Monday, 20 July 2015

Wedding fever..

Andddddd relax! Finally on the home straight after all the prepping of waxing, tan, nails, make up and general running about like a lunatic, I am finally in my seat getting my hair put up and can write this post. I have been so busy with work (as usual in the summer) that I haven't actually had time to post at all, but I had showed a few friends my outfit for this wedding - which they had asked me to do a post about, so while I finally get the chance to do a blog post I thought I would do one about this outfit! 

So as you may have already guessed, I am heading to a wedding today with the family! I have been so excited for this day - the whole family hasn't had a wedding together in such a long time and with us being really close to both the bride and the groom, it makes it even more exciting. 

Usually, I am very well organised for a wedding; I have my outfit picked out with the shoes, bag, fascinator and jewellery two days after the invitations have arrived haha! But this time, I just hadn't had a minute to try and get something. I took my aunt shopping two weeks ago to help her find something for another wedding she was going to and I literally stumbled across this on a rail. I looked at it for a while and thought it this really wedding worthy? Is this me? Is this what I want? But I think everything is always 100 times better tried on than when it's on the hanger. I was scared that it wasn't classy enough for a wedding as it was a Co-ord and I didn't want my middle on show at a family wedding- a night out with the girls or a festival, ok - but not sitting with your great aunt talking about your future plans! As soon as I tried it on, I knew it was the outfit I wanted, I could imagine it with the right accessories and knew it would be perfect. I usually go for tight fitting dresses with my hair down and curly at weddings, so I wanted something totally different this time, not tight and something with a high neck so I could wear my hair up and with the rest of the family wearing navy somewhere in their outfits, it was meant to be! 
The navy, greens and light blues all work so well together- but it was trying to decide which one to pick out to match up with the accessories. I had originally thought green, as I thought I would be able to bring it out more and make it more vibrant, but I changed my mind to the light blue as I thought I was more summery and bright - light blue/blue is everywhere at the moment, with pastel colours transitioning through from spring fashion into summer, so it would be far easier to find matching accessories for. 
I only got my accessories on Wednesday, as it was the only other day I could get away from work to sort it out- talk about last minute! 
I wanted a really big fascinator as I love them, and a wedding is the only time you get to wear them, so I thought I might as well go all out! I had looked in every single shop, trying to find the perfect one and couldn't see any that I really liked, until the last shop- how typical!! I had lifted another one and then my mum spotted this one and at first we didn't think it matched at all, until we lifted my top out and seen the flower on it, it looked like the outfit and fascinator were bought together it matched so well! The pearl and sliver diamant├ęs in the middle of the flower went so well with the jewellery I wanted to wear too- a pair of earrings my granny had got me and my sliver Tiffany bracelet. The sliver along the line of my bag went with it also, my OCD of everything matching would be loving me right now! I was over the moon - my outfit was complete and the panicking was over, well until the tanning, hair and make-up had to begin that was haha. It's not the typical wedding outfit, but I think that's why I love it so much; hope you guys did too. Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Now to get a few pics and then enjoy the day with my family and the beautiful bride and groom- so excited... Pass the champers! (and finally a day off work!) 

Top & Skirt- Red Herring @Debenhams
Bag- Dorothy Perkins (sale)
Shoes- Very (last year) 
Fascinator- Jacques Vert @house of Fraser 


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