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Hey dolls, hope everyone is keeping well this Friday afternoon. It is officially the weekend already and we are basically now into APRIL? Say whatt?! I can't cope with the time going so fast these days!
But anyway this post is a long time coming, last month I received the most wonderful package of Gosh Cosmetics from a lady called Eloise who works for a company called Rymer who supply my local pharmacy with the brand- McMullans Pharmacy Ballycastle.

I had obviously heard of the brand before and I did use to use them a lot when I was younger actually, but like everyone growing up you tend to swap and change your products that much and I fell out of the loop with the brand and well to be honest, with the amount of brands about right now, I forgot about them! But I am so glad I have got the chance to test these products out again and fall in love all over again.

In my package I was sent- Lip Liners in shades Antique Rose and shade Cardinal Red, Lipsticks in shade 003 and shade 002, Foundation, Growth Serum, their velvet touch Primer, an eyeshadow palette and the one thing I was looking forward to trying the most- their Lumi Drops.

Obviously, as soon as I opened the lipsticks I swatched them and noticed straight away the colour pay off from them. The colours were nude based and had a matt effect to them (Eloise already knows the way to my heart!) but the pigment was so good from them, I have been wearing this shade to work almost every day for the past few weeks and even on the odd night out too and they really do last. I am constantly talking, rubbing my lips together and eating when I am at work and it really did last me around 4-5 hours before I had to top it up again- for the price of these I really think they are worth it and they come in so many different shades! Compared to the likes of MAC I think these faired up so well, considering they are half the price and lasted just as long.

Lip Liners- This is one thing I feel you really don't need to splash the cash with, there are so many lip liners about these days and some of the best ones I've ever got were £2! These ones are priced at £4.99 which I think is a reasonable price and most places have 3 for 2 or buy one get one half price etc.
The red colour just isn't for me personally, I rarely leave browns & nude shade, I'm just obsessed with them and no matter how much I try and be daring, I always go back to them! I did try it out never-the-less and it was a lovely shade of red, I actually used it on a client of mines and she loved it too becasue it's not post box bright red which I think is why a lot more people would choose this shade rather than an extreme red.
The other shade I was sent was Antique Rose and I LOVE IT! It is like a rose and nudey/brown mixed- so technical aren't it? (yous know shade I mean tho!) it reminds me of the shade whirl by MAC but for a third of the price! I have legit been wearing this since I was sent it and it does not budge, I would mainly wear it mixed with my ultimate fav lipstick (jubilee by MAC) but the past few days I have been wearing it solely on it's on, just filling in my whole lip with the liner and I love the effect it gives off on its own. For £4.99 and the colour of this, this is my second favourite item I was sent and I will 100% be repurchasing this when it eventually runs out!

Primer- now a good primer is the stable of anyone's make-up kit, I couldn't live without one so I am up for trying new ones all the time to see if I can find any that I love as much as the last. I had heard so many good reports about this already so I knew what to expect. The consitinsity of this is the type of primer I love the most- a velvet feel to it. It totally glides over the skin covering all your pores in and giving you the perfect matt base for your foundation. It reminds me of the Babyskin primer that I cannot live without, only I wouldnt use as much as the Babyskin, this one seems to last a lot longer, you don't need to use a lot of this to cover your whole face and the bottle is huge!


My favourite product had to be the Lumi drops, anyone who knows me knows how much I love highlighters, so anything that is going to give me more glow already gets a thumbs up from me. I wasn't a huge fan of cream-based highlighters before I'll admit, I just completely lived for my powder ones. But the fact this is little drops and not a cream base as such is why I loved it, I drop two or three (or five) depending on what glow I want into my foundation and mix them together and I feel this gives the best result rather than just layering it on top of your foundation after. It has a lovely natural glow to it and isn't too heavy to be mixing in with foundations either, I tried it with a good few foundations over the past few weeks and it seemed to work the same with every one of them- if your going to buy anything from this review I would 100% recommend this as my top buy. A little goes a long way too so it is so worth the money- LOVE IT!! They come in all different shades, but I have since tried a few of the other ones and I think this is the shade that works best for me personally.


The foundation was probably the product I was most sceptical about using, mainly because I had never heard about it and it is not like it's something you can hide when it is on your face, it is the main product on your face after all!! The shade I was given was a little darker than my natural colour so I had to use it when I had tan on, and what's the best time to see if something really works? Of course you wear it on a night out! I was a little scared I'll not lie but I made sure I had my primer on and I knew it would be fine. From the swatch on my hand I knew it would blend really well with my concealer and that I could build it up to be as full coverage as I wanted it to be. When I head out I like hide EVERYTHING on my face, I hate my freckles so the full coverage foundation life is the one for me. It really did last me all night and it was one of those nights when I hate to admit it, it was still on the next day! I know I know, but hey these things happen us all- but I'll tell myself it was for the good of the blog post haha. So that is another product that gets the thumbs up from me, it says it is full coverage but I would say its medium coverage, but it does blend really well into the skin so you can build it as much as you want without that cakey looking feel to it and get your full coverage from it, there is SPF 15 in it which is always a bonus, and it does have good staying power (if a primer is used)

The eyeshadow palette itself was very good and the colours in it are so versatile to have all in one little palette for taking away for handiness, however I am so used to using shadows from the likes of Urban Decay, Make-up Geek and Inglot that the pigment just didn't make it a 'wow' enough product for me to use, that is coming from the inner Make-up Artist in me however. If I wasn't an MUA I think I would have loved this a lot more, as the pay off from the colours are still very good and are very blendable but it just wouldn't be the top product from what I was sent. I have been using the top middle colour for a power highlighter however and I am obsessed with it, especially in the inner corner of my eyes and under my brows!

One thing I pride Emma Jane and my reviews on is how honest I am with my opinions of a certain product or brand, they have been sent to be for review and testing purposes but the views on it are all 100% my own and how I honestly feel about them. I feel everyone who reads my blogs would be the same, they might not be for you but I really do recommend trying them if you think they will work for you too.

Everything above is tagged to buy online but anyone local then call into McMullans Pharmacy (bottom one) and check it out there, they have such a good selection of products to choose between and make sure to get them Lumi drops if you can, I want everyone in the town to be walking around with glowing skin haha

Thanks for reading as always
Love Emma Jane x


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