Sunday, 3 April 2016

Off duty..

Hey dolls,

It's been a while, I either get on a roll where I do loads of blogs together, or else I have a gap where I just can't get blogging for ages! Typical, it's either one or the other. One of these days I will get a happy medium
Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past 5 months, you will have seen bomber jackets on everyone and almost everywhere, there's no hiding that they are bang on trend right now!
For me, I'm usually a high heel and blouse type of girl rather than trainers and casual clothes! But when I tried this one on I actually really liked it, I ended up buying two 🙊(one of them was a sliver sparkly one - I mean, if that didn't have my name all over it, I didn't know what had!)

I knew I would wear this casually first of all, but it's so nice and different dressed up too, I paired it with a black crop top, black lace up heels and a white pleated floaty skirt- so rock chick!

I bought this body in black for a night out recently and loved how comfortable it was with it being cotton material, and that it could be wore casually too as it wasn't too revealing. I had seen the white one next to it and the plimsols and thought this would be such a cute casual outfit that even I could wear!!

And when are a pair of new black skinny jeans ever a bad idea?!

As always outfit details are all linked below if you feel like a spending spree 🙊


***Alternative jacket ***

Thanks for reading dolls, Emma Jane xx


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