Thursday, 19 May 2016

Like 22...

Hey girlies, you may have guessed the theme of todays post by the title!

Its a review of both lip products by Kylie Jenner. Ok, so just about every single girl in the world want these kits/glosses! If you have ANY of them, then kudos to you! They are like gold dust, maybe even worse to some girls! Unless you're a serial shopper, keyboard warrior and watch Kylie's snapchat like a hawk (me me me me!!), then its pretty damn hard to get your hands on these, they go live usually on a monday evening (UK time) and sell out in like what three minutes? Its crazy the amount of these that are sold!

So for those of you who don't really know what these are- (living under a rock *cough cough*) the 'Lip Kit' is a Lip Liner and Matte Liquid Lipstick, and the Glosses are yip- just a liquid gloss!
The Kits have 8 different colours- 22, Kourt K, Dolce K, KoKo K, Candy K, Posie K, Mary Jo K, and True Brown K. 
The glosses 3- Like, Literally and So Cute. (are these not all your favourite words?) I say them all the time, sometimes even together! I'm that annoying girl, yep haha

Anyway, I managed to get my hands on 22 and Dolce K when I eventually got some. But from my other posts, and knowing me personally, many of you know my best friend lives in Australia, so with the time difference when Kylie puts them live etc my friend can never seem to get her hands on them, so when I had two and she had none, I felt awful - so I sent her Dolce K, so I can't actually do a review on it. 
Then when it came to the glosses, I couldn't get any at the time, but my sister managed to get two for us; both in the shade "Like". 


Lets start with the Lip Kit- the first thing that I noticed when I did a swatch on my hand, with both the Lip Pencil and Liquid Lipstick was the colour pay off! It is amazingggg, it genuinely is exactly like it is on the bottle/lid, it is very soft and goes onto the lips so easily. I've worn this lots of times and every time the liner has stayed on all day, food, drinks, kisses, you name it- everything haha - it is so durable!
The Liquid Lipstick however, I'm still not 100% sold about how I feel of the durability. Because it is matte, it has that dehydrating feeling that you constantly have to either lick your lips or else re apply over and over again to get that nourishing feeling, other wise- it does get a little chalky and starts to crumble if you don't. 


The glosses came around 10 days after we purchased them and as everyone knows, I'm obsessed with nude colours on the lips! So needless to say I was very excited to open these, I didn't even wait till I got home to do the usual pretty Instagram photo I usually do- I collected them from the post office and tried them out in the car park haha. The first thing I noticed about the glosses was when I opened them, the brush on the end of the wand was awful. As you can see from the photo, not usually what a wand should look like - especially for such a hyped-up product!

I was so disappointed, but having used another make up brush to apply the product when I eventually got home, I was again surprised at how good it actually was. The pigmentation, again, was superb, the texture was much better than the lip kits and it smells incredible! At first I thought it was just my brush that was like this, but after trailing the internet looking for reviews, I found out a lot - if not most of the first batch of glosses were actually like this, it was some sort of manufacturing fault. 

Then we watched Kylies snapchat and she had announced that she was going to be sending everyone who had purchased the awful first batch a new wand, as she had improved the length and brush of it. My sister then was sent an a confirmation email to say that two new brushes had been sent out to replace the two we had already been sent, which in my eyes I thought that was really generous of Kylie to recognise the mistake and try and correct it, even though it shouldn't have been there in the first place!

Another 10 days or so past until they arrived (had to pay £12 custom fees though), but when I opened up the package it was two brand spanking new BOTTLES of glosses! With the new and improved smaller wands. The only thing I'm not so sure about is the colour difference, I don't know if its my head or not, but can you see a colour difference in these two 'Like' bottles? I think the newer bottle is slightly darker? Just me? haha But anyway, I basically got a free gloss sent out, (minus the custom charge haha) so when the other one runs out I can just use the new wand on the older gloss.. Result!  Thanks King Kylie!

So over all would I purchase these again? Yes- IF they were avavible in a shop, I don't think I would go through all the hassle and trouble of trying to get them online again. 

Would I recommend them to you guys? Yes I would- The colour pay off, durability, and price are all good factors for me, so I would definitely recommend them!

Hope this helped anyone wanting to get their hands on glosses or lip kits. Thanks for reading girlies! Emma Jane xx

**This post was not sponsored by Kylie Cosmetics. 


Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Wedding Bells..

Hey guys!
A few weeks ago I asked all you dolls over on my Facebook page to help me out with wedding outfit ideas - shops and little boutiques you all love, as I still hadn't got an outfit sorted for my friend's wedding in a few weeks.. I was almost as stressed as what I think I would be if I was getting married myself lol!
Well anyway, the wedding was at the weekend and yes, I finally got a dress sorted, but only just... what a rushed few days leading up to it I had! As you all know, I am super organised when it comes to my outfits, especially weddings!

My boyfriend had already got his suit sorted months ago, and as you can see it isn't your usual navy or black suit. When it comes to weddings, I love to match when we go, it just seems like the thing to do doesnt it? As it was a very close friends wedding, I wanted us to match really well, rather than just the usual- matching a certain colour out of my dress to his tie! And let me tell you it wasn't easy, trying to find a smart, classy summery looking dress with khaki in it, really not an easy task!

                                         Dress    Shoes                               Suit   Shirt
                                    Fascinator (in light pink)                  Shoes Tie 

When I started looking at least I knew what style I wanted; something bardot style and tight material as the last wedding I went to I opted for a floaty style of skirt. I ordered a few dressed months before the wedding and didn't like any of them when they arrived, some weren't dressy enough, one was too white in the background (for me, wearing white to a wedding is a big no no!!) and a couple were too short! I felt like I was never going to get what I was looking for!
The wedding was on Saturday and I ordered the sixth and final dress on monday morning for next day delivery, along with a pair of shoes!

Tuesday's post came and nothing and then Wednesdays post and still nothing - I was starting to really panic! The dress that I ordered didn't have my size, so I had to go up a size, rather than risking it going down a size haha, so I knew I would have to get it altered and it still wasn't here two days until the wedding! Finally around 5pm the dress came via courier, but it was too big, so luckily my granny is an amazing seamstress, so she took it in for me that night! My shoes arrived on Thursday morning and I was all happy again, minus a bag and fascinator. (would anyone else not dream of going to a wedding without a fascinator? yup me too!) My younger sister trailed through belfast looking for a khaki one for me and there was none to be had! So luckily my older sister works in Ballymena and comes home every night and very luckily, a shop had a cream one in it the exact style and size I was looking, and my mammy (queen Sandra!) had the most amazing idea in the world.
We have a spray tanning machine in our house, so we went to the chemist and bought khaki coloured dye that you would dye clothes with, made up the mixture and my mother sprayed the cream fascinator the khaki colour and voila! - the perfect matching fascinator to accompany my outfit! Probably the most clever idea I think I've ever heard of! And it didn't stop there, we had a little silver box clutch bag that we couldn't get a stain out of, so what did we do? Yup, we sprayed it too! The stain was covered up and it matched perfectly too!!


My hairdresser put my hair up the exact way he always does, couldn't go anywhere without him! He used one of my hair pieces that I bought here to give me some more volume for the up do!
On the morning of a wedding, I hate doing anything really, I think thats why I love them so much - you just get pampered all day long- its great! So the amazingly talented Emma @ Dilemma beauty studio in Cushendall done my make up for me, and I totally loved it! So professional, super hygienic and so friendly its unbelievable! She really is a complete doll, here is her page if you want to check her out!

The wedding reception was in a place called Portglenone, at a venue called the Wild Duck Inn. I personally had never been there for food before, or ever been at a wedding there, but I had heard so so many great reports about it that I was so exited to see it for myself.
The room that the reception was held in was done up so perfectly and beautiful, the food was amazing, the drink prices weren't extortionate and the staff were out of this world... so friendly and went above and beyond anything you asked them to do!

The only downside I think is that it doesn't have anywhere to stay in the premises, so we stayed a few miles up the road at Adtara Country Guest house! Again, such a lovely place and amazing staff. I loved the decor of the rooms!

So all in all, the weekend was amazing, it couldn't have went any better and we couldn't be any happier for our friends. They make the most amazing couple and we wish them all the luck in the world! They are currently laying in Marbz right now, jealous much?

Thanks for reading dolls, emma jane xx

all outfit details etc have all been linked above
this post was not sponsored by anyone/any venue.
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