Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Interview Attire..

Hello lovelies!

Can you believe that summer is over and the school term/university is starting again? This year has went in such a flash!
With it being this time of year, I was asked by the lovely people over at Education, Recruitment and Marketing to create a post on what to wear and what NOT to wear to an interview for all you guys at the University Road Show 2016/17!

Interviews can be such a stressful experience; with so much on your mind as it is without having to worry about what to wear, so this is were hopefully I can step in and help you all out - and on a budget, you are students after all!

From the moment you walk into your interview, you will be judged. You don't get a second chance at a first impression, so you have to make it count! It's such a scary thought I know, but trust me, you will be. From how you walk, talk and most importantly - present yourself! Confidence is key here, you have to show the interviewer/employer that you KNOW you are the right candidate for this position, you aren't just applying and hoping for the best, and presenting yourself correctly will give the perfect first impression.  Presenting yourself can cover a range of different things, but we will start on your choice of outfit.

For me, a perfect interview outfit for any interview type would be would be like the one I'm wearing below, a crisp white blouse/shirt, a pair of black/navy tapered trousers and an elegant pair of heels. But of course I get that this won't be and isn't everyone's style, you need to feel comfortable in what you are wearing or else you wont be comfortable in the interview itself. If heels aren't for you, then ditch them and simply wear a pair of clean cut pumps that tie in with the colour scheme of your outfit. If you are confident enough, then I also LOVE a pencil skirt for an interview, with a pair of basic heels and again a crisp blouse, you couldn't look more interview ready if you tried! I love this look, it is so classy and timeless, and just shows that you mean business when you walk in wearing this. How could someone not give you the position when you turn up looking this ready for a interview! Top tip - make sure when sitting down either in front of the interviewers, or in the waiting room this is how you hold your feet, do not cross your legs over one on top of the other- remember we are being formal here ladies!

White Blouse £22
Black trousers £25 (cheaper ones here) £12.99
Heels  (mines are from primark but these are just the same!)
Blazer £15 (primark but this is similar)
Black Pumps £6.50

Cream Blouse £19.20
Navy Skirt £25
Heels (also from primark but similar here)
Navy Pumps £7.99

Appearance isn't just about your clothes remember, its your hair, make up, jewellery and the items you have chosen to bring with you to your interview. Keep everything simple, no heavy duty contouring like you're heading out with the girls for the night - you're trying to impress professionals who will decide your future with your amazing personality and interview skills, of course we all love when someone says your eyebrows are on fleek today, but this just really isn't the place for it.
With the jewellery, wear something simple again, a pair of stud earrings rather than a pair of loose hanging ones, although if it's in your personality and you really want that to shine through- add a statement necklace or detailed scarf to brighten it up bit. It all depends on your personality and the nature of the interview; the level of professionalism required depends on what course/job you are applying for, so take that into account too!

Nails are another thing that most people tend to forget when preparing for an interview. If, like myself, you love some glitter extensions, then yay for you, but maybe calm down on the bright blue and pink nails for this one time. You will probably have to write something down, or shake hands with your interviewer(s) and they will notice these small details - a classic french manicure all the way for this one!

"What NOT to wear to an interview" - This is very tricky, as everyone is unique and has different styles and personalities, but again when coming to an interview these no-nos apply to everyone.
Cropped trousers; these are super casual and to me a big no no - casual is not the look you are going for. A blouse/shirt that doesn't flatter you at all; this navy one is the exact same as the white one in the previous outfit, but because its not tucked in and is hanging loosely, it doesn't suit or flatter me at all. With it hanging out, I get the feel from this photo that I just really could not have been bothered to try and make an effort - and I simply chucked the first thing on I saw in the morning.

Navy Blouse £22
Cream Trousers £18
Navy Pumps £7.99

Anything above the knee, whether its a skirt or a dress, with or without tights- HUGE no-no! You have to remember this is a professional setting and not a night out! And finally my biggest tip is do not wear heels that you cant walk in. If you have found the perfect pair of heels that tie your outfit in so perfectly, then hell yes wear them, but if you can't walk in them then you might as well just wear a pair of uggs! It will ruin the entire experience; how you walk and hold yourself is one of the key things in an interview, so if you're like bambi in your new heels, take them back and get yourself a safe pair of pumps!

Thoughts summed up;
-Have a clean cut manicure
-Less make up is more on this occasion
-Do NOT wear a pair of jeans- no matter how 'casual' you think the interview is, even "smart casual" does not call for jeans!
-Only wear a pair of heels if you CAN walk in them- keep them below 3 inches
-Be prepared, have a copy of everything you think you will need in a neat folder, you will come across to the interviewer as organised and prepared, something every interviewer/employer looks for in a candidate!
-Research the company/course so you know the history if asked about them, especially if you mention in your CV/personal statement how much you love your chosen course/university/job - there will be nothing more embarrassing than being caught out about this!
-Cover up any tattoos/piercings that might distract your interviewer
-Nothing too tight or low cut
-And lastly if taking a bag with you, check whats inside it before-we don't want anything embarrassing falling out when you go to grab your pen!

Hopefully these tips and outfit ideas help you nail your interviews! You don't have to break the bank to be able to look the part either, I've popped on some other outfit ideas below if the ones above just weren't for you! Also as usual, everything is linked for your handiness.
I personally feel that it's better to be remembered for being overdressed and making an effort, rather than leaving an impression that you haven't really tried at all- so whip out the heels and go get them girls!


Black Skirt £18                    
 White Shirt £12
     Cream Blouse £15
Black Dress £29.50 

Thanks for reading everyone, do let me know if this helped at all!
Emma Jane xx

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Bank holiday weekend..

Hello my lovelies!

Happy bank holiday weekend! This weekend in my hometown is always a crazy one with it being the annual 'Lammas Fair'. It's a fair that closes off the whole town for two days with everything from yellowman, towels, clothes and horses being sold! I've grew up with it kind of being the end of the summer, as we always started school a few days later, so I always loved it! 

Anyway, even though the fair itself is only Monday and Tuesday, it starts off from the Friday and most people go out on the town Friday-Tuesday. I know, us Ballycastle ones are crazy, but it's only once a year! πŸ™Š

Going out for lunch, drinks or even a full night on the town means lots of new outfits and one of my favourites was this one. White jeans are a complete go-to item for me, I honestly think you can't go wrong with them; they dress up any outfit and are perfect for a night out if you aren't feeling like baring the legs! 
Paired with this cold shoulder frill top, it is perfect for dinner (and possibly) a few drinks over the bank holiday weekend! And even better, not only is the top bang on trend, it's only £20! 

Top- Shop here 
Jeans- Shop here
Shoes - River Island old stock
Bag- Shop here
Belt- Primark

Hope everyone has a great bank holiday weekend no matter what you get up to! 
Thanks for reading girls, Emma Jane X


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Technic review..

Hi there my lovelies!

Eeeekkk I was so excited to do this post, as many of you will know why! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜

I am also an MUA for anyone who doesn't actually know that and for most, if not all, of my clients I use the Technic powder contour set on them for setting powder, highlighting, bronzing and contouring all in one! We all have those days where you pick something up and end up loving it completely out of the blue - this was 100% one of those moments. I picked this up one day and decided to give it a go, mainly because it was so cheap and I thought, "Hey, I might as well," and I've literally never looked back. I have tried them all, from Mac to ABH and yet I still go back to this one time and time again - I don't know how many I've went through this year πŸ™ˆ  The pigmentation from this is amazing, and doesn't cake on your face which I find some powders tend to do if they are too heavy. So, when I got to try this lovely lot out I was more than happy!

The team over at Techic sent me out an amazing package which included: Their foundation sponge, Pro Blending brush, the most beautiful purple colour nail varnish, their 'Correct and Contour' cream palette, a 'Define and Highlight' kit, the amazing 'Mega Nudes 3' eyeshadow palette, literally the perfect dusky pink colour of lipstick and my ultimate fav the 'Get Gorgeous' bronze highlighting powder! 

This is probably an indication as to how excited I get over the tiniest things, but I STILL find this so interesting πŸ˜‚ These lipsticks always have the colour on top of the lid, and for years I thought it was to show you the colour for handiness when choosing etc? But nope. To my utter amazement, it is actually a little pot of lipgloss in the exact shade of the lipstick! πŸ˜±πŸ™ŒπŸ»  and the little circle of colour at the top is dead handy for finding the colour in your collection super fast rather than having to open every single one to find it! The colour of this is 'bare' and to me it's the best dusky pink shade I've seen! I wore it plain in this photo but later on I topped it up but used a darker lip liner and it made the colour stand out even more! It's not sticky on your lips and not drying either, both of which are the most frustrating thing about lipsticks! 

The pigmentation from both the eyeshadow palette and highlighter is probably what I was most surprised about, from someone who rarely moves away from the likes of Make Up Geek/Urban Decay eyeshadows and then MAC 'Soft and Gentle' highlight, I really couldn't get over the colour pay off from these. This was all from ONE swatch, I kid you not! There are 12 shades in this pallete so creating looks won't be a hard task, and the best bit is really in the name- mega nudes. I mean my favourite eye and lip colour! πŸ˜‚ 

Look at that glowww😍 pigmentation of this is on point! πŸ‘ŒπŸ» such a strong colour pay off from just one swatch. Like everyone of my friends, highlight is my favourite, if it was acceptable to highlight your whole body I would be that person! And this one is deffo being put into my kit! The ultimate bronzing colour, perfect for a night out! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»


Full face products; 
Foundation- Illmasqua Skin Base in '7' (check out my discount code post for 20% off)
Powder highlight- Technic 'Colour Fix'
Highlighter- Technic 'Get Gorgeous' 

Keep an eye out on my Facebook page where I will be giving away some of these items thanks to Technic, along with lots more very soon! πŸ™Š
All the items are tagged to make your shopping easier! 
Thanks for reading, Emma Jane xx

These views are all my own but the products were sent to me for review purposes. 

Monday, 8 August 2016

Discount codes

Hello everyone! πŸ™‹πŸΌ

What better way to start a Monday off than by some discount codes for some great websites?! 

The first code is for a website called Lindex.com it's a massive 30% off! I mean you're basically saving money right?! πŸ˜‚ I had never actually heard of this website before, truth be told, but there are some really cute pieces on here! These are some of my favourites! πŸ™ˆπŸ‘‡πŸ» 

Code at checkout : LINDEX30 
Valid 2-16 August 2016 

The second one which I am FAR TOO EXCITED about is a massssive 20% off at Illamasqua.com 😧 20% may not seem like a lot, but when it comes to the price of this make up, it really is a lot. I swear by this foundation, I use it on nearly every client I have in with me. So when you're saving £7 a bottle, trust me that 20% is a god send! πŸ™‹πŸΌπŸ˜ Of course I'll be buying a few bits with this code, here's my top picks! 

Code at checkout: LOOK20 
Valid until 2nd August- 2nd September 2016. 

Hopefully this has cheered everyone up on this gloomy Monday morning!πŸ™Š Happy shopping folks, Emma Jane xx 

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