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Technic review..

Hi there my lovelies!

Eeeekkk I was so excited to do this post, as many of you will know why! 🙌🏻😍

I am also an MUA for anyone who doesn't actually know that and for most, if not all, of my clients I use the Technic powder contour set on them for setting powder, highlighting, bronzing and contouring all in one! We all have those days where you pick something up and end up loving it completely out of the blue - this was 100% one of those moments. I picked this up one day and decided to give it a go, mainly because it was so cheap and I thought, "Hey, I might as well," and I've literally never looked back. I have tried them all, from Mac to ABH and yet I still go back to this one time and time again - I don't know how many I've went through this year 🙈  The pigmentation from this is amazing, and doesn't cake on your face which I find some powders tend to do if they are too heavy. So, when I got to try this lovely lot out I was more than happy!

The team over at Techic sent me out an amazing package which included: Their foundation sponge, Pro Blending brush, the most beautiful purple colour nail varnish, their 'Correct and Contour' cream palette, a 'Define and Highlight' kit, the amazing 'Mega Nudes 3' eyeshadow palette, literally the perfect dusky pink colour of lipstick and my ultimate fav the 'Get Gorgeous' bronze highlighting powder! 

This is probably an indication as to how excited I get over the tiniest things, but I STILL find this so interesting 😂 These lipsticks always have the colour on top of the lid, and for years I thought it was to show you the colour for handiness when choosing etc? But nope. To my utter amazement, it is actually a little pot of lipgloss in the exact shade of the lipstick! 😱🙌🏻  and the little circle of colour at the top is dead handy for finding the colour in your collection super fast rather than having to open every single one to find it! The colour of this is 'bare' and to me it's the best dusky pink shade I've seen! I wore it plain in this photo but later on I topped it up but used a darker lip liner and it made the colour stand out even more! It's not sticky on your lips and not drying either, both of which are the most frustrating thing about lipsticks! 

The pigmentation from both the eyeshadow palette and highlighter is probably what I was most surprised about, from someone who rarely moves away from the likes of Make Up Geek/Urban Decay eyeshadows and then MAC 'Soft and Gentle' highlight, I really couldn't get over the colour pay off from these. This was all from ONE swatch, I kid you not! There are 12 shades in this pallete so creating looks won't be a hard task, and the best bit is really in the name- mega nudes. I mean my favourite eye and lip colour! 😂 

Look at that glowww😍 pigmentation of this is on point! 👌🏻 such a strong colour pay off from just one swatch. Like everyone of my friends, highlight is my favourite, if it was acceptable to highlight your whole body I would be that person! And this one is deffo being put into my kit! The ultimate bronzing colour, perfect for a night out! 👌🏻


Full face products; 
Foundation- Illmasqua Skin Base in '7' (check out my discount code post for 20% off)
Powder highlight- Technic 'Colour Fix'
Highlighter- Technic 'Get Gorgeous' 

Keep an eye out on my Facebook page where I will be giving away some of these items thanks to Technic, along with lots more very soon! 🙊
All the items are tagged to make your shopping easier! 
Thanks for reading, Emma Jane xx

These views are all my own but the products were sent to me for review purposes. 

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