Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Suns out-moms out..

You know when one of your friends says, "ugh right, that's it - I'm not going, I have nothing to wear!" - but in reality they have more clothes than anyone you know? Yip, I'm that person! 

I am a real neat OCD freak when it comes to my clothes- each item is put away in a certain way; organised by shape, size, and colour (most importantly with all the hangers all facing the one way!) basically, I usually know the exact order they are in, so if anyone (aka my sisters) have been looking around in either of my wardrobes, I know straight away because they never put anything back in the right place! I regularly clear out my wardrobe of things I no longer wear (check out emmajanemooney on depop for when I clear my wardrobe out!), so last month or so, I was tidying and came across this pair of mom jeans that I completely forgot I even owned, from A/W 14!

So when I held these up and realised what they were, I remembered exactly why they were at the back of my wardrobe, completely forgotten about - I absolutely hated them at the time I wore them. I wore them around the house one time at Christmas time and really did not like them at all for some reason. Anyway, after pulling them from my wardrobe, I tried them on again, except this time I loved them - it was like I had bought a brand new pair of jeans, and all girls will know the struggle of finding a good pair of jeans you love!

These weren't usually my thing, as I'm usually into more structured clothing, and live in my skinnies, so I was amazed that I liked them so much. I teamed them with a new shirt I had recently purchased and a pair of heels I had only wore once to LFWND. As soon as I put the whole outfit on, I knew that it was perfect for girls lunch/dinner or even after work drinks - just ditch the black work trousers and you're set to go!

Ever since I rediscovered these jeans (anyone who sees me on a daily basis will know), I literally cannot stop wearing them. They are the most comfortable pair of jeans I own and I never thought I would say that about a pair of mom style jeans - the high waist on them is so perfect, as it means that I don't have to keep pulling them up! I wear them to work with my vans or converse, but I really would wear them for a night out or dinner with heels too! Aghhhh can you tell that I love these? Haha anyway, I suppose it goes to show that there really could be something in your wardrobe that you've forgot about and could fall in love with again! Thanks for reading, Emma Jane xx

(ps go on and look, I know you're dying too!)

Jeans alternative > buy here
Shirt > buy here
Shoes alternative > buy here

Happy shopping (looking through old stuff) dolls!


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