Sunday, 28 September 2014

Forest walks..

I have been so busy the past few days i literally haven't had time to update the blog, but i was off yesterday- yayy! So i went to the forest and managed to take a few photos on an amazing camera! (thanks to my friend Aisha) i really need to buy myself one of these as they are a-mazz-ing!
Anyway onto the clothes; this jumper is fab! I bought this about 6 weeks ago on a complete impulse buy, i was shopping and hadn't bought anything yet and felt i needed to (as everyone does!) so i seen this beauty, so glad i lifted it as i love it so much. Its white, long sleeved, quilted and ridiculously comfy what could i not love about it. I have dressed this up before and wore it with a beaut necklace and darker jeans for going out for a few drinks but i think it works so well dressed casual too. Anytime i get the chance i wear Tartan. I love it so much no matter what colour it comes in but red is my fav, so i had to pair it with this! I usually get dressed up on my days off because i don't usually get many, but today i wanted to be comfy and ditch the heels- and for me this is perfect. My favourite tartan scarf (which is actually from topman haha) my trusted leather jacket, comfy red vans and favourite jeans. For a lovely walk especially in the autumn time and right at the moment when the weather is so good you don't need a heavy coat. The vans give it the pop of red at the end of the outfit  along with the lipstick to tie it altogether. I also love it with little black ankle boots too if you were going shopping or to the cinema! 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Jumper- Only
Jacket- Miss Selfridge
Scarf- Topman
Jeans- Vera Moda
Shoes- Vans


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