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Happy Friday evening my loves!
Anyone else hoping the snow stays so we can enjoy it at the weekend? Knowing the weather over here it will most likely be sunny tomorrow and it will all be gone except the slush! 
As most of you will know from my snapchat and insta stories Ryan and Myself headed off to Kraków for four days, via London for one night too because- well why the hell not?! I start back to work in two weeks time and with all the hen parties and wedding dates I will need off I probably wont be able to head away again until September (if even) so the next two weeks I am doing as much as I can (or my bank balance will let me anyway!)

Instead of telling you guys what we got up to every day (when you have already seen that on my stories) I thought I would do a post about where to go, what to do etc so that if you're heading away then you too will have an idea of Kraków.

But first up.. LONDON!

This is hands down my favourite city in the world! I fall so in love with it every single time I am here. I don't know what exactly it is, but it just traps me every time! Ryan has always wanted to stay in the Sunborn Yatch hotel so we stayed there. Now it is a bit out of the way from the centre of London but it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and so so different from a 'normal hotel' so it was perfect for a night away! We booked through as I get genius prices but if you want to stay in the hotel for dinner then book through their website as you get an extra 10% off for booking direct plus discount in the restaurant! 

We didn't do anything major in London, just had a chilled out day wondering around the city (which is my fav!) andddd I managed to get Ryan on the tube which I was pretty proud off haha! We walked along the River at Southbank and then in through the city towards Covent Garden where I had to, of course, get to Ladurée for some macarons and tea.

We then headed towards Leicester Square and we spotted the Comedy Store were just opening their doors so decided to head on in. I have never been to a stand up comedy show before except for a 'big' act on their own. BUT OH MY GOD it was amazing!! Such a good night out- would 100% go back to this, they do food and drink too so you can make a night of it! It was £17 per person and the show lasted for around 2 hours. 

Because we had such an early start the next day we decided to head home but accidentally got distracted walking past Mayfair and ended up in Novikov for drinks! (accidentally I say) Everyone knows how obsessed I am with passionfruit martinis and especially Neptune and Prawns ones but these blew them out of the water- so beautiful! Such a lovely place for a few chilled out drinks. 

We flew out of Stansted the next morning and with rush hour on the tube and having to take suitcases with us we decided to get an uber from the hotel to the airport instead and it worked out far handier and roughly the same price as all the trains- and I got an extra HOUR in bed! 


What to do..
There is SO MUCH to do in this City, and it covers literally everyone. We aren't the 'typical tourists' and to be honest without sounding really horrible- some of it does not interest us whatsoever! I know it is history but we decided against most of the usual things as we wanted to have a fun holiday! 

Auschwitz tour- this for us was a no. Most of you guys will wonder why we didn't do it as we were so close to it, and it is kind of the 'thing' to do when your in Kraków. Both of us didn't want to be upset, and I cry over hollyoaks at the best of times so I just didn't want to be like that on my holiday- we wanted to have fun and eat and drink as much as we could instead and thats exactly what we done. And we can always do it again- when we go back!

Segway tours- We done this randomly by seeing a guide in the Main Square and decided to go along with it and it was the best thing we done of the holiday. We got a quick tour on the first day and learnt so much about the City and Poland as a whole without it being like a 'school tour'. It was fun and we still got to learn about it- I mean it ticks all the boxes right? We done it again on our last day but we didn't get a tour we just took them ourselves and took them around the city and down to the river, again it is such a fun way to get around. Although wrap up warm, you don't realise how fast your going when you are on them and the wind chill is soo cold! 

Horse and Cart tours- Horses are one of my favourite animals so I hate to see them look so sad pulling the big carts around butttt saying that, I have done one before in New York so I cannot say I couldn't or wouldn't do it. They are super pretty looking and it is a nice way to get around whilst learning a bit about the city. 

Wawel Royal Castle- Whilst on our tour we were told about this and were told we could walk about the Castle so we done that on the second day, and again like everywhere in Kraków this was no exception it was so beautiful being able to walk about it and the views of the city are amazing. We also had tea in the cafe inside it. We stopped in for tea before we left, tea in a castle sure what girl wouldn't love that? (Even if the cafe was super modern!)



Dragon- If you seen on my snapchat I told the story of the tale of the Dragon and I loved this idea! The staute which is on the riverside under the Castle breathes out fire every 4-5 mins, might not be your thing but I thought it was pretty cool and there is always loads people around it trying to get that shot! 

Shopping- There was a shopping centre right beside our hotel, I mean thats fate right? Only I had hand luggage with me and couldn't fit in another t-shirt never mind have a shopping spree! But if you can I would say leave room for some shopping if thats your thing! AND they have loads of Sephoras! 

Massage- there are actually loads of day spas and massage parlours around, on our last full day we had walked so much we were wrecked so decided to get a full body thai massage and wow it was amazing- so strange but so good at the same time! Felt amazing after it and again it was so cheap compared to home! 


Vodka bar, Jewish Museum, Wawle Cathedral, Salt Mines, River Walks, there is SO much to- just pick whatever suits you and your timescale! 

Before I went I was so worried I wasn't going to like the food as I didn't know what to expect. I thought it would only be Polish food and nothing else- not sure why to be honest. But how wrong was I, we didn't stop eating the whole time we were away and I loved it especially as I had been on a diet for two weeks before we left! 
There was so many beautiful places to eat and I'm so upset we didn't get to try more of them! 

On our first night we didn't really know our bearings yet so we ate in the Hard Rock Café in the main square as we didn't know where else to eat and mainly because it was -6 and we needed in out of the cold as soon as possible haha. We just had burgers and chips and yes you guessed it a few cocktails but it was lovely if you just want some 'normal' nice food. 

We got breakfast included in our hotel stay so we went down for it on Tuesday morning and it just wasn't for us, the breakfast over there aren't exactly an ulster fry! The sausages are like the sausages you get in an american hot dog, yip- like from the Simpons haha. So be careful when ordering sausages- they are not like from McAtamneys!! The scrambled eggs are lovely however.

Moo Moo Steak and Wine Bar was one of the restaurants I was recommend by a couple of people on my snapchat and IM SO GLAD they told me! BEST STEAK I have ever had, hands down!! There are two Moo Moo's in Kraków so make sure you head to the steak and wine bar rather than the burger one, if you head down the side of Zara in the main square its at the bottom of that street so really easy to get too- and there is taxi point almost right outside it too! Also I automatically ordered the pepper sauce with mines, but big mistake it is NOT like the pepper sauce over here!! Literally tastes like bleach, unsure as to why but it does! We ordered the mustard and garlic butter and oh my goshhhh they were fab! I wanted to order more chips to finish them off haha. If you are going make sure you head to here, but if your around during the day in the main square- try and pop down and book a table just to make sure you get in as it is usually busy! 

Pizzeria Cyklop- just really good pizzas. We didn't arrive to really late as we were out until around 9 and we needed still to get showered and changed so when we arrived we looked at the menu quickly and just ordered. Very good pizzas is exactly what this place is, loads of beer options in this place too! 

La Granda Mamma is in the corner of the square again- beside Starbucks for reference! It is mostly all Italian- pastas, pizza, all the usual stuff. We headed in at around 4-5pm as we were starving but didn't want anything too big before dinner. I had the carbonara and it was insane, so so good! The perfect amount and the perfect consistency-ahhhh I can taste it now! A total MUST for either dinner or lunch when you are there. They give you a little bag of biscuits when you pay the bill which I thought was very cute. We even headed here on our last day for lunch again because it was so yummy! I had the lasagne this time, it was yummy but I wish I had of got the pasta again. Oh and the Bellini are fab too!

One thing I loved was that there were so many little cafes down every street and they had THE BEST pastries! Going for tea and buns is one of my favourite things to do, I mean who doesn't like that! Make sure you ask what is in each pastry but as they like to add the weirdest things in, and most of them are dunked in alcohol so double check with them even if you think you like the look of it! 
We found a place called Sweet Life and I loved it, the decor and selections of pastries! I loved the look and sound of them all- there isn't a lot to choose between compared to some of the cafes but it was scrummy!

And if all else fails there is McDonalds and Kebabs everywhere haha

There are loads of different bars around the main square and loads on trip advisior that say are a must to visit when you are there. One being the 'Wodka bar' located just off the main square down a little street! Vodka isn't my cup of tea at all, used to be when I probably shouldn't have been drinking full stop butnot any more unless it is in a cocktail! But it is just about three doors down from a bar called Movida that claims to have the best cocktails in Krakow and WOW they were correct! I loved them, every time she brought me one down I ordered another one haha and again you guessed it- SO CHEAP! and don't worry they do beers too for all the fellas out there that don't like cocktails! It just seems like a normal pub when you walk in but if you go down the back they have little booths and it's really cosy! There is food served too, however we didn't try it as we just had dinner but it looked great! 


We tried an Irish pub the first night we were there but ironically it was zero craic, there was no music and the people working were actually Polish- now don't get me wrong every single person we spoke to that was Polish was so lovely but when you go to an Irish bar it is usually Irish people in it! The decor of it was so typically Irish however, it had little wooden tables and pictures all over the walls and Jameson bottles on every table with candles in them which I personally love!  

Another pub we tried was one called Sababa, on all the pictures it looked amazing. Very hipster, being located in the Jewish Quarter usually everything is but this place was so not what it seemed. Maybe if it was busier it could have been better but it just didn't have good vibes from it- very minimalistic decor and very vague cocktail list. I feel it is one of the more expensive bars in Krakow but even the cocktails just didn't seem nice. We left straight away and didn't even try one- our bad! It is really hard to locate too, we walked around in circles trying to find it. If you do want to try it however it is located ABOVE Hamsa Hummus and Happiness which is much easier to find! 

When we arrived at the airport we just automatically left and jumped in a taxi and it took us straight to our hotel- so easy no fuss and cheap as chips. It was 100Zloty which is roughly £20. 
We tried the tram and it was not for us, we personally found it so difficult to understand. The times, the tickets, which ones stopped, which didn't...So we quickly gave up on that! 
The outcome? UBER! 
Most of the time we walked around as it's all so pretty but when we wanted to just get somewhere or we were too tired after walking all day orrrrr it was just too cold we ordered an Uber. WAY handier than trying to explain where you would like to go and it was HALF the price!! Now the regular taxis are super cheap as it is but for us most of the time it worked out at 10zloty which is £2 a go, which is ridiculously cheap and they are only ever two minutes away! 
Deffo recommend using Uber when you are here! 

I can't imagine the city when it is warm and with no snow. I think I would prefer it when it is cold but I'm sure it is still as beautiful when the sun is shining too. We couldn't get over how clean the city was, we never seen one piece of rubbish on the floor and there was barely any chewing gum on the street floor too! The local people in the restaurants, hotels and everywhere else were so lovely couldn't have been any nicer and when they heard your accent they wanted to know more about you!

Overall it was a fantastic few days away, and if I told you we weren't going to go you wouldn't believe me! SO GLAD we decided to go! We are already planning another trip back, if I was to give any more advice to you about Krakow that I would give to myself when we are going again is to stay in the Unican Palace hotel. The best location ever and it looks amazing!

Hope you picked up some tips if your heading that way, thanks for reading as always my loves.
Emma Jane x


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