Friday, 31 July 2015

Bargain tan!

Ok so not that long ago I posted a photo of a fake tan onto my Facebook and told you guys a little bit about it. A lot of you went and actually bought it, tried it out and loved it - and for £1.29, I can't really blame you! 

So, when I go anywhere I always have a layer of developed tan on, but always feel the need to finish of the look off with an instant tan over the top- this is always Sally Hansen instant spray on tan in the shade medium. I've used this for as long as I can remember and swear by it for instant use and that flawless finish. I was in my chemist last week and seen that the same brand that has the tan for £1.29- Anovia, have brought out a instant leg spray for £2.99! The same as Sally Hansen which usually sells for £9.95- unless you stock up when it's on offer at £6.95 like me haha it comes in two shades, Natural and Dark. The natural would be like the light version of Sally Hansen and the dark would be a little bit darker than the medium version. It goes on the same way and looks the exact same! I can get both of these Anovia tans for less than the price of one bottle of SH! 

Also found out about a bigger bottle of SH- in the Original Factory shop for £6! I think I have have bought them all haha but it's worth a look to see if they have any more left, just in time for the weekend! Bargainnnnn!

Ps I do feel that any spray on instant tans, SH or any other brands leave your skin feeling very dry. So I try to moisturise and scrub as much as possible. My friend bought me Frank coffee body scrub for my birthday and it leaves your skin feeling super soft as soon as you wash it off- one of my complete favourites in my beauty basket. (Currently the shipping is free and being delivered from Australia, that is amazing!)

Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

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