Friday, 24 October 2014

"It's so fluffy"..

Walking into Primark and I seen this straight infront of me, I nearly died (not literally, but you catch my drift.) I was so excited that my store had this, I had seen it on the Instagram page, but in a different colour and usually we wouldn't get anything you would see people online tagged in. So I was so excited when I seen this sitting, they didn't have my size in the top, but I wasn't giving up. I probably would have went a size up anyway to make it a bit cosier and for length on my arms, but I had to go up two sizes because they didn't have the next size either! (And i think it actually looks ok for being two sizes bigger? Ha!) 
As everyone has seen, co-ords were massive this season and even coming into the winter, they are still as big as ever, in the form of something like these. Longer sleeved fluffy ones :) I am obsessed with anything monochrome at the minute and anything I can get my hands on that's cosy and fluffy as it's so cold outside, so this one is perfection for me. I think I love co-ords so much because they go together so well (obviously) but you get 3/4 outfits out of it too. This top would perfect with a pair of jeans and converse for running to the shop, or just throwing on for the day, but it's actually so lovely with a black leather skirt too! The skirt with a black polo neck and statement necklace or with a black cami and heels for a night out? So many different options with this set- it's great! 
For this look though I just choose to keep them together and add a pair of western styled boots and tights with them- and I feel as cosy as it looks :)
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Top & Skirt- Primark 
Boots- JustFab

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