Thursday, 18 September 2014

Checkered staple..

The title says it all really, a wardrobe staple! This shirt is so comfy to wear; either around your waist for a more casual look, on with a pair of tights and boots for abit more of a dresser look or even a pair of leggings and a vest if you just need to throw something on you quickly! Checked shirts have been about for ages and there's no chance of them leaving any time soon, they are everywhere at the moment- Especially in this black and white colour and red and black. I wore it in two different ways here, as I said around my waist for a more casual look and because of the good weather at the moment you could get away with wearing this look without tights, I added the red vans into it to brighten it up abit rather than just white converse. The body suit is so easy to wear and so comfy, it gives the look a little bit more of an edge by the back being cut out. The other look I went for was with a pair of boots and tights, I think this is so perfect for the autumn time because your not wanting to get the furry coats out just yet but the tights give it a cosy kind of feel! The shorts are again so comfy to wear and go really well with the shirt, the fringe on them gives the outfit another bit of an edge, I wouldn't usually wear a belt but I think the shorts need this belt to help tie it all together. And of course no look is complete without a statement necklace, this one was only £6 in Primark- couldn't pass it! Primark is so perfect at the minute and the prices are even better, means you can buy twice as much! Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Bodysuit- Miss Guided 
Necklace- Primark
Shorts- River Island 
Belt- River island 
Shirt- River Island 
Shoes- Vans 
Boots- JustFab


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