Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Hello my lovelies..

What a fabulous couple of days we have had weather wise, we are truly getting spoilt- IMAGINE the entire summer being this way? We wouldn't need any kind of holiday.. oh we can only wish, it will probably rain by the time I have finished this post haha

So what do we when the sun puts his hat on? Of course we get the summer dresses out, take the short shorts and crop tops out of the attic and then we go and put a layer of fake tan on, because - number one - let's face it, we are Irish and do not naturally tan one single bit and we are all in a world where if you leave the house and aren't glowing from head to toe- you are the strange one, not everyone else for being natural! I wish I could do the natural pale look, but I just can't, I am one of those who are actually obsessed with fake tan - I am never pale! It is just not for me, I love the feeling and the look of being tan all year round and for me to achieve that, I need it to come from a bottle.

But as much as I love putting on tan, every girl knows the struggle of getting it off- no matter what tan it is!
You know the scene girls- standing in the shower with a pair of exfoliating gloves scrubbing for what seems like hours (it is like being at the gym sometimes- maybe that is just my fitness level but haha). I thought I had it down to a fine art you know, I would use Lush 'Rub Rub Rub' body scrub before I got into the shower with, of course, the magic gloves, then again when I got into the shower along with a shower gel and then I would scrub until I was literally red this did work to a certain extent, I did have tan left around my elbows and knees etc and it didn't fully come off - but doing this twice a week and the tan was gone. I thought I was the smartest person alive for being able to get my tan off with what I thought was easy...UNTIL this came out!!

Now by no means am I even slightly exaggerating this, but this stuff is INSANE!! When I first laid my eyes on it, I thought I had to at least try it, even if it didn't work I had to give into the hype and actually test it out.
I managed to get my hands on the last bottle in the Boots in the Fair Hill Centre Ballymena and I was so excited to try it, but I waited a few days until I really needed to use it, as my tan was still glowing.

Basically, you put it on like a tanning moouse, only its white in colour. You rub it all over your body and wait for it to dry in, and it sort of absorbs into your skin. When you apply it, you can literally see the tan already starting to lift when you start rubbing it in, but when you let it dry it does feel weird, you know that sticky feeling like your tan isn't fully dry yet but you try to put clothes on anyway? Well that type of feeling haha
So after the mousse is dried in (I found it was best to wait until it was completely dried in, and it says on the bottle to leave it for 3-5 minutes - but whatever works for you) you jump into the shower and wash it off. I use one of the Cleansing Mitts from Primark with JUST water on it to wash away the mousse and the old tan washes away with it... it is THAT easy. Then, after I just use whatever shower gel I am using at the time, the Imperial Leather 'Sweet Treats' in Marshmallow is my fav at the min - I could eat my arm when I use it - it smells soooo good!

This is the result on my feet, now excuse the photo if anyone hates feet, but I feel this is the best place to show the results haha. Girls - you know what the tan on your feet looks like after a night of wearing heels, it just shows all the marks where the straps or sides of your shoes were the next day- awful!

Honestly, I think this is the best product I have ever used to remove fake tan and I don't think there will be anything this good or simple to use out for a long long time. So many of you have asked where to purchase it or what the actual product is like when I have raved about it on my social media, so I thought I would pop it all on here for you to see for yourselves. It is priced at £14.99 and I have just finished my first bottle and I got about five FULL body tan removals out of it. Even if I had only gotten one from it I still think I would re-purchase it, I love it so much! And the best bit.. it smells great!
Buy it online here

Let me know how you lot get on with it and if you love it as much as me!
Thanks for reading as always
Emma Jane x

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Monday, 12 June 2017

MY DV8..

Hey girlies, back into the fashion posts-wayhayy!

This time it is a little different than usual, instead of showing you lot one look that I usually do, I will be showing you one dress but three different ways to style it. Most people like myself when they buy a dress wear it once and once only because it is so noticeable.. and I try to wear things as much as I can - we need to get the wear out of it after-all. When you wear a skirt and top you can also wear them separate afterward and loads of different ways to make it look like new, so this is what I wanted to do for this beautiful dress.

I was asked to choose a dress from DV8's new in section and it was SO hard, I had seen so many items I could imagine myself in.
But I didn't want to pick one that I could just get one use out of it like every other dress I own, so this is why I picked this beauty- I knew straight away I could wear this loads. There is so much detail on this dress, the sleeves and the lace are fab!

The first look is a 'night out' look. Stick on a pair of sassy heels, a necklace and a clutch bag.. boom you're nightclub ready with the girls!

Bag- Ted Baker
Necklace- Marmalade Ballymena 

The second look is a more dressed down look and surprisingly I LOVE IT! Everyone knows flats really aren't my thing, only if I need to wear them or I actually love them with a certain outfit will I wear them. But this preppy outfit I actually love, so perfect for a Sunday stroll (weather permitting obvs it's Northern Ireland!) or out for lunch or even a festival if you put on your face glitter to match?!

Bag- Primark
Jacket- Primark

And lastly, this look is so perfect for a summer time wedding or else the races if you are lucky enough to head to them! Add a more sophisicated pair of shoes than the night out ones, a fascinator, a nice hair do, add a bag and you're ready to go!

Bag- Tk Maxx
Earrings- Primark

So for someone who said they would NEVER wear a dress more than once, I think this one is AMAZING! DV8 have so many beautiful dresses and outfits to choose between at the minute, if only my bank balanced agreed with my head!

Thanks for reading, as always
Emma Jane x

This post was not sponsored but the items were sent to me for reviews.


Monday, 5 June 2017


Hey Girlies, the weekend is over again-sigh!

But today is the start of a new week and it is already a great Monday for me, today I start my first job since being signed to the wonderful ACA modelling agency last week. So if anyone is in Belfast today, call down to the Dior stand at House of Fraser and come say hi!

Last week I attended a master class of the new Urban Decay collection by Jean-Michel Basquiat in the Ballymena counter in Debenhams. Every time I go to these events I always learn so much more about this brand and pick up so many new tips and tricks from the artist themselves.

If you followed my snapchat (emmajanemooney) on the night you would have seen that the counter manager - Cheyenne, show cased how to use the more neutral toned palette (Gold Griot Palette) on the eyes, while assistant manager Jamie showed us all how to create a more dramatic eye using the more colourful palette (Tenant Palette), while the both of them showed everyone how versatile this collection really is by using the SAME blush palette on both looks.

Now when a palette comes out, I am usually that crazy lady waiting to get my hands on it first thing to try it out straight away. But I wont lie when this launched I really wasn't that overly 'fussed' on it. I saw the colours and thought one is too basic and the other is too mad, I wont get enough use of them to justify ANOTHER (two) palettes. Well well well, was I wrong- now it doesn't happen too often I tell you haha.

When I had a look at them up close and actually swatched them on myself, I should have known I was wrong, because when do Urban ever get it wrong when it comes to palettes? I already knew I was going to love the looks created by both Cheyenne and Jamie.

Jamie used every colour in this palette except the purple and the dark green, now if that isn't getting use out of a palette then I don't know what is! My look was PERFECT for a festival or if you are a little adventurous then just a standard Saturday night?!
For the green spotlight in my eye he also used the 24/7 glide on eye pencil in the shade Post Punk then packed on more colour from the palette to give it that 'wow' effect, and thats exactly what it done! To finish my eye look off, he popped some of what I think is my favourite ever Urban Decay product on over the spotlight, the Heavy Metal Glitter in the shade- Distortion. I always use this in my inner corner to give some sparkle, or on top of an eyeliner to change it up a bit or what Jamie done, over the top of shadow to make it completely change a look and take it from a two to a ten- honestly everyone needs this products in their life (thats if you can get your hands on it!).

Another product that I fell in love with on the night were the Lip Toppers. We used the lipstick shade Stark Naked on me and then added this on top and WOW it made it change so much, again so perfect for any festivals or concerts coming up- SO SASSY! Mermaid vibes written allllll over this one! And loads of you agreed with me as so I got so many screen shots on this one- White lie. So like everything I've mentioned, I've linked it for you guys to shops straight away- so just click on it if you want to shop it or else call into your nearest store if that is handier for you :)

I was so kindly gifted an amazing box of goodies by Cheyenne for coming down and being a model for the evening, I had such a wonderful night I should have been giving her something haha
Thank you so much, you know me too well I love it all.

For anyone wanting to call into the Ballymena counter and try out any of the products listed deffo do, both Cheyenne and Jamie are amazing at what they do and will get you sorted with what is right for you and while your there, get matched up to the AMAZING All Nighter Foundation too- cannot live without this stuff! Or the setting spray or Heavy Metal glitter liners or the lip liners.. I could go on you get the drift haha

Thanks for reading guys, my collab with DV8 is coming this week so keep an eye out for it! Enjoy your Monday everyone :)

Emma Jane x
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