Wednesday, 24 September 2014


A monochrome co-ord.. What could be more perfect than this?! I love love love it! 
This little beauty is from 5fashion- I am obsessed with them at the minute everything seems so be so spot on! I know I say this a lot but this the most comfiest co-ord ever, it feels like something you would wear about the house, not a boxy thing that you can hardly walk in which most co-ords are. Comfort and quality in clothes is a big part in what makes me buy something (nothing worse than wearing something and then when it is washed it's never the same because of the poor quality) and this set has both, along with it being ridiculous fabulous! 
I love co-ords, I think they are the easiest most effortless thing to wear but yet at the same time look great! The gold zip down the back of each item and the zips on the front of the skirt add that little bit extra detailing to it, meaning It goes with the gold on my bag. Monochrome again is one of my favourite things at the minute and its everywhere I seem to shop, which is keeping me very happy :) I didn't put a necklace with this because I think it's at it's nicest when it's plain and nothing else is being added to it. 
The pointy toe and heel high of the shoes are perfect for me! I don't wear them enough so I'm trying to get them out every opportunity I can and I think they go with this outfit so perfectly rather than a pair of barely there's. Although I do think a pair of boots and a leather jacket would look fab with this- i just didn't have time to take a photo :(
If you want to grab this co-ord check out and get 10% discount by using the code mooney10 at the checkout! Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Co-ord- 5Fashion 
Shoes - Barratts 
Bag - Primark 


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