Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Marmalade date..

On Saturday I spent the afternoon in the fabulous Marmalade boutique in Ballymena. I love this little shop, ever since it opened, I have got so many pieces from this; including the blue blazer that I wore to Belfast Fashion Week- this little shop is so unique and quirky, but always manages to stay so on trend! The layout of the shop, from the jewellery cabinet, to the cute table decorations and the mannequins which are dressed to perfection, are all what helps pull it together into the perfect boutique! (Oh and the floor is amazing 😍) 
I chose a few (a lot actually!) of my favourite pieces and tried all of them on - I couldn't pick a few, so that's why I have so many different outfits, mixing and matching them together! But this only scratches the surface of this place, so many beautiful pieces I didn't get the chance to try on. From dinner dates, to weddings, Marmalade has it covered - check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

I am obsessed with this type of skirt, if I get the chance to wear something like this, I jump at the chance! I feel so girly and dressed up when I put one on. You can wear them with so many different items  as well; jumpers, shirts, camis, even crop tops depending on the look and style you're going for! The jumper is the same - so handy to have something this style, but the yellow and white work so well, especially coming into the summer- jeans, shorts and skirts all go so fabulously with this! 
Jumper- £35
Skirt- £40
Shoes- £30

Ok seriously, how cute is this dress? Ekkk I'm in love! Soo cute! This dress is so much more flattering when it's on you than on than when it's just sitting on the hanger, it fits so well and true to your size.The details on it make me love it more - the buttons on the shoulders, the pockets with the white, sparkly lining and the frills at the bottom! All give it that unique look, but it's still not too out there which I love. 

Like I said before, this shop does cater for every occasion, and weddings are no exception! There are two looks here - both of which would be fabulous for a wedding. Firstly, it's the Virgos Lounge pink beaded dress. When you put this on you instantly feel so glamourous - the work that has gone into making this dress is incredible. And this is just one of many, in fact, when I was in the shop, a lady bought another pink Virgos Lounge dress for a wedding she was attending and it was shaaamazing on her! 
Pink dress-£140

The other look is something I love too, making a dress that you could wear to any occasion into something more formal by adding accessories! I have always said accessories make or break an outfit and they definitely make this one. The fascinator, shoes and bag make this outfit wedding worthy! 

Ok, so I have came to the realisation I will probably own every colour and style this skirt has to offer, I just love them so much!!How Sex in the City is this outfit though? If only I had the lifestyle to match Carrie and the girls too haha!The colour of this skirt is so appealing as well, coming into this time of the year, so fresh and bright! The detailing of the hearts on the jumper adds to the cuteness even more - and with the selection of necklaces in store, it was easy to find something to match so well. 

Navy skirt with leather detail-£38
White chiffon top-£35

I saw this jumpsuit on the Facebook page and couldn't wait to get to try it on, I usually don't go for jumpsuits, but thought this one was a little different and it actually fitted me for once. (Being tall has its downsides!) The photos don't actually do the print on it justice, it's so gorgeous in real life, and surprisingly so comfy and light! 

Getting a dress this shape that isn't overly dressy or else looks too young is so difficult! This one is so girly, but yet a little edgy with the print on it, the dark denim at the bottom is what wins it for me, couple it with a pair of chunky wedges and denim jacket for the ultimate sunny Sunday outfit, or heels like I have for a night on the town. Dress-£79

I had to leave this one to last, it is amazing. If you know me, this one is just "so me!" The fact that it is this lovely yellow colour- my new fav! I love being dressed up all the time (if I can) so this is so perfect for me! It's so summery and bright, and who isn't going to notice you in these trousers?! The top I had picked to pair with a skirt, but I think it shows the detail on the back of it more when it's not tucked into a skirt. The white and yellow again go so well with each other, but it's perfect with black as well, so these aren't just summer trousers! The necklace again bringing it all together to add the final touches to it. 
White top-£32

Now I just need somewhere to go with all these beautiful clothes! Dinner date anyone?! 
Thanks to Marmalade for having me and showing me about your beautiful little boutique, and showcasing all the amazing stock- can't wait to see what's to come!Thanks for reading this extra long post guys! As always, love Emma xx


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