Wednesday, 11 January 2017

London Baby..

Hey guys!

WOW.. What a weekend, can we rewind please?!

If you know me well enough or even just follow me in-fact you will know my love for London, legit every time I visit this city I fall in love even more. I don't know what it is that hooks me on it, whether its the buzz of the city, the different types of food around every corner, the underground, the fact nobody judges you or just the landmarks? Its everything, I just love it!

Despite the amount of times I've been to London, it has never been with my bestie! So for her birthday in June, my sister and I got her the trip. To be honest, with the amount of running about we do especially over Christmas time we sort of forgot until about three weeks before! Of course we had to start planning to see all the usual sights such as the Embankment, The Eye, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and all the shops not to mention!

We stayed at the amazing The Grand @ Trafalgar Square

Such an amazing location, within a stones throw away from the tube station at Trafalgar Square it was so handy for us as we used the underground so much, and when we fancied walking it was so close to everywhere we wanted to go, and it helps that the square is so beautiful itself!

After grabbing food and of course cocktails in a little Italian, we couldn't wait to get exploring so we headed straight to the Embankment to see as much as we could, onto The Eye to get the best view! Joanne is super scared of heights but she had to see it, so the brave little soul she is she battled on and even managed to smile for a picture too!

Joannes bomber
Joannes Dress 

    Jeans         Boots- Primark
    Hat-Very        Coat-Boohoo      Top- Zara


After wondering about the rest of the evening we headed home to get changed for dinner and drinks but stopped off for some macaroons on the way as we couldn't walk past, they looked too good!


We jumped in a taxi and after saying we wanted to head to Soho we were recommended this little restaurant for us, where it serves the best risotto you will ever taste in your life- my mouth is watering as I type this, it was so yummy! We decided we wanted bit of fun, well I did so i dragged Joanne (not much persuasion was needed now to be honest!) to the Hippodrome Casino and if you had of seen from my snaps we managed to sip over the tastiest pornstar martins until 4.30am. Completely unaware of the time we were just having so much fun, but we still knew we had a long day ahead of us on Saturday, so decided to call it a day/night and grab a chip on the way home- perfect ending to any night out eh? ha

Bottled water on the floor of your hotel, who knew this could save lives? Literally did exactly that for me and Joanne on Saturday morning|, or should I say afternoon by the time we were up showered and ready to head out exploring again! As I said the evening before we stopped to get macaroons in the cutest cafĂ© in Trafalgar Square and we noticed they done afternoon tea so we decided to head back in there as it looked so yummy and afternoon tea was exactly what we needed to make us feel some what human again! 

Then what was probably the highlight of the trip for me we headed to the Westfeild Shopping Centre to the brand spanking new Miss Guided store. I know I completely polluted snapchat with the store but I couldn't not show you guys it in real life, it was so sassy-typical Miss Guided! If you could imagine what it was like from my snaps, it was ten times that in real life I kid you not! The details of all the little things were what made it, and of course the massive monster truck that was slap bang in the middle of the store!

I picked up a few pieces and my favourite item was the sparkly maroon ankle boots and loads of you guys screens hotted and asked me what they fitted like. Usually I find Miss Guided shoes sizes slightly smaller than what I would be normally but they fit like a glove and I love that they are skin tight around my ankle, such a yeezey feel to them! Shop them here
We did head into basically every other store in the shopping centre but none other got my attention like that, if you are in London shopping, love Miss Guided and have a few spare hours-pop on the tube and check it out you really wont be disappointed.


We headed out on Saturday night to a nightclub so decided to dress up, I have had this outfit for around 3 months but have never worn it so thought it was very Londonish (if thats an actual thing?! ha) So after a couple of outfit choices we finally went with this, after all you can't really beat black can you? My pony tail, as much as I would love it to be real just isn't! Its from BeautyWorks and its only £24.99. You can buy them here, so easy to put in and its something different for a night out.
Grab my outfit here

Joannes fabulousss dress is limited edition by River Island, and is sold out everywhere how typical! But I will keep my eye and see if I can grab it somewhere for you lot as so many people have been asking about it! And yip, her pony tail is all real the wee rascal!

On our final day we had forgot all about seeing Buckingham Palace, and our hotel was just at the start of The Mall so thats where we headed. The walk up The Mall is probably my favourite bit. I'm not sure why I just love the vibe you get from and you can see how beautiful it is from far away and up close.

Top- Primark 

Shoes- Primark 

Finishing our final hours off by going to Harrods and wishing we had a million pounds in our bank accounts to buy all the amazing things we saw, and yes including that huge bear too!
Finally on our way back we stopped off to see Piccadilly Circus at dusk- how perfect!

I had the best weekend away with my girl, we done nothing but laugh from start to finish and think it was exactly what we both needed- a girly weekend away! London, you were fabulous, until next time! 

Thanks for reading
Emma Jane x


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