Thursday, 8 October 2015

Best buys..

This top has been in my wardrobe for around 5 or more weeks, it was originally meant to be worn to Fashion Week after I saw the most amazing patterned culotte suit from Zara, but I changed my mind that many times that I didn't end up wearing it. I'm not going to lie, I did completely forget about it after I was in that much of a rush to get it, but it's too nice to sit in my wardrobe, so I brought it out, dinner and drinks is the perfect outing for this outfit!  
I love the colour of it especially, that's why I chose it. It stands out, but yet it is such a winter colour at the same them! And I'm a sucker for roll necks at this time of the year!  
When I remembered I had this top I was going to wear it with plain black skinnies, but when I tried it on I didn't love it as much as I thought I would. I got these super tight fit ankle grazer trousers and they seemed to work with it much better, they dressed it up much better than plain jeans, just that little bit of a difference worked so well! Usually I'm not one for ankle grazers because I feel they look like I'm just too tall for them (like most things) but these ones were the perfect fit on me, they actually look like they are meant to be this length! Hurray! These type of trousers are something I should have had long ago, but just never got round to it; like a white blouse, these are something that should be in your wardrobe and will never go unused! 
The shoes as everyone knows are from Primark and are one of my favourite pairs, not only that I have but that I've ever seen from Primark! They are perfect (for me anyway!) The colours on them are brilliant, they literally go with just about anything, the heel height and the style- lace up is just everything at the moment  these were only £18 and I have deffo got my money worth from these bad boys haha thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Top- New Look 
Necklace- River Island 
Trousers- River Island 
Shoes- Primark


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