater, and it takes the casualness away instantly! 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Cardigan- River Island 
Top- Vera Moda 
Jeans- Vera Moda 
Shoes- Next 
Bag- Mulberry


Sunday, 28 September 2014

Forest walks..

I have been so busy the past few days i literally haven't had time to update the blog, but i was off yesterday- yayy! So i went to the forest and managed to take a few photos on an amazing camera! (thanks to my friend Aisha) i really need to buy myself one of these as they are a-mazz-ing!
Anyway onto the clothes; this jumper is fab! I bought this about 6 weeks ago on a complete impulse buy, i was shopping and hadn't bought anything yet and felt i needed to (as everyone does!) so i seen this beauty, so glad i lifted it as i love it so much. Its white, long sleeved, quilted and ridiculously comfy what could i not love about it. I have dressed this up before and wore it with a beaut necklace and darker jeans for going out for a few drinks but i think it works so well dressed casual too. Anytime i get the chance i wear Tartan. I love it so much no matter what colour it comes in but red is my fav, so i had to pair it with this! I usually get dressed up on my days off because i don't usually get many, but today i wanted to be comfy and ditch the heels- and for me this is perfect. My favourite tartan scarf (which is actually from topman haha) my trusted leather jacket, comfy red vans and favourite jeans. For a lovely walk especially in the autumn time and right at the moment when the weather is so good you don't need a heavy coat. The vans give it the pop of red at the end of the outfit  along with the lipstick to tie it altogether. I also love it with little black ankle boots too if you were going shopping or to the cinema! 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Jumper- Only
Jacket- Miss Selfridge
Scarf- Topman
Jeans- Vera Moda
Shoes- Vans


Wednesday, 24 September 2014


A monochrome co-ord.. What could be more perfect than this?! I love love love it! 
This little beauty is from 5fashion- I am obsessed with them at the minute everything seems so be so spot on! I know I say this a lot but this the most comfiest co-ord ever, it feels like something you would wear about the house, not a boxy thing that you can hardly walk in which most co-ords are. Comfort and quality in clothes is a big part in what makes me buy something (nothing worse than wearing something and then when it is washed it's never the same because of the poor quality) and this set has both, along with it being ridiculous fabulous! 
I love co-ords, I think they are the easiest most effortless thing to wear but yet at the same time look great! The gold zip down the back of each item and the zips on the front of the skirt add that little bit extra detailing to it, meaning It goes with the gold on my bag. Monochrome again is one of my favourite things at the minute and its everywhere I seem to shop, which is keeping me very happy :) I didn't put a necklace with this because I think it's at it's nicest when it's plain and nothing else is being added to it. 
The pointy toe and heel high of the shoes are perfect for me! I don't wear them enough so I'm trying to get them out every opportunity I can and I think they go with this outfit so perfectly rather than a pair of barely there's. Although I do think a pair of boots and a leather jacket would look fab with this- i just didn't have time to take a photo :(
If you want to grab this co-ord check out 5fashion.co.uk and get 10% discount by using the code mooney10 at the checkout! Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Co-ord- 5Fashion 
Shoes - Barratts 
Bag - Primark 


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Daytime Vs Nighttime..

Part of every girls daily routine is putting on her make up when she gets up in the morning. Some mornings you hate it and wish that extra 20 minutes could be spent in bed, and other mornings you love it, start experimenting with it and wish you had another 20 minutes- today is a "I could have spent this 20 mins in bed if I was a boy" kinda day!! But anyway, for day time use I use L'Oréal true match foundation (DW•W3 golden beige) with Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder (003 peach glow). I have been using this foundation for years, tried everything out there and I honestly feel this is the best one for day time wear, it's so light and silky when it goes onto your skin- there's nothing worse than feeling the heaviness of your make up! I literally only use a tiny drop of this and it does my whole face. It gives you great coverage without the heaviness and blends to your skin tone to match perfectly. Its great for holidays too because it's so light, just buy a lighter shade than usual. Again with the powder I have been using this one for years and like everyone else I know, so have they! It's great it does exactly what it says, giving you that matte look without it clogging up especially on your nose or top lip! 
Like most girls I know, we have day time and night time make up so if I was going out I would still use this foundation but I would apply Estée Lauder double wear (shade shelll beige 05) with it and put it on my cheek bones and hairline then blend in. It stays on all night and with the darker tones of the double wear it works with my tan and also I feel with the two different shades it makes the shape of my face look a lot slimmer than it actually is! 
Again for night time I would use a different powder (MAC mineralize skin finish in shade medium plus). I only discovered this one in June and I'm in love with it- the only bad part is it's a lot more expensive than the £3.99 Rimmel one! I had heard a couple of bad reviews on this one but decided to buy it and give it ago myself and I'm so glad I did! I feel this goes on your skin a lot easier and you don't need to use as much of it, it really does give you that flawless finish and it sets your foundation. You don't need to be fixing your make up every time you pop to the bathroom- just the lippy and a quick selfie of course! 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx


Monday, 22 September 2014

Beach scene..

On Saturday I went to downhill beach and it was absolutely beautiful, I couldn't believe how nice it actually was so I decided to take a few photos of my outfit while the scenery was so nice! My new shoes had finally arrived so I was soooo excited to get wearing them. These shoes are everywhere at the minute, every website I go onto they seem to have a version of them. The peep toe and the cut out at the back give them something different than your normal autumn boot I think that's why I love them so much- i can tell already I'm going to wear these allll the time! The heel is perfect for everyday wear, not to high and so easy to walk in!
The shirt is also one of my favourite new autumn pieces, you can never go wrong with an over sized shirt. Later on we went for dinner so I thought this was great for that, when you feel bloated no one can even see! I love the colours and print on it, again snake print is everywhere at the minute so I had to buy it! I wore it with my favourite black skinny jeans, these are actually from internationál but sadly it's closed down now. Black skinny jeans that fit you perfect are one of the hardest pieces in your wardrobe to find, so I think you just need to shop around until you find the perfect pair!
My leather jacket went perfectly with the outfit and worked so well with the shoes. A simple necklace (seem to be wearing this with everything atm) finished it off for me- as always! Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Necklace- New Look
Shirt- Vera Moda 
Jeans- Internationàl 
Jacket- Miss Selfridge 
Shoes- Miss Guided 


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Pretty in pink..

(OFFER- 10% discount)
This dress was first seen on Amanda Holden in a beige colour and since then everyone has been going crazy for it, no question as to why it's fab! (Of course I had to have it in the pink colour) The colours go together so well, the black waistband gives the feeling that your waist is smaller than it actually is.. I mean what girl wouldn't feel good wearing this? The white makes your tan look lovely while breaking the print up a little more. Pink is one of my favourite colours and it's still about coming into the autum season so even better! This dress is literally so easy and comfy to wear, you don't need to be watching what way you sit/stand or how uncomfortable you are all evening, just slip this on with pair of black barely there heels, a black clutch and a simple gold necklace to tie it all together and its all you need for a perfect Saturday night outfit! Even better you can now get 10% discount using the code MOONEY10 on 5fashion, get shopping girls. Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Necklace- New Look
Dress- 5Fashion
Shoes - Next 
Bag- Ted Baker 


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Checkered staple..

The title says it all really, a wardrobe staple! This shirt is so comfy to wear; either around your waist for a more casual look, on with a pair of tights and boots for abit more of a dresser look or even a pair of leggings and a vest if you just need to throw something on you quickly! Checked shirts have been about for ages and there's no chance of them leaving any time soon, they are everywhere at the moment- Especially in this black and white colour and red and black. I wore it in two different ways here, as I said around my waist for a more casual look and because of the good weather at the moment you could get away with wearing this look without tights, I added the red vans into it to brighten it up abit rather than just white converse. The body suit is so easy to wear and so comfy, it gives the look a little bit more of an edge by the back being cut out. The other look I went for was with a pair of boots and tights, I think this is so perfect for the autumn time because your not wanting to get the furry coats out just yet but the tights give it a cosy kind of feel! The shorts are again so comfy to wear and go really well with the shirt, the fringe on them gives the outfit another bit of an edge, I wouldn't usually wear a belt but I think the shorts need this belt to help tie it all together. And of course no look is complete without a statement necklace, this one was only £6 in Primark- couldn't pass it! Primark is so perfect at the minute and the prices are even better, means you can buy twice as much! Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Bodysuit- Miss Guided 
Necklace- Primark
Shorts- River Island 
Belt- River island 
Shirt- River Island 
Shoes- Vans 
Boots- JustFab


Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Ok so I noticed today my blog was officially a week old yesterday (yay!) and I also noticed, not once have I blogged about or even mentioned my bag- seeing as I am obsessedddd with it I wasn't impressed with myself at all so I had to post this immediately! I had wanted one since forever, and finally for my 21st birthday my wish was granted and I finally got my bayswater! (In the form of a birthday cake, the bag was then got
two weeks later!) Walking into House of Fraser I was so excited, It sounds silly but it was actually so surreal for me, getting to stand there and pick one from the four the lady had brought to me- they were all so beautiful. To this day I can still smell leather of it when I open it! Even the way she wrapped it in the paper bag was amazing, so much effort goes into it. To make it even better my best friend bought me my purse to match for my birthday, you can imagine my face when I seen the grey bag with the ribbon at the top- I started screaming! I had got the purse before the bag so I was jumping for joy at the fact I had got something Mulberry!
This bag literally goes with every single piece I have in my wardrobe, and I literally use it every single day without fail. 100% worth the money and I think every girl should have one in their lifetime, investment buy for sure- I will have this forever! 

Emma xx


Monday, 15 September 2014

Day to night..

This dress appeared on the river island website on the same day as payday-i had to buy it! As soon as I seen it I loved it and even more so when it arrived at my door, the print was even more lovely in real life. I have a habit of only wearing a dress once so that's why I loved this one so much because you can wear it on so many different occasions and make it look different every time, dressing it up for a night out or going casual for days shopping. I wear my bowler hat at any excuse possible and this for me goes perfect with the dress, along with the leather jacket and little ankle boots-and of course I had to get wearing poppy socks too! (Or tights if it's cold) So comfy to wear and you don't need to start with the struggle of taking your skinny jeans off in every single changing room. For a night out, because the dress has so much detailing on it already I didn't want to add a necklace or anything to take that away from it, just grab a pair of black heels (pointy toe of course!) and a clutch and your ready to go! It's ridiculously comfy to wear and you don't need to be fixing or pulling at your clothes all night-it's great! River island never let you down! Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Hat- Boohoo
Dress- River Island
Jacket- Miss Selfridge 
Shoes- JustFab
Socks- Topshop 

Heels- Barratts  
Bag- Ted Baker 


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Tropical Popsicle..

So on Wednesday my friend is leaving me to go to uni (sob :() so last night we all had one last night out together and seen as the weather is pretty good at the minute I thought I would make the most of it! This floral print bralet is so summery, pretty, and girly. I tried to make it as bright and as girly as I could and I think the bright pink and baby pink worked really well with it. I love this skirt- it fits like it was made for me, however I had to go a size down for it to fit right so maybe it wasn't made just for me! The baby pink shoes make the baby pink in the top stand out aswell. These are probably one of the comfiest pairs of shoes I own, the heel on them makes them the perfect height for me and the strap on the front gives them a little more detail than normal barely there's.-Next is like shoe heaven at the minute so deffo give them a search if your looking for some shoes! 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Bralet- Topshop
Necklace- New Look
Skirt- River Island 
Shoes- Next 


Friday, 12 September 2014

Tan time...

I don't know about anyone else but having a perfect tan is up there with the best feelings ever! This tan is a-maz-inggg! I discovered it about 5 months ago by complete accident one day in my chemist, I was looking for a tan and this one was new in and the girl behind the counter recommended it to me so I thought I might aswell give it a go. I am SO glad she did as I honestly feel it's the best tan about at the minute and the best I've ever tried. It's a spray on liquid type, you literally spray it onto your skin and use a tanning mitt to rub it in, let it sit for around 2-3 hours then wash off again and your ready to go. (I usually tan at night before bed then have a full 7/8/9 hours of it developing then wash it off in the morning) The colour you get from it is amazing and there is never any streaks or darker spots around your body- neck or underarms esp. I get about 3 full body tans out of this bottle and it gets even better as it's only £10! I would deffo recommend anyone to use this! Happy tanning :) 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

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