Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Blogger Brunch..

Happy humpday you lovely lot..
It was super sunny here in Ballycastle today, I have a cup of tea in my hand, I am just about to head home and life is pretty good! I am actually surprisingly happy this Wednesday even though it is half way through my first week back to work, did I happen to mention that anywhere at all? Just incase you didn't know I am back to work full time now haha.

On Sunday I'm sure you are all aware by everyones Snapchat and Instagrams that some of us 'Bloggers' from around Northern Ireland came together for a little brunch we like to call the NI Blogger Brunch in the beautiful Babel which is located on the rooftop of the Bullit hotel, hosted by Cathy and her wonderful team!

Usually at the brunches it gives everyone an opportunity to speak about their blog, why they started it, what they hate/love about this 'industry' or just ramble on about something in general (we all like to do that!)
This time we had the lovely benefit girls up from Dublin and some of their benny babes from Belfast giving brow make overs at our tables, hints and tips and even giving us a few little sneaky samples to take home! They talked us through some tips on how to get the perfect flat lay or maybe not even a flat lay but just how to make your pictures pop in general to suit your personal style/insta.
They talked us through the new product just launched by Benefit- the BAGgal BANG mascara.
Why do Benefit need a new mascara you say? Well that's what we were ALL thinking too until Katie (the brow queeeeen) told us the method behind the madness!

One mascara lengthens and one adds volume, so technically they needed one that does both, right? It even contains aero-particles which is one of the lightest known materials known to man (and used in space!) making sure it doesn't weigh down your lashes making them clumpy.. andddd making it out of this world!

I didn't get up and speak this time as I felt I had said everything I had to say the last time but now looking back I wish I had of spoke as when Im looking at everyone Instagram it seems I don't actually know everyone that was in the room, which means they don't know me either! Next time I will however speak and let everyone know who I am and what Emma Jane is about.
One thing I love about this little meet up is that nobody judges you for taking 100 photos of your orange juice on the table, or you can stand in the middle of the room and pose for 10 different photos and nobody batters an eyelid because it is deemed the norm haha and that everyone is just generally lovely and supportive of each other, you leave in such a good mood and feeling so much girl power!

I am obsessed with jumpers and skirts at the minute, its too told to get the legs AND arms out so just the legs at the minute is the perfect transition into spring!
This jumper was from H&M and when I saw it on the rail I wasn't sure if I loved it or thought it was basic enough, but I tried it on and I loved the style once on, it was SO comfy and I thought it was super flattering for a jumper!
Up close there is so many different colours in it so I know I will get so many uses out of this by teaming it with so many different colours and textures and even better it was only £19.99!

When I got home that evening from town I didn't think I had anything to wear on Sunday as the jumper was the only thing I picked up, but I remembered I hadn't worn the skirt or boots I got a couple of weeks ago from River Island. So decided to throw them all on together and ta day heres me just thinking I'm Kim K posing for Yeezy.. beige on beige on beige on beige haha i wish!!

I've linked everything below for you guys if you want to shop it! 

Coat (simalar) 

Thanks for reading as always, see you soon

Emma Jane x


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