Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Mellow yellow..

I was told by a photographer that I needed to travel further afield than my back garden for photos so I hope these and my future ones are a lot better. I'll start with the shoes. I was going to a wedding in March and needed a pair of shoes- I searched everywhere in the shopping centre and Next was last on my list. These little bad boys were sitting, and I had to have them. Not for the wedding, just to have- you can never have too many shoes! The colour, the style, the heel, I loved everything about them. They are deffo one of my top 5 favourite shoes, but they are also the most uncomfortable ones. 
Grey is such a big colour at the moment, it adds a different kind of feel to an outfit rather than just a pair of regular denim ones, a little bit more edgy but still classy at the same time.  Of course these jeans are from Vera Moda, my absolute fav place for jeans. So so comfy, adapt to your body so they fit just right and when they are washed over and over again they still go back to their original shape.  If you're searching for jeans I would highly recommend trying Vero Moda, their online store is great at the moment! 
My cardigan is also becoming a favourite of mine, the colour is so me! I knew as soon as I seen it I would match it with my shoes, they go so perfectly together. Batwing sleeves are also making a comeback this season I think and this cardigan pulls it off so well. The longness at the back gives it that casual look but pop a pair of heels on, and of course the trusted Bayswater, and it takes the casualness away instantly! 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Cardigan- River Island 
Top- Vera Moda 
Jeans- Vera Moda 
Shoes- Next 
Bag- Mulberry


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