Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Ok so I noticed today my blog was officially a week old yesterday (yay!) and I also noticed, not once have I blogged about or even mentioned my bag- seeing as I am obsessedddd with it I wasn't impressed with myself at all so I had to post this immediately! I had wanted one since forever, and finally for my 21st birthday my wish was granted and I finally got my bayswater! (In the form of a birthday cake, the bag was then got
two weeks later!) Walking into House of Fraser I was so excited, It sounds silly but it was actually so surreal for me, getting to stand there and pick one from the four the lady had brought to me- they were all so beautiful. To this day I can still smell leather of it when I open it! Even the way she wrapped it in the paper bag was amazing, so much effort goes into it. To make it even better my best friend bought me my purse to match for my birthday, you can imagine my face when I seen the grey bag with the ribbon at the top- I started screaming! I had got the purse before the bag so I was jumping for joy at the fact I had got something Mulberry!
This bag literally goes with every single piece I have in my wardrobe, and I literally use it every single day without fail. 100% worth the money and I think every girl should have one in their lifetime, investment buy for sure- I will have this forever! 

Emma xx


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