Tuesday, 27 January 2015

New York buys..

Okay, I probably should have Googled what this top meant before buying it! But I didn't really care as I loved the fit and shape when it was on! (By the way it means naive in French- sooo not me!) 
This one is from one of my new favourite shops which I decided to raid when I was holidays in New York- Forever 21. To me, it's like a mixture of River Island & Topshop, but it has a little bit of H&M and Urban Outfitters in there too haha.  There were four floors in this place; me and Jonny easily spent a good couple of hours in here (every other day lol). 
I got lots of stuff, but I decided to wear this today, as I was going for lunch to have a catch up- any excuse for lunch really! So I went with this, a pair of denim jeans (as I was stuck in a black mood for a while) and to pull my hair up- some days it's the easiest option! 
The jeans are from Hollister and are like a second skin, I would usually never go for a low rise fit in jeans, but these are great! The long leg fits me great, which is sometimes very hard to get, and the colour suits me so well too. They still don't over take my Vera moda jeans as my favourite, but they aren't far off, I love them. As usual my River Island black boots aren't off my feet, and my new bag isn't far behind! I added the bright pink lipgloss to add a pop of colour rather than my usual nude lips. After eating my lunch, the lipstick was still on- this never happens to me! Amazingggg :) 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Top- Forever21
Jeans- Hollister 
Shoes- River Island 
Bag- Coach 
Lipgloss- NYX in Shocking Pink


Monday, 26 January 2015



I saw this jumper when I was working in River Island over the Christmas period and fell in love with it- mainly because I was born in this year and found it hilarious! (Easily amused) Santa brought me this and I was so excited when I saw it sitting, but when I put it on, I actually loved it rather than just finding it funny! 
I went up a size in this to give a little bit more comfort and because it's the type of material that when it's washed, it shrinks a little bit when you first put it on. It goes with a lot of things, which surprised me because I thought it would only go with a select few, but nope, it's a good all rounder :) 
I wore it a couple of times, like here with jeans and my denim collar to dress it down for during the day - but I've also wore it with a black skirt, and it gives it a slightly different look, rather than with the denim or back coloured jeans! 
Also the collars I've been wearing for the past few months are honestly one of the best pieces of clothing you can have in your wardrobe! They are so handy to have, they change any outfit instantly- great if you don't want to bulk an outfit out by wearing a complete shirt underneath it! The only place I've seen them has been in River Island and any time they would have came in, they were selling out straight away- and even better they are only £10! Complete bargain :) 
My hat is another of my new favourites, I would never have worn a beanie hat, but I found this one too adorable not to buy it, although it's hard to keep clean, it doesn't itch you and for me the Pom Pom at the top just tops it off. Ps. the lipstick is the NYX one I was talking about- keeps it colour all day! :)
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Hat- Next 
Denim collar- River Island 
Jumper- River Island
Coat- Marks and Spencer 
Jeans- Vera Moda 
Shoes- River Island 
Bag- Coach


Monday, 19 January 2015

New York City..


Greetings from NYC!! :) 

I got this skirt about three months ago, but I could never find anything I thought was nice enough or something I loved as much the skirt itself. So que Christmas and Santa came up trumps (as usual) and brings met this top and necklace to go with my beautiful skirt! 
It was exactly what I was looking for, casual, girly and cute- but not OTT. Santa and H&M to the rescue! 
I love all the different nude shades coming together and then the little hint of orange in the necklace. I knew I was going to keep this for cocktails in New York. This skirt, infact the whole outfit was perfect for me- I didn't have to pull or fix at anything all night and the pockets were so handy for poping my lipstick into! 
I felt so like Carrie Bradshaw in this outfit, I loved it- and if you didn't notice by my constant Instagram posts I am in complete love with NYC too! 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx 

Top- H&M 
Necklace- H&M
Skirt- H&M 
Shoes- Primark 

Monday, 12 January 2015

Pink lady..

First of all, it has stopped raining, yay! And second of all, the sun came out today, yayyy! 
I got this beautiful colour block tunic dress at Christmas, and was trying to save it for going away, but today I couldn't leave it hanging any longer - I had to put it on. There are so many different colours in this dress, so you could wear it in a lot of different ways, and make it different every time. Leather jacket, scarf, and a bowler hat to give it an edgy look; a long, warm, winter coat with hat and knee boots; or with bare legs and heels for a night out. 
I chose to wear it with this pink girly coat to make the baby pink stripe more noticeable. The dress is really comfortable because of the shape of it, and anything with pockets is a winner for me! 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Dress- Topshop 
Coat- Dorothy Perkins 
Boots- River Island


Sunday, 11 January 2015

As snug as a bug..

The title of this post couldn't be more true; this coat is so warm and cosy- it's like a sleeping bag!
Last night and today have been so awful outside, I shouldn't have really left the house, but I needed to get a few things, so I had to drag myself out of my electric blanket heated bed and head on into town! What better way to stay warm though with this gorgeous fitted coat. 
This one is from Mark's and Spencer's and I kid you not when I say it's like a sleeping bag! You could wear nothing underneath and still be warm haha (not advisable! ;))
I needed a new coat for New York that was actually warm, rather than just looking nice, I tried a few different ones on and this one came up best for me. Two things I wanted was it had to be black (because it goes with everything) and it needed to be long. The length was a big part for me, because I'm so tall I wanted something that came to around my knee rather than stopping just after my bum! Another thing I wanted was I didn't want to look like penguin either, some coats are so heavy and out of shape that they don't flatter you at all- the belt on this one helps that so much I think, making it look like you still have a shape underneath all the layers you're wearing! I love the fur lining of the coat it makes it more cosy looking, but the fur on the hood is detachable, so some days when you're wearing a hat that doesn't match the fur, just take it off!
The fleecy inside, fleecy lined pockets and hood keep you super warm, along with the millions of duck and down feathers it's made of- oh and it's waterproof!! :) I really couldn't love this coat anymore- If anyone else wants to be snug as a bug definitely try out this coat, there's a few different colours, so if you aren't a black kinda girl you'll still find one you like.
Ps it was so bad outside I couldn't get photos took, but I'm wearing the same size as the model and I am 2inchs smaller than her too! 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx



Tuesday, 6 January 2015

January sales..

I said to myself I wasn't going to buy anything in the sales, safe to say that didn't happen! As soon as I see something I like, its hard for me not to buy it, but when it's got a red ticket on the side and it's 50% off, it's impossible for me to walk on! Everyone loves a bargain! 
Most of my items are from River Island, the sale is always fabulous- As always, I try to justify the things I bought by how much I need them, and the- "come on, for a tenner?" Is always the first thing that comes into my mind! This time it was mainly, "OHH that'll be so nice in NYC" even if I knew deep down it wouldn't even make it into my suitcase haha here's a few of my favourite sale buys..

These over size jumpers are super comfy, but with a collar or shirt under it they can be dressed up! Also the slogan on it sums me up pretty well!! £12- River Island. 

I love the print of these shorts, so many different colours on them, with an orange blouse it really makes it stand out. But I think these would be fab with a black polo neck, statement necklace and comfy wooly tights for a more casual look. £10- River Island. 

Cami tops are one of my favourite things in my wardrobe- they go with everything and can be casual or dressed up. I have them in every colour now I've picked this one up! £7- River Island. 

I wasn't too sure of this dress when I seen it but it's stunning on, I couldn't believe it went down that much. I have a few weddings this year and think this will be lovely for one of them! £15- River Island. 

These boots were sitting for a while before I finally gave in and got them! Black boots go with everything and surprisingly for the height of them they are comfy, even went shopping in them! £25- River Island. 

Black skinny jeans in long lenght, no questions about these- you always need black skinny jeans! £20- River Island. 

I have wanted these from the moment they came out, but could never get my hands on a pair in my size they were always sold out. So when I seen these sitting I literally grabbed them like something from confessions of a shopaholic!! £35- Topshop. 

I was actually working when I spotted this, it had a sale ticket on it for £15 but I wanted to scan it to see when it was from. It came up AW14 and it was down to £5- I couldn't wait to finish my shift to buy this! I love skirts like these I think they are so cute and girly, the print on this one is so vintage looking and it's velvet- even better! 

So much for not buying anything in the sales, heh? I have actually bought a few more items- skirt, hats and gloves and Jonny a few jumpers for New York! I really am a sucker for a sale ticket haha thanks for reading, love Emma xx


Monday, 5 January 2015

Monday blues no more..

I am finally on my holidays- three weeks of doing whatever I want, total bliss! (With the little trip to New York in there too!) When I was working over the Christmas period, I would be working early in the morning til the late afternoon, so when I was travelling to work it was dark and when I was coming home it was dark- and with it being Christmas, I was actually super busy so I didn't have any time off to blog! But my first day of holidays started today and I got straight back into it :) 
How could I have the Monday blues when wearing this? It's impossible! As everyone knows, I'm a sucker for anything fur, when I seen this, it was love! Everyone I showed it to hated it or thought it was too much, but I think you can never have enough fur! Especially in this beautiful pale blue colour, it will last a lifetime! 
You can never go wrong with a pair of black skinnies or black block heel boots either can you? These were both on sale so I had to snap them up (I'll do a post on all my sale purchases tomorrow!) I was going to team this all up with a black polo neck but I thought the grey suited the pale blue more, adding a bit more colour so it wasn't all black- and it's still freezing outside so the extra wool helped! This is definitely going to be in my suitcase for New York next week, but I'll maybe team it up with something else- that means more shopping! :) 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Gilet- River Island 
Jumper- New Look
Jeans- River Island 
Boots- River Island

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