Tuesday, 16 June 2015

50 shades..

Well maybe just three shades but 50 sounds better doesn't it? ha!
I've had this top for about three weeks now, but I honestly haven't had a chance to wear it until today, when finally, the sun was shining! I had to layer it up, as it was still a little cold so I put on a white cami underneath, rather than a black one to keep it abit lighter.
These sleeveless jackets are amazing for layering an outfit and also adding a little bit extra to it-and another shade of grey along with it! They can be dressed up or dressed down so easily - definitely be wearing this one all year around. 
I saw this top on a girl in the shop and it was so much nicer on her than on the hanger, but then again most things are aren't they! The detailing down the back is what I love the most, it's so different to have the detailing there and the sides rather than the front! I think this would be so perfect over a bikini at the beach with a pair of white shorts- obviously not here as its not quite that warm yet!
The shoes, bag, rings, necklace, sunglasses and bracelets are all from Primark and are a complete bargain- when you find a sale sticker in Primark it makes your day - £18 for the LOT how amazing! Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Top- River Island 
Cami- River Island 
Sleeveless Jacket- MissPap.com
Jeans- Vera Moda 
Shoes- Primark 
Bag/sunglasses/jewellery- Primark 


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