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Happy hump day guys and girls! What a mad week I have had, from last Wednesday I have not stopped running about, between travelling up and down to Belfast for Fashion week antics or just my work in general because of this AMAZING weather we are currently having, I have not stopped- But I do love always being super busy all the same! Needless to say however, I face planted my bed last night at around 9.30pm?! Such a crazy cat these days aren't I?

This is one of my favourite times of the year when the Boss Lady behind it all- Cathy Martin and the fabulous CMPR team puts on the most amazing showcase of fashion filled evenings/days for us all as we began season 23 of the West Coast Cooler Belfast Fashion Week. Between meeting other local and further-a-field bloggers, seeing the talent of fashion designers that Belfast has to offer, peaking at what is on the high street and what trends are currently in the shops, to how to change your wardrobe up a bit from what you are used too, to just getting down right glammed up and having a few good girly days/nights out with a glass of West Coast Cooler in hand- I LOVE it all!

Usually, I would attend the high street show on the Friday evening, but this year I got to see the Thursday show which was the Designer brands and then attend the Style Saturday brunch, I would have loved to have been at them all if I didn't already have work commitments but getting to see two of them was great all the same.

This year's show on the Thursday evening was a little different than it usually is for me, I usually show up at 7.30pm all glammed up, get a few photos, get handed a drink on arrival and have a little snoop about the pop up shops and then take my seat for the catwalk to begin! But this year I landed at WCCFW headquarters around 3.30pm to help them organise, now anyone who knows me will know fashion and organising are two of my favourite things in this world, put them together and you have the happiest Emma ever! So easily pleased me, give me a pen and paper and I'll have a million lists wrote out, I love it!
I knew there was a lot of work that went into these kinds of events as they always go off so seamlessly every single time I have attended, but I never thought about it in too much detail and until you are in the middle of it seeing everything that goes on, then you will never fully understand how much work actually goes into the smallest of details at these types of things just for our enjoyment- organising chairs and who sits where?- SO. MUCH. STRESS!!

Needless to say the show went off flawlessly with the boss lady Cathy Martin and Cool FMs stylish leading lady, Rebecca McKinney co-hosting the show as normal. The models and clothes all looked amazing! Some of my favourites were from Spoilt Belle Boutique, Elizabeth Anne Designs and online brand Narah & Co. Blush pinks and Florals are my favourite at this time of the year so it was great to see that on the catwalk and how differently you can style it up depending on your personal preference.



Rebecca was wearing the most amazing dress by AQ/AQ and it fitted her like a glove, well again when you have a figure like hers most things do! And can we please talk about her shoes? These Sophia Webster beauties, when you seen her in real life they were the first thing you noticed, so beautiful and so much detail in a tiny pair of heels! Flawless as always girl!

Another person who I thought looked out of this world was Ashlee from OhSoFemme, her little style is so quirky but so cute at the same time, she rocks this outfit so so well. It was lovely to finally meet the person behind a blog you have been reading for ages and yes, she is even cuter in real life- I felt like a giant beside her though! Hopefully don't have to wait that long to meet again, we are only up the road from each other too! Check out her blog here and her run down on her outfits for BFW.

My outfit was something a little different for me I thought, I usually tend to team these types of skirts with more feminine tops and little court shoes, but this time I decided to change it up a bit and I wore it along with a Calvin Klein fitted print tee which I completely adore. I am never one for t-shirts on their own, but the fit of this one is so perfect for me and the fact it can be worn like this dressed up or alongside a pair of jeans and converse for a more dressed 'down' feel.
The boots were a complete bargain and I have already worn them about 6 times since I got them no joke, they are so comfy for them having no platform for support and again they go with almost everything in my wardrobe. The pointy toe on them makes them that little bit more dressier than your usual black ankle boot and the skinny sock like style of them gives them a more edgier look, which goes so well with this outfit.
The jacket was probably my favourite part of this outfit, I had popped this up on my snapchat (emmajanemooney) one day I had been in shopping and so many people had replied saying that they loved the colour, faux suede and mustard/yellow are two big trends are the moment so throw them together and boom, you have the most amazing jacket! I know it is a bit bright and bold for some people but I honestly think you would get so much wear from this one item- like outfits such as this to just add a splash of colour, or even teaming it up with a bright print dress for coming into spring! Shop everything below- and shout out to my amazing big sister for my curly blow-dry, I had been running around like a mad man for 5 hours before this so props to her for making it stay in the loose curls I wanted- what are sisters for ehh?!



On Saturday myself and my younger sister headed to the Lavazza Style Saturday brunch that was held in Robinson and Cleaver in Belfast city centre. Now everyone seen the weather on Saturday-how perfect was it not? The perfect location and the perfect weather to accompany. This was the first time a brunch event has took place over BFW and I personally loved it, the atmosphere was so chilled out throughout it and the crowd were so lovely! We were sat with two other local bloggers, Emily from the amazing Stylemewithlove blog and Rose McLaughlin from Reto R0se (who has just moved back from three years in NYC and yes- I am super jealous of her!) - again it is so lovely to meet the writers behind the blogs, especially from your area! So deffo check them all out I have tagged them all above.

Cathy and Rebecca co-hosted as usual and we started off with Rebecca's pick on this seasons big trends- she choose florals. Like she and The Devil Wears Prada said- florals for spring? groundbreaking! It may be a total no brainer and happens every single year, but they happen for a reason, they never go out of fashion. Time and time again designers are thinking up new ways to style and recreate florals for us! And every year, we love them more and more, there's nothing as nice as a floral blouse and white skinnies when the sun peaks through the clouds of Northern Ireland!
Most people's favourite look for the day and everyone on my snapchats favourite was deffo the last pick of Rebecca's which was the floral maxi print dress from the Walk In Wardrobe in Banbridge. It was amazing, a total show stopper and it stood out a mile between all the other dresses in my opinion. I do think you have to have a lot of confidence to pull this kind of look off because it really is such a show stopping piece, but it is amazing in every way possible, a total dream dress- but at £600 it really is a total dream for me- I'll stick to my high street buys for the mean time but when my numbers come up, this dress is mines!


We had fashion showcases from local designers and stylist Lewis Robert Cameron and Jamie Russell, along side the amazing Dublin based stylist Courtney Smith. The boys showed us some of their own collections and some inspo they took from other brands, mainly H&M trend, ASOS and my favourite shop at the minute, Stradivarius. It was so cool to see something so different on the catwalk as this usually never happens. The looks were very out there and very different, yes some people might instantly look at them and think nope that's not for me, and that's ok if they aren't at all your style but I personally got so much inspo from these guys, they way that they look at clothes and fashion is on a totally different level and I take my hats off to them for how far they have came, and how far they are going to go in the future.


My outfit for Saturday's show was again a monochrome look, I know how original but hey, you can't really beat black and white! I had spotted these trousers and knew I needed to have them, I had been looking for a pair of white trousers for ages and when I seen these cropped ones with the frill detail on the ankle I knew they were perfect. (tip- get a size smaller in the trousers than you usually would be, they are big fitting!) the top was totally picked up by accident one day, I was heading out to dinner and I had no time to try anything on so I lifted a few bits and bobs and completely forgot about it until I was choosing something to go with the trousers and again, when I realised I had it- knew they would go so perfect together, another two huge trends this season- gingham and big sleeves!
Now can we please appreciate my bag, I AM IN LOVE!!
Last season of BFW I mentioned a company who were just starting up called iBagzy, basically what they do is if you have a big event coming up or even just going for dinner and you want to add something extra special to your outfit but you can't afford the £500 price tag for the bag? Then this is where you need to go, honestly I think it's such a brilliant idea and how nobody has ever thought of it before these lovely ladies I just don't know! I think the Kooky Kat- LuLu Guinness bag added the perfect final touch to my outfit, if not made it the outfit entirely! Almost every single person I was talking to mentioned it to me, it is just too cute! They are so cheap to rent out and they have a brilliant selection to choose between, if it's good enough for the ladies in Sex & the City to rent bags out for an event, then hey, it's good enough for us!

Shop my outfit here :

My younger sister really annoys me you know, she is one of those people who is just looks good in absolutely everything in life, really annoying isn't? I had to pick her up just before we left to head into the city and I brought up her outfit to her, so she hadn't even tried it on yet and she STILL rocked it! The jacket does all the work in this outfit, it is still one of my favourite purchases in the past while, as it has been worn so many times already, and anyone with sisters will know- once you buy one thing, it gets worn by everyone! We teamed this up with a basic white top and mom jeans, added the western style belt to match in with the studded detailing of the jacket, a pair of plain black courts and of course a bold red lip! The belt and shoes are Primarks finest by the way, totally rocking it this season!! The items are tagged in this blog post but here's the link to similar jeans, and if you are lazy the link to the jacket here too!!

Another person who looked incredible the ENTIRE weekend was the WCCFW official stylist Melissa Riddell. Everything she wore was from of course non other than Spoilt Belle and she looked insane! I think my favourite outfit was the green jumpsuit she wore to the Lavazza Style Saturday brunch, the colour with her hair just worked so so well, and again when you have a figure like hers you can pull absolutely anything off! Her outfit on Friday nights show was also a favourite of mines, well anything pink and I will love it full stop, but she really did look lovely and she has the personality to pull it off too- such a darling!


A massive well done to the team behind BFW at CMPR and the Boss Lady herself Cathy Martin for pulling off yet another amazing season at fashion week (all while she was looking a million dollars too-unfair!) They are all a complete dream team and it was a pleasure to be there working along side them and to be there watching it with them this season, roll on the next season of WCCFW, I am sure the planning has already begun and thank you for having me!

Thanks for reading as always my lovelies, my review of Gosh Cosmetics is coming on Friday so make sure you follow me for that one!

Love Emma Jane x

*Photo credit-Elizabeth Anne Instagram * Narah&Co Instagram *
**Photo credit- Lewis Robert Cameron Instagram **
***Phot credit- Walk in Wardrobe ***


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