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When In Rome...

Hey lovelies! 
What a week it's been, super rushed (as usual), but completely amazing! 🏃🏼 

As many of you will have known from my ridiculous amount of snapchats (Add my snapchat -emmajanemooney) or my Facebook page, we jumped on a plane and headed for Rome last week! 
Jonny had a week to take off in work and it just so happened to be his birthday week, so we decided (I decided 🙊) that we needed a break away, and I chose Rome! I have always wanted to go to Rome, but when it came to booking my holidays in the past, I always wanted to go somewhere 'bigger and better' -well how wrong was I!! 😍

       Skirt- similar here
(Jonnys shirt is from primark)

Because of work commitments on my part, we could only go Tuesday-Friday, which I thought would be long enough, but truth be told I could have stayed here noooo problem! 🙊 
At this time of the year, you can't fly from my local airport to Rome on the dates we wanted so we had to fly from Dublin, this didn't bother me at all as I love airports, so the bigger the better for me 👌🏻
To save us any hassle of driving down ourselves or getting a friend to leave us to Dublin, we got the bus direct from Belfast city to Dublin airport (£8 if you book online!!), it was so so handy and it meant we could catch a little zzz on route! 

When stepping of the plane is there anything better than the feeling of the warm air hitting you? I know it's been warm here for the last few weeks and everything, but that holiday heat is something else isn't it? 
When we finally arrived in Rome city, our hotel was just four stops away on the underground, so handy and easy to get to. When we go away somewhere new with an underground system it's always a race to see who can work it out quicker between us! Pretty sure it was me this time 🙈 When we got to our hotel, we had both been awake for more than 30hours and were just so drained, so in Rome or not- all we wanted to do was sleep!

After what seemed like the most amazing nap and shower ever, we were finally ready to see this historical city! It was around 4pm, so we still had loads of time to explore, but first stop? FOOD! And yup 'when in Rome..' We got pasta! I loveee pasta anyway, its like the ultimate go to food, but seriously - Italians are unbelievable at making it! I was enjoying it that much, I didn't even take a photo of it, that speaks words itself haha 😍

We headed to the Colosseum first after food as we just couldn't wait to see it, we were like two kids at Christmas walking about this city! As soon as you go up the escalators in the train station it's right there, like it just hits you. It sounds silly, but I kid you not it actually is breath taking! The sun was amazing at this time of evening and just made it look even more amazing! 🏟

We walked around it just staring at everything about it.. The Arch Of Constantine opposite, Palatine Hill, and the ruins around the whole thing! To see that as our first major attraction in Rome was brilliant...

After we taking all this in, we headed in the direction of the Trevi Fountain as I wanted to see it ASAP, like a child huffing (doing the stamping of the feet and everything haha). It brought us down along the side of the road beside a lot of ruins of the city, so walking down that instead of just a "normal road" was insane. At the end was the Altare Della Patria (that I snapped everyday), I just loved it so much! It was massive, I just can't cope in my little head how something so big and amazingly done could have been made by people all those years ago! It amazes me, but look at it!! 🙈

When we reached the Trevi Fountain it was well worth the wait, I was like a kid at a candy store. The atmosphere around it, the brightness of the whole square around it and the noise of it, I was totally in love as soon as I came around that corner! And I'm not joking- those photos you see on Instagram of it? They aren't filtered, it literally looks like this!! Not surprisingly, it was jammed packed of tourists trying to get photos, soak it all up and throw their wishes into it- yes I was one of those typical tourists doing all of the above and I loved it haha!⛲️ 

Anyone who has ever been to Rome and particulary around this area will know of all the little restaurants and cafés. Now if there is one thing in this whole world I know my stuff about, its got to be ice cream, and yes just like the pasta they did not disappoint! 🍦 We tried loads of different ones when we were here, but this one shop straight opposite the fountain- to die for! TOP TIP- If you are ever here or get the chance you need to try this, even if you aren't an ice cream lover! This will make you love it- trust me!! 

On our second day, we had so much that we wanted to do after seeing how beautiful the city really was. We firstly headed towards Castel Sant'Angelo and the route we took was over the river Tiber, so so pretty - and look at this cute little car I spied- I wish I was small enough to fit in this haha now thats a smart car in front of it, and we all know how small they are!!

Inside this iconic building was even more historical than I thought, again the size of the building and the amazing architecture made me think how powerful the Romans were to build such a thing! 
On the third level, there was a restaurant which we had no idea about and we were totally starving,  craving some more Italian food! Some of the tables were reserved and could only be waited on if you paid for it, but look at that view, how could you not pay for that!! We could see basically the whole one side of Rome from where we were eating our lunch! What a way to get over the hump day blues huh? 🙌🏻😍

When we got to the top of the Castel Sant'Angelo we could see everything, complete 360 of the city! and it just made us want to explore more. After making our way down we headed towards St Peter's Square and The Vatican- stopping for yet another ice cream along the way haha

Again when we arrived at the end of the long straight headed towards St Peter's Square, the size of the building got us! Im not sure what I was expecting, and neither of us are holy people, but we both couldn't get over this place, its definitely one of those places where you have to see it at least once in your lifetime! 💒

This was probably my favourite outfit of everything I brought- it was so light, comfortable and super cute I thought haha (and it was dead cheap!)
Shirt dress (worn as kimono)

Just like the Trevi Fountain was my one place I couldn't wait to see, Largo di Torre Argentina was Jonny's - the ruins of the buildings around where Caesar was killed, and this pine tree was the exact spot! (hence the huge smile on Jonnys face, totally loving all the history!)

The Pantheon was our final historical stop of the day, (then onto my shopping, much to Jonny'
s excitement haha) this was free entry which we were both super surprised about as its such a big landmark. We loved this so much, we ended up coming back here later on this evening and having dinner right across from it, again another amazing view whilst eating the most amazing food-and wine! The Trevi Fountain is literally around the corner from it, so I got to have a little peak at it a night time!! 🍷🍾

Thursday was Jonny's birthday (and the Italian national day!) and typically the day started with rain. I had such a lovely little outfit picked for this day and had to change because of the weather, which ended up changing again later on in the day and both of us being roasted- how bloody typical? However it didn't 'dampen' our spirits haha we were headed for a tour of the Colosseum!

I think on this occasion the photos really do speak for themselves. Walking around the Colosseum and Palatine Hill - we walked a total of 14k, and the day wasn't even over! 👣 I didn't bring a pair of typical 'comfy walking' shoes, I brought my River Island black slip on plimsols! And my feet were so comfortable (well as comfortable as they can be after walking as much as we did!) I wear these everywhere, and they are only £24. When we were walking through the ruins of Palatine Hill, we saw the top of Altare Della Patria and noticed that there were people on the roof- of course we wanted to get in on this! So thats were we headed next, I loved this building so much and to think that we could go on top was freaking me out haha. When we walked through the building (marble everywhereeee) and to the lift to take us to the top- a lady was standing stopping people from joining, but luckily we were one of the final few allowed to the roof top! and OH MY GAWDDD! 🙀😻

You could see everywhere, and no offence to the Castel Sant'Angelo, but this seriously kicked its views butt! I love city views like this, I was the same in New York, I was obsessed with the view but this was something else on its own! What a way to finish our final day.


We headed for food and drinks before heading home for our early flight in the morning! 
This trip was short, but it really was sweet, I think I would definitely come back and visit this city again.
The people, the food, the history, all the things to do, the shopping, everything was great! And much to my exceptions, it wasn't overly expensive for where abouts in the world you actually were! 
This was our final stop on the way back to the train, I can't decide if its prettier in day time or night time?!

Thanks for reading lovelies, Emma Jane xx

Photographs taken by Jonny. 
This post was not sponsored.


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