Thursday, 23 February 2017


Evening ladies..On a night like tonight, is there really any better feeling than jumping into a roasting hot shower, getting your fluffy PJ's on and sitting in front of the fire? It feels like it's the beginning of winter not the start of spring, oh how I just love the Northern Irish Weather!!

In the past week or so, I have popped up on my Snapchat (emmajanemooney) the shower scrub from Lush cosmetics called RUB RUB RUB that I LOVE and you guys have been going crazy about it, I honestly thought everyone already knew about this and I was late to the party!

Margiie and myself were in Belfast one day shopping (surprise surprise) and we popped into Lush, let's face it you can never really walk past it can you..the smell just lures you in!
We got talking to the most fabulous sales assistant called Alex and he was amazing, he knew so much about the products and within talking to us for a matter of minutes he knew exactly what we liked!

Part of what I love about the Lush shop so much, is the fact you can try most things in store, so you actually know if you'll love it before you buy it. We had been trying a few scrubs and just wanted something that would leave our skin feeling silky smooth when you stepped out of the shower, and boy did we get that. When we both covered our hands in the scrub and put them in the big silver bowl to wash off, we both just looked at each other and laughed. It sounds silly, but we did, we literally couldn't believe how it felt, even now I can't really describe it- it felt like I had put my hands into a pot of baby oil or popped on a pair of super soft gloves or something, it was so strange!

You can use if before or after you shower, but personally, I feel it works better if you use it before, as you are getting it directly onto the skin without it starting to dissolve due to the water touching it. So just as I'm about to jump into the shower standing there freezing my ass off, I rub rub rub! Then when I get into the shower I let the water run off and I feel like I have the skin of a new born baby basically? Elbows and knees are always a hard area of your body to get rid of that dry and tough skin, but this is one of the only scrubs I've used that has got rid of that in just one use- making putting tan on that much easier and smoother.
I personally have always used the Garnier body moisturiser for dry skin as I think it works the best, it drys in seconds so your not waiting around for it to dry or left feeling all sticky, it smells great, a little goes a long way and it is super cheap.

Alex was also the one that told me the clever idea about the bath oil I also put up on my snapchat a while ago. I, like most people, are obsessed with the Snow Fairy shower gel, but sadly you can only pick it up around Christmas time. So he told me this amazing trick, the smell of it is what I love most to be honest (it honestly smells amazing, I can't even put into words how much I love it!)

If you have a little candle burner, break the marshmallow scented bath oil in half, pop it on top and when it melts.. Tah Dah!!! your room now smells like you've walked into a princesses bedroom. You can of course us it in the bath too, but this is just how I like to use as I am more of a shower girl!
Thanks for reading, now get snuggled into your PJ's!
Emma Jane x


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