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Ladies Day outfits..

Hey guys and gals!

As you all know from my social media accounts (me constantly snapping! -emmajanemooney   ) I was at Down Royal Racecourse on Saturday past for Ladies day. As long as I can remember I have always wanted to go to an event like this, Aintree Ladies Day is the ultimate girls day out! So when the opportunity to attend Ladies day at Down Royal came up, I was all for it!

First thing on my mind, what the heck do I wear? Do I go casual? Do I go over the top? Do I get the biggest hat or no hat at all? Nothing like the stress of not knowing what to wear, such a crisis I was in eh?

I had 6 dresses and 5 coats delivered to my house one evening and thought I was sorted with an outfit, but none of them wear screaming yes at me? You know when you love an outfit and think, it is so beautiful but it just doesn't seem like the one? I sound like a bride waiting for her ultimate dress to pop out at her here! I had then seen the most delicate floral print dress on ASOS and fell in love, I knew what shoes, coat, head piece everything I would match with it- however they didn't have my size. But typical girl, I ordered it anyway! When it came it actually fitted me. (tight squeeze never the less!) Then my size came back in stock three days before the Races, I thought happy days I'm sorted! But on the same night it came back in stock me and my Mum were looking online and came across the Chi Chi dress. As soon as my Mum seen it she fell in love and thought it would be perfect, so we ordered it and started building accessories with it.

Heres the outfit I was going to wear;


Marmalade in Ballymena is one of my favourite shops as you all know, and not only do they stock clothes they do the most amazing range of accessories too. Just that week a range of faux fur collars had landed in store. Now to me personally I look at winters Ladies day as gloves, feathers and faux fur so I knew straight away I was going to be able to work this into the outfit. So Marmalade (as always) sorted me out with this beautiful jade green collar to compliment the colours in my dress!

I had this bag from a wedding last year and the colour matched my shoes perfectly, the only thing I wanted was to add some detail to both the bag and my collar to make it more personal. Queue the AMAZING Sara from Red Thread Bespoke Fascinators and my ever so talented Mum and- Ta Dah!

When I went to Saras to pick a Fascinator there were so many to choose between, and if I didn't see any I liked or in my exact colour or wasn't exactly what I wanted, Sara could make me a custom made one! Luckily this one was available and in our opinion tied in so well with the rest of the outfit. It was exactly what I had said I wanted, the feathers and colours were so perfect and it was just the right size for me. She really went above and beyond what I expected, highly recommend this girl!


Sara gave me a couple of extra feathers that matched the head piece so I could work them into my collar and bag. Again my Mum put the feather into my collar, got three pairs of earrings to add that little bit more onto it, working the pearl from the headpiece into the rest of the collar. I think this really brought out the pearlescent look out from the white flowers from the dress.
I loved how it turned out, the extra added bits totally made it. We then added some of the extra feathers onto my bag, by using none other than body tape?! The ideas we come up with in my house, but it worked so well and they didn't budge all day! again-My Mum is the best! 

My gloves were the last thing to arrive and they finished the look of for me, just gave it that Ladies day feel!

The outfits on the day were amazing, every single Lady had put so much effort in. Both Joanne and myself were put forward for best dressed, so having someone appreciate the effort and style was such a lovely feeling! Everyones interpretation of their ladies day fashion was fantastic and so lovely to meet so many fabulous ladies on the day. Here are some of my personal favourites, along with best dressed herself, Cleo Parkinson in that amazing sold out Topshop suit and hand made head piece by Lori Muldoon.

All dresses are also tagged for your handiness.
Hope you enjoy your holiday Cleo and congrats to everyone else on putting in the effort! Until next time Down Royal..

Thanks for reading girls, Emma Jane x



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