Friday, 27 November 2015

Black Friday!!

THIS IS NOT A DRILL! I repeat not a drill... It's Black Friday!! 🙊
When there's a sale on any websites or any shops me and my friends love this is the first thing we say to each other, totally gets your attention though doesn't it?! 

Over the past three years Black Friday in the UK has got abit mental to say the least, people pushing and shoving their ways into shops just to get a deal! Now I love a bargain and I love to shop as much if not more than most people but even for me that is just wayyyy to much, for 10% off a flat screen TV!!

So instead of rushing up early to get into the shops, simply sit in the comfort of your PJs with a cup of tea (or wine depending on time) in hand and do it all from home! Easy peasy :) 

Like most people I've been online looking for deals the past few days in the lead up to Black Friday and most online retailers have been having deals on all week such as River Island, and House of Fraser with the best of the bunch going live on Friday itself. 
In case you aren't that bothered about looking through all the sites to find out what is the best deals are I've looked around and jotted down a few that I think are the best :) (Most people are having 10-20-30% off on Friday, so realistically if you see something that is too good to be true, it likely is! Make sure the website is legit and when your paying its secure.)

Personally ASOS is one of my favourite sites anyway, it literally has so much under the one place- clothes, shoes, jewellery and even make up! They are offering 20% off EVERYTHING online, literally everything! Including Michael Kors watches!! Just enter a code at the check in before finishing. 

River island of course! They have been running deals all week from 12-2 but today there is 20% off everything from 11-3.

House of Fraser has up to 50% of selected lines, but really most of the 'good stuff' is 10-15% off including some great designer items.$ja=tsid:58624%7Ccid:321910387%7Cagid:19538316547%7Ctid:kwd-184229382%7Ccrid:91883392027%7Cnw:g%7Crnd:1979452789228337577%7Cdvc:m%7Cadp:1t1%7Cmt:e 

Boohoo has up to 50% off everything online but with the same as most sites- the good stuff is around 20% off. Most likely the stuff at 50% off- has been around a while! 

Missguided has 20% off everything online too which is great as I think they are so on point at this time of year! Enter a code at the check in, and before 7am there is free UK delivery- get in early guys! 

Public desire has 20% off everything too, the ultimate shoe shop! Code at checkout.

Superdrug has some great deals online too with savings of up to 65% 

Hybrid fashion online have a massive 30% off this season stock, use code BF30 at the checkout, 30% is a massive saving when the dresses are around £100 a go. Perfect for anyone with a winter winter or party coming up!

Shopping around really is the best way to get a great bargain, House of Fraser having 10% off beauty sounded great with all their brands, but then when I was on ASOS I realised they do some of the same brands and we're offering 20% discount. The same with boohoo clothing, some available on ASOS and at 20% off but the same stock on the actual Boohoo website with more discount. 
Looking around, taking your time and finding what you really need- not just impulse buying it because it's £3.00 cheaper are the keys to getting the real bargains on Black Friday! 
If your a little lazy and feel you just want to find the cheapest right this second, Google a website called Megashopbot, finds you the cheapest product and gives you a direct link, probably the best invention like EVER!! 
Happy shopping, love Emma xx


Monday, 23 November 2015

Maroon loving..

Maroon - probably my favourite colour at this time of year, even over black! I love it so much, and to me I feel like it never fades, it's always a statement colour every autumn/winter! 
Pinafores are also another big hit this season, along with suede, so match all three together and boom you get the cutest pinafore dress you ever did see! Of course I had to match it with black, but I think it was just how I was feeling that day. I had it hung up on my rail with a cream/white colour long sleeved ripped top and it worked so well with it too, it was just a black kind of day for me. 
It is so easy to wear and every girl knows how comfy a-line skirts are - perfect outfit for a day shopping or lunch with the girls, take the tights and polo off, swap with a tailored black shirt and pair of black strappy heels and your ready for the town! Thanks for reading, Emma xx

Polo- The Original Factory Shop 
Pinafore- Missy Empire 
Shoes- River Island 
Long line waistcoat- Boohoo

Monday, 16 November 2015

Dressed up VS dressed down

Is it any wonder you wore these as children? They are the most comfortable things ever!! I had bought a pair of these about a month ago, but they just didn't sit right at all - the material was so heavy and bulky, I tried to convince myself they were fine because I couldn't find another pair I liked so much, but in the end I just couldn't wear them, so I returned them. Then when I saw these I was far too excited, fitted perfect, skinner legs and lighter material! 
I love that you can wear these in totally different ways, creating so many different styles, they aren't just for certain types of people. 
I chose two different looks- dressed up and dressed down. I honestly don't know which one I prefer more, anyone that knows me knows that I love nothing more than dressing up and getting my heels on, so you would think I would go for the dressed up one more, but I love the pop of colour, casualness and 'cuteness' of the second one as well.
You could wear these in so many different ways and all year round I feel, rolling them up at the bottom makes a difference to the style of them also, adding a crop top in the summer months or a long sleeve polo and gilet in the winter months! Actually even talking about crop tops is making me cold, I'll stick to the fur for now! Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Shirt- River island
Hat- Primark
Dungarees- River island
Boots- River Island

Top- New look 
Shoes- Adidas
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