Monday, 23 November 2015

Maroon loving..

Maroon - probably my favourite colour at this time of year, even over black! I love it so much, and to me I feel like it never fades, it's always a statement colour every autumn/winter! 
Pinafores are also another big hit this season, along with suede, so match all three together and boom you get the cutest pinafore dress you ever did see! Of course I had to match it with black, but I think it was just how I was feeling that day. I had it hung up on my rail with a cream/white colour long sleeved ripped top and it worked so well with it too, it was just a black kind of day for me. 
It is so easy to wear and every girl knows how comfy a-line skirts are - perfect outfit for a day shopping or lunch with the girls, take the tights and polo off, swap with a tailored black shirt and pair of black strappy heels and your ready for the town! Thanks for reading, Emma xx

Polo- The Original Factory Shop 
Pinafore- Missy Empire 
Shoes- River Island 
Long line waistcoat- Boohoo

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