Thursday, 14 January 2016

New Year's Resolutions

To be honest, I never really make New Year’s Resolutions, and it's because like most people- after the third week in January life gets back into the normal swing of things again, and we all forget about them or 'don't have time' to stick to them. This year I have actually made a few of them, and I plan on sticking to them!🏻 First and foremost.. To blog more! I really do love blogging, but I always let it take a backseat to everything else, I always seem to have something else which I need to do. During the months of March to September I work pretty much every day, and 10-12 hours a day at that! Don't get me wrong - I love my job, but I rarely have time to blog, and then in the Winter I work less of course, but the weather is here is awful, and to be honest, I amm just tired 24/7 haha -so I am definitely making it my number one goal to blog more; even if the weather is bad I won't use that as an excuse!
Number 2; eating healthier and going to the gym. Ok ok, typical girl post about a resolution haha but this time I'm really going to get into it, I started this about March time last year until around June and I was doing so well, but summer work hours made it harder.. I'll just have to get up earlier this year haha I'm going to try and eat clean and go to the gym, but I'm not going to make it that hard that I'll break it.. I'll do this Monday to Friday, and then the weekend is all mine to eat and do whatever I want!
Number 3: To start and set up a name for myself in make up; I've done a good few make-up courses and usually do my family and friends make-up for occasions like nights out, so I want to make this a more regular thing. Make up over the past two years has literally exploded, everyone is into it! So much more make -up out there to pick and choose from, it's great🙈 the professional make-up artists that I follow and get tips from are amazing; literally amazing and I am nowhere near their level, but hopefully someday I can be, practice makes perfect - so hopefully this one will work out for me too!
Number 4: not let work take over my life! Obviously I'm still going to work as hard and put as much into the shop as I usually do, but countless many times I've had to say to my family and friends 'no sorry I can't, I've the shop to close/open' 'I can't leave the shop that long' I'm only 23 and I need to live a little! The saying 'don't be too busy making a life you forget to live' couldn't be more true!
Finally: save more money! Starting to get to the stage where I have most of the things I want, bar a house and family of course! I got a beautiful car this year so that's one thing of my list, but I really need to start saving, for other things rather than a new handbag every six months haha.
I wonder how long these New Year’s Resolutions will last? I'm guessing more than June this year? Hoping the year doesn't go as quickly as last year, thanks for reading guys and I'm sticking to my number one. Shouldn't be too long to another one it up! Love Emma Jane xx

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