Monday, 11 May 2015

Culottes are calling..

Ok first of all- I am not this orange! The white background, lighting and what I'm wearing doesn't help but I promise I wasn't this tangoed! Haha 

When these first started to come back into style, I wasn't too sure on them and I was always too scared to try them and see - but I loved the print on these ones and finally gave in and tried them on- and ended up loving them! They are so comfortable to wear, as you don't need to pull or poke at them all night. I feel casual, but dressed up at the same time due to my heels and crop top! Finding a top to go with this was harder than I thought though; I had originally got a thin strap crop top in black, but thought it needed the light colour on top to bring out the style in the bottom half more, so when I seen this I knew it would go perfectly- not too much skin showing either. I paired it with a pair of pointy heels, rather than barely there sandals as I thought the strap around my ankle cut my legs off, and with the pointy heels it made my legs look that little bit longer. The white coat made an appearance once again and it went perfectly- making it nice and light rather than a black coat. The necklace was a little three piece set from Miss Selfridge and I just decided to wear one of them instead of layering them or having a statement necklace- I wanted it to be about the culottes rather than a big chunky necklace taking over! 
Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Culottes- River Island 
Top- Miss Selfridge 
Shoes- Barrats
Coat- Miss Pap


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