Thursday, 11 September 2014

Running late..

Emma do you want to go for lunch? EHH YESS!! (Quickly run upstairs and get dressed before they change their minds!) I think this outfit is perfect for going for lunch with your mum or friends for a quick gossip session. These jeans are my absolute favourite at the minute, they are so comfy to wear and the colour of the denim seems to suit everything I put them on with, I'm not really a fan of low cut jeans and these fit like a glove- the length, the fit, the style.. I adore them! This tshirt is so versatile, it can be dressed up or dressed down and the colour is so spot on, again this one was a little bargain I picked up (£11 in Vera moda) I had to get one in a couple of colours, so handy to have! This necklace I got in July but I love all the colours in it, pastel colours were my fav in the summer and I'm trying my hardest to keep hold of them!  A necklace really does change an outfit so is it any wonder we are all obsessed with them! The bag matches this outfit so well with the colours that are in it, it gives it that little feeling of being more dressed up than you actually are because it's just so beautiful. It was £80 which I think is a lot for a clutch bag but I've used it so many times so I've certainly got my money's worth from it- a investment buy I suppose!! Again no excuse needed for a new pair of shoes but these ones were £9 in Primark- literally what can you buy for £9 these days! No questions needed when I seen these, they were coming with me; Nude, pointy toe, perfect size heel, £9?! These were made for me!! 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

    Top- Vera Moda 
    Jeans- Vera Moda 
    Necklace- Topshop
    Shoes- Primark
    Bag-  Ted Baker 

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