Monday, 16 November 2015

Dressed up VS dressed down

Is it any wonder you wore these as children? They are the most comfortable things ever!! I had bought a pair of these about a month ago, but they just didn't sit right at all - the material was so heavy and bulky, I tried to convince myself they were fine because I couldn't find another pair I liked so much, but in the end I just couldn't wear them, so I returned them. Then when I saw these I was far too excited, fitted perfect, skinner legs and lighter material! 
I love that you can wear these in totally different ways, creating so many different styles, they aren't just for certain types of people. 
I chose two different looks- dressed up and dressed down. I honestly don't know which one I prefer more, anyone that knows me knows that I love nothing more than dressing up and getting my heels on, so you would think I would go for the dressed up one more, but I love the pop of colour, casualness and 'cuteness' of the second one as well.
You could wear these in so many different ways and all year round I feel, rolling them up at the bottom makes a difference to the style of them also, adding a crop top in the summer months or a long sleeve polo and gilet in the winter months! Actually even talking about crop tops is making me cold, I'll stick to the fur for now! Thanks for reading, love Emma xx

Shirt- River island
Hat- Primark
Dungarees- River island
Boots- River Island

Top- New look 
Shoes- Adidas

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