Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Made up..

Hey girlies, happy hump day! I hope everyone had a brilliant weekend whatever you got up to, only a few more days to go until its that time again, hold on in there!

If you know me personally you will have known that my big sister Ciara FINALLY got engaged last year, after 8 years with her boyfriend Rory, my now brother-in-law to be. It sounds so weird saying that out loud, it's so real. When Rory was planning the proposal, he asked me to pack a bag of clothes for Ciara so she could change after and go for dinner to celebrate as she wouldn't have anything with her, so I felt I was kind of part of it as I knew what was going on. At the weekend Ciara organised afternoon tea and I knew nothing about it - and, surprisingly ,I loved that part of it!

She asked me, my younger sister Fionnula, her goddaughter Eibhlinn and our best friend Margiie to come along ... we kind of guessed it was to be asked to be part of her big day- we aren't entirely stupid haha, but she had the most perfect afternoon planned out for us. We walked into our kitchen and the table was so lovely laid out with afternoon tea, prosecco and four individual wooden boxes sitting out with our names on top of each one in little wooden scrabble pieces - it was the cutest!


When we opened our boxes there was a sign in each one, and she had asked me to be her Maid of Honour! I am so excited and happy that Ciara asked me to not only be a part of her and Rory's big day, but also to be her Maid of Honour! 
In our boxes, there was an old, ridiculous photo of Ciara with each of us, she really could have picked a better photo to be honest haha. A mini bottle of Prosecco, a packet of tissues (which were there in case we cried apparently haha), lip bam in the cutest packaging, a mini 'Wedding Day' Yankee Candle, Love Heart sweeties of course, a mini bottle of body mist in my fav - vanilla. And lastly, a little bag full of all the emergency things you never think of getting- tissues, earring backs, a nail file, hair clips, bobbles... all the little things you need but never think of getting! 

We had such a brilliant girlie day, and being asked to be Maid of Honour along side these gorgeous lot made it that much better. So excited to start helping with all the planning, including the hen party! Woohooo I can't wait all ready haha!

On Sunday we headed to the Wedding Journal show in Belfast with our mammy to see if we could pick up a few things and a few ideas. If anyone watched my snapchat, you would have seen what it was like, such a brilliant day out with so much to see and it full of ideas for all different types of weddings. The flower wall and catwalk show was clearly my favourite part of it, I wanted to be up there with them dancing and strutting my stuff too, it was amazing! 

I'm back to work full time again now, thank god might I add. I was starting to pull my hair out doing nothing, so I'm glad to get stuck back in again and finally have a structured routine rather than having none to my day at all. I will miss the 7 days a week shopping (but I am pretty sure my bank balance won't), head down and back into it!
 But for the mean time, if anyone has any quirky hen party ideas, give me a shout I'm open to anything!

Thanks for reading as always dolls
Love Emma Jane x


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