Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas jumpers..

This past while I haven't blogged anything, I've been so busy with trying to close and organise the shop, and then get started into another job straight away - and with the weather being so horrible, I haven't had a chance to blog. Today was my day off and I tried to get out to get a few pics taken, but the weather chose otherwise today! So I thought I'd do a post about none other than Christmas jumpers! Everyone eventually gives in and gets one for the festive time, most of them used to be silly, but nowadays the majority of them are actually quite pretty. I own three jumpers, which I got last year, but we are going to the Christmas market this weekend and we all pull out the famous Xmas jumpers- so here's a few of my fav picks that'll I'll be picking through to purchase! Hopefully the weather picks up and it won't be as long until my next post! Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

River Island-£30. This is very fitted when on and almost like a cropped jumper, the material is very soft but very thin. This one is for someone who wants to cause abit of a stir by 'not' wearing a Christmas jumper!

River Island-£35. This is my fav out of the river island ones, the fit is what you expect from a Christmas jumper, it's cosy, not itchy, not to in your face and i love the colour! 

River Island-£35. This is very over sized, shorter at the front and longer at the back- keep everyone guessing if you've been naughty or nice with this cute slogan- this one is perfect for a very girly girl I think. 

New Look-£19.99. Who doesn't love penguins? This is a very low key Christmas jumper, very cute i think tho and could wear it all year round aswell. 

New Look-£17.(sale). This one is adorable, first word that popped into my head when I seen it. I love the colour and the fit of it. Very flattering when on if your not the type to be wearing a big baggy jumper 

New look-£25. This is your typical stand out look at me I'm wear it my Christmas jumper- I love these kind of ones! The sillier the better I reckon, especially if your with a load of people having a work day out or just a fun day out. This comes in a few different colours aswell.

Inthestyle- £15.99. Anyone who loves frozen knows this line is everywhere this Christmas, with frozen items flying off the shelves quicker than they are put out this ones going to be no different- frozen fans act quick! 

Boohoo-£15. Who doesn't love a selfie? Or an elfie? This funny jumper is perfect for those who just love to take some selfies! It comes in a couple of different colours aswell. 

Topshop-£32. I love a jumper that has a good saying on it, short and sweet tho-and this one has nailed it and it's in my perfect colour too. I saved the best to last, think this is the one?! 

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