Saturday, 17 December 2016

Christmas Crackers..

Its that time of the year again where most of us love it, but some of us loathe it-the work christmas party. From previously working in a clothing store around the Christmas period I know how much some of you stress to find the perfect party piece. You don't want to go over the top, you don't want to be under dressed but you want to make it look like you have made the effort.
This is what I used to hear every time someone came in looking for something to wear and even now I'm not in a clothing store I still have people saying to me they don't know what to wear or they can't find anything that suits them!
At the weekend I was at Christmas party (even though I don't work there anymore-crasher!!) I opted for a simple black knee length dress. So many of you guys commented on it which was so lovely, so I decided to pop up a few outfit choices for your up coming Christmas party!

As always my entire outfit was from River Island, and my beautiful sisters outfit was also from River Island, we gotta rep after all it was a River Island Christmas partyyy!

Link to my dress

Link to Ciaras dress

Skirt- Shop here                 Black Shoes- shop here                        Black Mesh Top- shop here 




Black Skirt- shop here                  Velvet Cami- shop here            Feather Clutch- shop here


Cropped Trousers- shop here             Sequin Print Top- shop here             Black Heels- shop here



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