Monday, 12 January 2015

Pink lady..

First of all, it has stopped raining, yay! And second of all, the sun came out today, yayyy! 
I got this beautiful colour block tunic dress at Christmas, and was trying to save it for going away, but today I couldn't leave it hanging any longer - I had to put it on. There are so many different colours in this dress, so you could wear it in a lot of different ways, and make it different every time. Leather jacket, scarf, and a bowler hat to give it an edgy look; a long, warm, winter coat with hat and knee boots; or with bare legs and heels for a night out. 
I chose to wear it with this pink girly coat to make the baby pink stripe more noticeable. The dress is really comfortable because of the shape of it, and anything with pockets is a winner for me! 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Dress- Topshop 
Coat- Dorothy Perkins 
Boots- River Island


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