Friday, 27 March 2015

Granny style..

For anyone who knows me or follows me, you will know I love this style of skirt, usually not just as long as this one, but similar- I've worn so many over the past while; out to dinner, cocktails and even on nights out - I love them! I think they are so flattering and girly.
This one is no exception; the colour and the way the pleats fall into it are amazing, but what makes this even more amazing is that it is my Granny's skirt- she wore it to my mother's wedding 25 years ago! I couldn't believe it when she took it from her wardrobe last week and gave it to me, she said that would just suit our Emma the best! And you know what, Granny, it does, vintage styling at it's best! And even sweeter than it being my granny's, or her passing it down to me- she was such a fashionista!! 
My lovely friend recently bought me this necklace and the colours in it seem to match everything I want it to at the moment, it's great, it's such a statement piece, and that's what I love about it- everyone seems to know me so well! 
I decided that they matched perfectly, so put them together along with the plain tee and plain heels, the whole outfit works so well for me as it's so girly and classic! I will definitely be wearing this out to dinner some night, just making sure not to spill any of my carbonara on it! Hopefully in 25 years time I can pass this one on too! Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Top- Vera Moda
Necklace- Boutique 
Skirt- Vintage 
Shoes- Next


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