Monday, 13 February 2017

Valentines Gifts..

Hi everyone and happy Monday! Why do weekends always go past so quick? Especially now my first Sunday back to work is over, I need another day after Sunday where it's actually like the law for everyone to do nothing and just lie in front of the fire with cups of tea alllll day!

Nowadays you can't really avoid Valentine's day, as much as maybe you want to, you can't, it's everywhere you go. Even down to coffee shops having Valentine signs up, whats up with that? Am I the only person that thinks Valentine decorations are weird? But anyway, today's post is just some little ideas if anyone needs any last min inspo for Tuesday, yes boys I'm looking at you!

Valentine's doesn't necessarily mean you have to go out and spent a fortune on one another just ''because I have to, it's Valentine's'' there are a million ways that you can tell someone you love them or are thinking of them, if it isn't that far yet!

An all year round winner for me and most ladies I know is the old cliché, yip its flowers. I just think there is something so romantic and sweet about getting a bunch of flowers delivered to your door, I love it! Moonpig, Interflora, Bloom & Wild and Next are some of the best websites around for quick, fast and beautiful flower deliveries, but sometimes they can be super pricey, especially at this time of year everyone seems to put their prices up. So ring your nearest florist, or a florist in the direction where the flowers are going and see if that works out cheaper, and sometimes their bouquets are bigger!

Heres a list of a few more ideas in case you lot have had a mind blank!

Perfume- having a sneak peak at her bottle if you don't know the name, this one is super easy. Make- up, we can never have too much! Jewellery, Valentine's just screams Pandora doesn't it? Chocolates- diet or no diet, we always want chocolate- ALWAYS. Underwear- Most ladies I know love underwear more than their man, there's something about the way you feel when you wear a matching set, and you'll enjoy it too no doubt haha. A Spa weekend, again I think men enjoy these more than women but just never let on- something for the both of you. Or the dress she's been looking at for ages, lastly the simplest but sometimes the best- just taking her out to her favourite restaurant.

It really doesn't have to be anything extreme, or anything at all if you're not into that. Sometimes a meaningful card and the effort of that alone is worth more than any spa weekend to some ladies. Even all of those ice queens out there secretly love Valentine's, so buy them the damn card!

Now to the men, this is the tricky one I think. Men always think we are are the hard ones to buy for but in reality they are worse, even taking them shopping and showing them it in front of them they still don't know and let you decide! How many pairs of socks can you buy them really, and I'm sure they are all stocked up from Christmas haha. Here's some ideas I've seen if anyone else is stuck..

Clothes- let's be honest we pick most of their clothes anyway, so this one is a benefit to both of you rather than them continuing to wear the same shirt or t-shirt over and over again!
A new aftershave they have been wanting to try out, a smart watch for when he takes you to dinner for Valentine's haha. Their favourite football shirt if they haven't got it already, if you know what it is- whatever you do, don't buy the wrong one girls! A rally experience if they are into that kind of stuff; this is a great idea, such a good day out.
A little city break for the both of you- you get away somewhere where no doubt shopping will be involved and he gets off work for the weekend and gets to have some beer.. Book it! Football/Rugby tickets, it means you'll get a free day with the girls when he's away too, this is all win win stuff here girls haha.

Whatever you get up to on Valentines day, or if its just a normal Tuesday for you I hope it a good one, Theres an outfit post coming this week so keep an eye out for that one.

Thanks for reading as always
Love Emma Jane x


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