Wednesday, 15 October 2014

On the town..

So if you follow me on my social accounts, you will have noticed it was my little sister's birthday at the weekend and we all headed out. So many people have asked me about the outfit that I wore, which I found really strange because it was one of those outfits I wasn't too sure on- I mean I liked it, but wasn't sure it was right for the night. I had a couple to choose between, and ended up with this one, so for people to compliment me on it was just so lovely! 
The bralet is a little number from topshop in the summer, and from all the bralets and crop tops I have worn over my time, this is most definitely the most comfortable and best fitting. You don't need to worry about the straps falling down, it creeping up on you or having to see your little friends pop out- but yet at the same time gives you great support and for someone who wasn't well blessed in that department I think it gives the illusion I kind of was?! Haha 
The skirt was one of those items you see in the window when your walking by, shopping for something totally different but just HAVE to go in and get. Burgundy is one of my all time favourite colours and when I seen this, I had to get it as I knew how much wear I would get from it, from nights out, to a cute cardigan and pair of tights in the winter. And you know me, love a bargain and this one was £12 so how could I not buy this? 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Top- Topshop
Skirt- Exhibit


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