Friday, 26 February 2016


This is not so much a full post, just an OOTD kind of post. I love these jeans and boots so much, but realised that I've never blogged about them before. I bought them in December for starting work again and I just loved the colour of them - totally right to carry into spring/summer! 

They are the softest material and fit your body so well. Everyone I know who bought these had to go down a size, no matter their body shape! So I really would recommend going down a size, and if you're really tiny? Maybe even two sizes depending on how tight you want them to be! 

The boots are also such a great colour, I wore them with brown & black in the winter, but I can't wait to wear these with my light denim and whites in the summer. All these items are still in stock so even better! Here's the links to buy all three, and yup you guessed it, they are from my favourite shop! Haha happy shopping dolls, Emma Jane xx

Top- river island (sold out online but instore in Ballymena)

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