Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Ripped jeans and leather feels..

Happy Tuesday everyone, we did it - we got over the Monday blues- wayyhayy!

I had such an amazing response to my last post, I was so nervous about posting it to be honest, as it has literally nothing to do with fashion or beauty and, after all, that is what you lot look forward too on Emma Jane, not me rambling on about my personal life - but you guys sent me some lovely messages about it and it really does mean the world to me that you, firstly, took the time to read it, but secondly, took the time to message me about it too.

I hope you all had a good weekend whatever you got up to, for once mine wasn't filled with cocktails and dancing with my bestie, but instead it was filled to the brim with endless cups of tea and laughter with all the fam bam.
Before Christmas, my health wasn't the best, but typical me; everything in my life was in the fast lane as I wanted to do as much as possible and as the saying goes - I wanted everything done yesterday! It wasn't until last Monday I realised how much I really needed to slow down and well, basically chill out for a while and look after myself, after all this is supposed to be my 'down time'.
So I challenged myself to sit in for at least one month, I'm hoping I can do it longer to be honest, but hey, if you know me then you know one weekend is long enough never mind more than a month... so here's hoping!

Anyway, enough of the rambling that I said I wasn't going to do anymore and back to today's post... this bomb ass jacket!!
Myself and my good friend Margiie were in Belfast two weeks ago for afternoon tea in the Europa Hotel (by the way, one of the best afternoon teas I've ever had - sha-mazz-ing!) and afterwards we headed on into the city centre for a little window shopping - as usual - and apart from falling in love with just about every single thing in Stradivarius, we were walking past Next and this jacket immediately caught our attention. I tried the nearest size to me on, but it was just a little bit too big, I personally like a nice tight fitting jacket. The sizing is 100%, so if you like it just normal/true to size fit then go for your usual size, but I personally like it that bit tighter, so I opted for a size smaller than I usually would be in Next.

As we all know from my constant snapchatting (emmajanemooney), one of the trends that I am in LOVE with at the minute is anything with embroidered detailing on it, love love love it. It was a huge trend last season and by the looks of things (to my utter delight) - it ain't moving anywhere honey!
The studded detail on the lapels add that extra detail, giving it a more 'rock chick' vibe, rather than just a usual 'girly' embroidered jacket with the flower detail. And for £78... it is total PU leather jacket goals!

I had only planned on buying the jacket when I went online, but hey... girls you know the drill - something pops up and you're like "hmmm, that really would go well with whats in my basket wouldn't it?" Then you spot that its cheaper than the item already in your basket,  and so by that point you've already managed to convince yourself that you're actually getting a complete bargain, so you pop it in the basket too and then this happens again, right up until you have to control yourself and think,  "Ok, damn, I actually need to eat this week, so we will stop it right there, Emma." Don't even try to say that you haven't been there, I know you all have.

But when these jeans arrived, I was so glad I had that urge to add them into my basket because they fitted like a dream. I usually never buy jeans from anywhere else other than, yeah you guessed it, River Island, because they sell long length jeans, for one, and because they just always fit like a glove - no matter what style you get in them. I loved the style of these; the different patches of denim, trendy ripped knees, pockets at the bum, and the comfortable high-waisted fit - I literally loved them as soon as I pulled them on, and they aren't really my usual style - I'm more of a clean cut jean kinda gal- but I'm totally converted!

I had originally picked a pair of black ankle boots to style with this look, along with a thick black belt and bold red lip, but before I put it on, I noticed the flower on the arm was the exact same shade as my new fabulous glittery Misguided boots, and so I opted to wear them and a nude lip to create an overall 'softer' and more 'girlier' look, instead of becoming a total rock chick.

So yeah, pretty much I will be living in this entire outfit for the foreseeable future, just because I love it so much haha.
Have a good week girlies, and remember my competition on my Facebook page is ending this Friday, so head on over and make sure you enter, if you're not in you can't win!

Thanks for reading as always my lovelies
Emma Jane x


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