Thursday, 30 October 2014

Lace, Leather and Autumn weather..

This skirt was calling my name, screaming out to me, saying, "buy me!" It is perfect. Although this was a 'going out' outfit, there are so many different ways to style this for going out. I had a variety of tops, tshirts and shirts to choose from, but seeing as grey is such a big colour at the moment, likewise with burgundy (my fav), this one was a no brainer - I had to team them up together. 
The skirt is the perfect length for me to be wearing with a bralet- I like to wear something slightly longer when my stomach will be on show. (Can't have tummy, legs and boobs all on show now- Ha!)
I actually got this skirt around the end of September, but I just hadn't got the chance to wear it yet. This will probably appear quite a lot on my Instagram and blog posts from now on, as I can tell I will be wearing it on more than one occasion! 
The bralet is so delicate and girly with the lace detailing, but you just know you could vary it up and create a more 'edgy' look with the right items. I think my favourite part of this bralet is the thin straps, even though they are so tiny, I think they add so much to it- they work so well with the lace, emphasising how delicate the bralet is.
The shoes and bag, for any outfit, finish it off, it's like the full stop at the end of a sentence. Except these shoes are like the exclamation mark at the end, so fabulous! 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Top - Topshop
Skirt- River Island 
Shoes - Public Desire 
Bag- Primark (years ago)


Monday, 27 October 2014

In with the old..

For this look I thought I would try something different than my previous posts. In most of my posts I have been wearing something brand new or relatively new- so this time I thought I would wear something I have had for a while to show that you don't always have to wear something brand new to look good!
This skirt is from December last year, and the top from spring/summer. (And at the moment topshop currently have this same skirt in store now!)
The skirt is honestly one of my favourite pieces I have in my wardrobe, it's leopard print, Aline shape and it's furry!! 
I choose to put a colour with it rather than something black this time, and of course being me it had to be pastel! This top I have worn so many times over the summer with jeans and shorts so I thought it was about time I paired it with a skirt. I had seen Alexa Chung in this skirt not that long ago and she teamed it up with a yellow knitted jumper so I took some inspo from that also! 
My necklace is from InternationĂ l years ago and I think the style of it goes really well with the outfit- boots in particular. You don't need to be dressed head to toe in something new all the time to keep 'up to date'- and out of all my new outfits I have bought recently I honestly love this one the most!
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Top- New Look
Skirt- River Island 
Shoes- JustFab
Necklace- InternationĂ l 


Friday, 24 October 2014

"It's so fluffy"..

Walking into Primark and I seen this straight infront of me, I nearly died (not literally, but you catch my drift.) I was so excited that my store had this, I had seen it on the Instagram page, but in a different colour and usually we wouldn't get anything you would see people online tagged in. So I was so excited when I seen this sitting, they didn't have my size in the top, but I wasn't giving up. I probably would have went a size up anyway to make it a bit cosier and for length on my arms, but I had to go up two sizes because they didn't have the next size either! (And i think it actually looks ok for being two sizes bigger? Ha!) 
As everyone has seen, co-ords were massive this season and even coming into the winter, they are still as big as ever, in the form of something like these. Longer sleeved fluffy ones :) I am obsessed with anything monochrome at the minute and anything I can get my hands on that's cosy and fluffy as it's so cold outside, so this one is perfection for me. I think I love co-ords so much because they go together so well (obviously) but you get 3/4 outfits out of it too. This top would perfect with a pair of jeans and converse for running to the shop, or just throwing on for the day, but it's actually so lovely with a black leather skirt too! The skirt with a black polo neck and statement necklace or with a black cami and heels for a night out? So many different options with this set- it's great! 
For this look though I just choose to keep them together and add a pair of western styled boots and tights with them- and I feel as cosy as it looks :)
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Top & Skirt- Primark 
Boots- JustFab

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Almost a month ago I received this beautiful top as part of a co-ord from 5Fashion, and it only dawned on me that I have only worn it once, so I'm going to start wearing it in as many different ways as possible - showing that it doesn't have to be a one outfit kind of top/skirt. 
This being the first, teaming it up with no other than a pair of trusted black skinny jeans- comfortable and a timeless classic. Instead of having a pair of black heels or black boots and a leather jacket, I went for my new obsession, my fluffy burgundy heels and clutch.

For me, this bit of added colour makes it that little bit more dressy, perfect for cocktails with the girls! 
From a distance, the top looks like a normal black and white print, but when you get close enough, you can see the detailing print on the top which makes it even prettier, matching the gold zip down the back, to the gold buttons on my jeans, the buckle on the shoe and even my jewellery- making it all tie in together nicely, with of course, some added lippy in the same colour :) (don't forget, if you want this top or any other items on use the code mooney10 for 10% discount)
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Top- 5Fashion
Jeans - Vera Moda 
Shoes- Public Desire 
Bag- Primark

Monday, 20 October 2014


I had an outfit planned for the event, but when I tried it on, it didn't seem right for the night, so off I trotted to River Island. No matter if I have weeks in advance to plan or a couple of hours, I know they can always sort me out. I really wanted to wear my beautiful new shoes from Public Desire, so I needed something to compliment them. Another thing I love about River Island - it's always in colour coordinated sections, which for me, being as OCD as I am, I LOVE!
As soon as is walked in, I spotted this blouse sitting amongst other burgundy coloured items and knew straight away it was perfect- with Khaki and burgundy being huge colours this autumn. I knew I had my River Island black skinny jeans in the house, along with my new hat in the same colour, so it would all tie together - I just needed to find a coat and bag to finish it off. Making my way to the changing rooms, there was the most beautiful coat, I lifted it up only to see if had a sale ticket on it. £85 reduced to £40; sucker for a bargin and needless to say no questions or quams were made about this- it was mine! All I needed was a bag, I usually take my Mulberry with me everywhere, although this time it didn't go with the outfit at all, so I was on the hunt again- but again, not for too long. The last one of this 'new in' slouch bag in the same khaki green colour- I swear it's like the shop knows I'm coming and has everything I want there! 

That was me all sorted, so I made my way to Belfast with my friend to a sold out showing of AW14 by Excel Clothing. I had never been to BFW before so I was SO looking forward to it, and it didn't disappoint. Walking in to the cool new venue, we were greated by photographers, camera crews, hostesses and enough West Coast Coolers to probably get you to the West Coast and back! 

We had our photo taken by a lovely photographer for the Ulster Tatler which was great, but then a lady approached me with a video camera and asked me to do interview of what I was wearing as she called me a 'style steal'. I had never had an interview before so I was so nervous-even though it only lasted a short time. I really did love my last minute outfit and was so complimented someone else did too. 

We made our way to our seats and the catwalk started, showcasing AW14 from brands such as: Ted Baker, Millie Mackintosh, Hugo Boss and lots more. So many beautiful pieces I seen on the runway that I only wished I had, and I was so glad to see my favourites pastels and monochrome staying in amongst them. One of my favourite looks was from Maison scotch, kind of combined the two together- a match made in heaven in my eyes! 

And another was the Millie Mackintosh collection, which I thought was priced really well. (So I will maybe have to treat myself!) There was a dress shown on the catwalk with bare legs, and then a lady sitting infront of me had worn it with tights, so it was great to see how well it looked both ways and that other people not just the stunning models looked good in it!

All in all, myself and my friend had a brilliant night and I cannot wait to see the SS15 collections. Thanks for reading, love Emma xx


Coat- River Island 

Top- River Island 

Bag- River Island 

Jeans- River Island 

Shoes - Public Desire


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

On the town..

So if you follow me on my social accounts, you will have noticed it was my little sister's birthday at the weekend and we all headed out. So many people have asked me about the outfit that I wore, which I found really strange because it was one of those outfits I wasn't too sure on- I mean I liked it, but wasn't sure it was right for the night. I had a couple to choose between, and ended up with this one, so for people to compliment me on it was just so lovely! 
The bralet is a little number from topshop in the summer, and from all the bralets and crop tops I have worn over my time, this is most definitely the most comfortable and best fitting. You don't need to worry about the straps falling down, it creeping up on you or having to see your little friends pop out- but yet at the same time gives you great support and for someone who wasn't well blessed in that department I think it gives the illusion I kind of was?! Haha 
The skirt was one of those items you see in the window when your walking by, shopping for something totally different but just HAVE to go in and get. Burgundy is one of my all time favourite colours and when I seen this, I had to get it as I knew how much wear I would get from it, from nights out, to a cute cardigan and pair of tights in the winter. And you know me, love a bargain and this one was £12 so how could I not buy this? 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Top- Topshop
Skirt- Exhibit


Monday, 13 October 2014

Neutral layers..

If you haven't seen someone wear a Cocoon coat then you must be living under a rock, they are EVERYWHERE! Is it any wonder though? Look at how amazing they are, they can dress up or dress down any outfit you have. Not to mention how cosy they are; I look like I'm being hugged by a teddy bear (in a good way of course.) This one is from Missguided and it comes in a variety of different shades, including pastels, which I am in LOVE with. But I thought this camel colour would go perfect with my new shoes (also Missguided) and pretty much everything else in my wardrobe? It has pockets as well, which is a massive plus for me, some coats have "fake" pockets and it really frustrates me for some reason. So when it gets colder you can keep your paws warm too! I haven't stopped wearing this coat since I got it and I don't think I will for a while - I'm so glad I bought it. 
I teamed it up with a pair of skinnies, a simple tee, my scarf and shoes- trying to bring different shades of beige/browns together. This is perfect for going for coffee on an autumn morning! :) 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Coat - MissGuided
Tee- Vera Moda 
Scarf - Mulberry 
Jeans- Vera Moda 
Shoes - MissGuided 
Bag- Mulberry

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