Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Daytime Vs Nighttime..

Part of every girls daily routine is putting on her make up when she gets up in the morning. Some mornings you hate it and wish that extra 20 minutes could be spent in bed, and other mornings you love it, start experimenting with it and wish you had another 20 minutes- today is a "I could have spent this 20 mins in bed if I was a boy" kinda day!! But anyway, for day time use I use L'Oréal true match foundation (DW•W3 golden beige) with Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder (003 peach glow). I have been using this foundation for years, tried everything out there and I honestly feel this is the best one for day time wear, it's so light and silky when it goes onto your skin- there's nothing worse than feeling the heaviness of your make up! I literally only use a tiny drop of this and it does my whole face. It gives you great coverage without the heaviness and blends to your skin tone to match perfectly. Its great for holidays too because it's so light, just buy a lighter shade than usual. Again with the powder I have been using this one for years and like everyone else I know, so have they! It's great it does exactly what it says, giving you that matte look without it clogging up especially on your nose or top lip! 
Like most girls I know, we have day time and night time make up so if I was going out I would still use this foundation but I would apply Estée Lauder double wear (shade shelll beige 05) with it and put it on my cheek bones and hairline then blend in. It stays on all night and with the darker tones of the double wear it works with my tan and also I feel with the two different shades it makes the shape of my face look a lot slimmer than it actually is! 
Again for night time I would use a different powder (MAC mineralize skin finish in shade medium plus). I only discovered this one in June and I'm in love with it- the only bad part is it's a lot more expensive than the £3.99 Rimmel one! I had heard a couple of bad reviews on this one but decided to buy it and give it ago myself and I'm so glad I did! I feel this goes on your skin a lot easier and you don't need to use as much of it, it really does give you that flawless finish and it sets your foundation. You don't need to be fixing your make up every time you pop to the bathroom- just the lippy and a quick selfie of course! 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx


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