Saturday, 15 November 2014

Pastel Pink..

Cowl neck knitwear seems to be in every shop I step into, or on every Instagram post I see lately! But is it any wonder? They are so fab! Perfect for this time of year, especially this piece I think, comfortable, cosy, but not too heavy and such a great colour! It's so light to wear, so it doesn't weigh you down, but still keeps you warm, and the best part is it doesn't itch! Nothing is worse than a piece of clothing that you love- but once you put it on you have to take it off again straight away! It is quite sheer, so I put a little white vest underneath it :) 
I have seen these clutch bags about for a while now, but I hadn't seen one that I truly loved, that I could get my hands on, so when I spied this beauty I simply couldn't go past it- I knew it would work perfectly with this outfit! 
The trousers are also super comfortable, surprisingly, as any other similar pair I've tried on has always felt restricting in one way or another, especially at the ankles. I think the little cut out at the ankle helps prevent this. The pattern is what I first noticed, pastel colours are my favourite, as you know, and blue is one of the most popular colours this season- the pinks and nudes within the trousers mean they will carry into spring, which is even better so I can wear them with a cami when it gets slightly warmer! 
Instead of teaming this up with a smart shirt or the usual cami and blazer, I thought this jumper went so well with it- something different which suits this time of year. The shoes don't need a reason to come out, they are amazing on their own, but with this outfit I thought they were fab. To add the full stop to the end of this outfit, my nails complemented it perfectly, I cannot wait to head out for dinner wearing this! 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Jumper- River Island 
White vest- River Island 
Trousers- River island 
Shoes- Next 
Bag- Miss Selfridge
Nails - The Beauty Room Ballycastle 


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