Monday, 25 January 2016

90's Kid..

True to my word I am sticking to my resolutions, first of all I have lost 3lb by sticking to my diet and exercising... Who knew it would be that simple eh? So pleased with myself if I do say! 

Second of all, I've started blogging again, I saw this top on This Morning last week and had to get it, i loved the style of it so much, it's just that little bit different to a regular tight fitting turtle neck!

I feel like I'm being brought back in time, I swear I had an outfit like this when I was about 6?! Between pinafores and dunagress its all being brought back, I love it! Denim is hugeeee at the moment as well- light, dark, shirts, skirts, culottes, basically everything and anything in stores is denim again, it's great - it goes with everything when you think about it though doesn't it? This pinafore is so flattering when it's on, it cinches you in at the waist and accentuates your shape in all the right places. I love the length of this one, most of them are usually shorter than this and are an a-line shape. I love that this gives you a shape and the length of it makes it that bit 'cuter', I feel. 

Monochrome is back in my wardrobe again (but when did it ever leave really?) when I say I love it, I actually love it so much! It is so timeless and effortless, it just works! The cropped sleeve and fit of this top works so well with the pinafore and cute girly style, that's why I paired with flat lace ups. I also think it would work really well with a pair of chunky heeled ankle boots, long sleeved turtle neck body and hair up in a messy bun for that edgier style, or style with converse and cute polo tee buttoned right up for a casual chic look! Whatever your style, I feel you could work this pinafore, and at £27.99 it's a complete style steal!

Top- Oasis (buy here

Pinafore- New Look (buy here

Shoes- River Island (buy here

Thanks for reading, Emma Jane xx


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